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Updated on July 25, 2022
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Pixie cuts are timeless and always in demand, all year round. As girls all over the world ditch their long tresses in favor of sweet, short and sassy coifs, the asymmetrical pixie cut is an ever popular choice.

Ideas for Asymmetrical Pixie Cuts

Pixies with asymmetry can look very different. The most popular choice is the long bangs swept to one side and a temple undercut on the other. You can vary the length of your pixie and play with textures – straight/choppy and wavy/choppy will give two different looks. Incorporate color: whether it’s a solid pastel hue or a two-tone hair color solution with natural-looking shades involved, you’ll add interest points to your style. So, why don’t we see the pictures?

1. Asymmetrical Pixie with Highlights

Pixie cuts are already so lovely on their own, the only thing that can really make them better is a creative color. Incorporate some highlights into your next layered cut, lightening up the face, framing long strands, as well as working some blonde hue throughout.

2. Long Asymmetrical Pixie

Whether your hair is curly or straight, a pixie cut doesn’t have to be super short. Opt for a long section, either on one side or down the back. This edgy yet still girly look is perfect for those who want short hair but aren’t ready to fully commit to a standard, one-option style.

3. Short Cut with Long Bangs

Sweet and sassy, long bangs can really define a hairstyle. This cut is ideal for thick-haired girls who can pull off some extra fullness in the back with long bangs sweeping down one side of the face. Super cute for summer or whenever you feel like trying something new, this cut is perfect for those who are weary from long hair demands.

4. Shaggy Layered Cut

Shaggy haircuts can bring out the eyes, minimize the forehead and seem to change a face’s shape. If you’ve always wanted a pixie cut but have been concerned about it looking too strict, go for a shaggy version. The bright side? If you don’t like the way it looks, you can always transform into a traditional pixie — rather than the other way around when once it’s gone, it’s gone.

5. Simple Brunette Pixie

If you are looking for a haircut ideal for thin hair, a graduated pixie cut with asymmetrical angles may work best for you. When it comes to styles for fine hair, hairdressers like to add in body by “stacking” the cut. This boosts volume and produces the best end result.

6. Low Maintenance Crop

Looking for a low maintenance hairstyle? A close crop is the one for you. Ask your hairdresser for tapered sides and back, while leaving the top marginally longer. Train this section to one side by warming some styling wax between fingertips and running through the lengths for an edgy, asymmetric effect.

7. Bold Pixie with Playful Streaks

The asymmetrical pixie undercut can go from cute to edgy in a matter of minutes. Take this bold lady’s, fun, sexy and cool look. She’s opted for an extreme undercut on one side and a long, tousled fringe on the other. It’s even laced with some stunning fuchsia highlights. Bright and beautiful.

8. Cute Crop with Long Side Bangs

Damaged, fine locks? Say goodbye to split ends with a beautiful short haircut. A pixie cut is great for starting afresh as you’ll have all those damaged ends chopped off. To maintain an air of femininity, ask your hairdresser for a sweeping side fringe. A go-to when your hair needs some serious TLC.

Pixie With Temple Undercut

Instagram / @evanstowers

9. Choppy Style with Tapered Nape

If you plan to visit a salon to get a new cut, be sure to bring pictures that include a side view of your desired chop. It’ll give your hairdresser the inspiration he/she needs to get this amazing do just right — from the graduated back to layered side bangs, show your perfect cut from all angles!

10. Asymmetrical Side Parted Pixie Bob

Looking for the best asymmetrical pixie cut for oval faces? You’ll find them all having one thing in common — face framing layers. Sweeping bangs that hit right at the cheekbone will add definition to oval face shapes, while a cut with an undershave is both edgy and beautiful!

Layered Pixie With Bangs For Fine Hair

Instagram / @bleachedandblown

11. Straight Asymmetric Pixie

Want to make your lovely pixie hair do appear thicker? Part to one side and pull strands forward from the crown to create a full side fringe. Amp up the volume even more with a few sprays of dry shampoo.

12. Lovely Close Crop

This coquettish brunette has us transfixed. A very short pixie cut is complemented by an asymmetric fringe that starts just centimeters from the hairline and gradually works its way down to the opposite temple. Paired with bold brows and bright lipstick, it’s quirky, edgy and so cool.

Choppy Pixie With Bangs For Thick Hair

Instagram / @heymissmandy

13. Textured Pixie with Asymmetric Fringe

The asymmetrical pixie cut is so accessible. Why? It isn’t confined to any style guidelines and can be at its best when disheveled and messy. The key to achieving this rumpled effect is to add mousse while locks are still wet before blow drying volume into the roots. Finish with some styling gum to keep your mane in place.

Chopped Brunette Pixie Cut

Instagram / @nikomanousaridis

14. Wispy Pastel Pixie Hair

It’s not just the color of these locks that have us swooning, it’s the texture too. Soft curls pick up the lilac tones of this uneven pixie bob cut, adding a whimsical vibe to the hairstyle. Create this gorgeous look with a curling wand. Simply curl random sections of hair in different directions for a lovely, bouncy finish.

Pastel Pink Pixie Bob

Instagram / @nikkimcafee

15. Short, Dark Tapered Coif

You don’t need curls to have voluminous locks. This lady’s dark hair has been parted at the side and heavily layered for a full-bodied effect. To do the hairstyle at home, blow dry lift into the roots, then run a straightener over the bangs for silky smooth wefts.

Black Pixie Bob With Blue Highlights

Instagram / @hairdesignby_tay

16. Graduated Chop with Sweeping Fringe

With tapered layers creating a gorgeous silhouette, this asymmetrical long pixie is ideal if you want to maintain some length. Ask your hairdresser for longer, graduated layers and blow dry them straight. It’s perfect if you want to transition into a bob haircut.

Blonde Balayage Pixie Bob

Instagram / @evanstowers

17. Curly Asymmetrical Pixie

Whether naturally curly or tousled with a heat wand, shorter lengths look lovely with waves. How to style? After washing and drying hair, take a heat wand and begin wrapping strands around the barrel. Hold for several seconds and release to reveal a bouncy curl. Once all sections have been curled, brush through to break up the curls and create a more natural, wavy finish. Set with a hairspray to ensure your coils hold through the day.

Side Part Pixie Cut For Curly Hair

Instagram / @made_bymads

18. Edgy Pixie with Spiky Layers

Love volume? Ask your stylist to add a multitude of light choppy layers. Shorter layered spikes around the parting and crown will give your locks the lift and create a ruffled, voluminous feel.

19. Slicked Back Short Hair

If you’re looking for different ways to wear your asymmetrical pixie cut, consider a slicked back, smooth coif. Even unpracticed hands can achieve this androgynous ‘do. Simply part to the side and use a little wet-look gel on the roots. Brush through with a fine tooth comb to distribute the product through the lengths and you’re good to go!

20. Gorgeously Graduated Pixie Cut

One of the most appealing things about a pixie cut with asymmetry is the side view. With a graduated back, high crown and wispy side fringe, it’s magnificent from every angle.

Layered Pixie With Long Side Bangs

Instagram /

21. Two-Tone A-Line Bob

Highlight those asymmetric locks with a gorgeous two-tone color. Playful and fun, a bold hue is the perfect way to emphasize an A-line shape with V-cut layers. To keep your shades vibrant, invest in some color protecting shampoos, they’ll ensure your color stays beautiful and bright for longer.

Red Pixie Bob With Undercut

Instagram / @chelraerae

22. Voluminous Cut with Extreme Side Parting

No matter your age or hair type, a deep side parting is the perfect complement to a short asymmetrical pixie. Embrace an extreme part to create full, feminine bangs that can be swept to the side you prefer.

Layered Choppy Pixie Cut

Instagram / @shorthairbyshawni

23. Soft Feminine Bob with Flowing Bangs

Soft, sexy and dimensional, the bob with a long, flowing fringe is one of the most flattering short styles for round faces. It’s feminine and wearable while looking very on-point. Leave your bangs long enough to tuck behind the ear when you need to keep strands out of the way.

Copper Red Wavy Pixie Bob

Instagram / @patrick.trant

24. Short and Edgy Undercut

If pretty and preened isn’t your thing, why not try a disheveled multi-layered pixie? An undercut, super short layers and a longer fringe make for a creative but coherent hairstyle. Use a matte texturizing spray to tease strands into the perfect place.

Ash Blonde Pixie Undercut

Instagram / @cierra.fremont

25. Flattering Side-Swept Hairstyle

Asymmetrical pixie cuts can vary greatly depending on shape, color and finish. We love the sassy layers that have been feathered for this sophisticated do. Not only do they let the dimensional color shine through, the longer fringe keeps things classy.

Red Layered Pixie Bob

Instagram / @mrskj5

26. Choppy, Spiky Pixie

For round-faced gals, a spiky or choppy cut is a good idea of a short haircut. This adorable purple style is totally unbalanced in a way that works for all hair types, and if you feel daring enough to add in a vibrant color, you can get even more mileage out of this creative ‘do.

27. Wavy Pixie Cut

Both symmetrical and asymmetrical pixies are often associated with straight hair, but it doesn’t always have to be that way! Wavy-haired ladies look just as lovely with a short cut, as is exemplified in the photo below. Go for a cropped cut that is still long enough on top to allow your natural waves to show off.

28. Super Short Pixie Cut

When you want truly low maintenance hair, a pixie cut is the way to go. With shorn sides and a deep side part, this is the ultimate in the cuts that don’t require anything in the way of daily attention. This is an ideal cut for warm weather, or any time you don’t want to deal with hair drama!

29. Asymmetrical Pixie with Bangs

Bangs can add a lot to a pixie cut, especially if you go for an asymmetrical style. From hiding large foreheads to brightening the eyes, bangs can really add some magic to an otherwise mundane hairstyle.

30. Asymmetrical Pixie Cut for Oval Faces

Short and sassy, this pixie cut brings height and dimension. It will work on a variety of hair types, but looks best when done on medium to thick hair. If you want an extra pop of drama, try contrasting colors like platinum blonde over dark brown. This layered style is sure to please anyone with an itch for something new and different.

31. Blue Black Pixie Undercut

Brunettes look beautiful with short hair, and pixie cuts can flatter a variety of facial types. If you’re looking for a square-face-flattering style, this cut is ideal.

32. Curly Pixie with Highlights

This asymmetrical pixie cut style is adorable with its wild curls — and it’s very easy to replicate. Shorter sides keep things straight, while longer front waves are allowed to flow free. If you weren’t born with naturally curly hair, a large barrel iron will do the trick.

33. African American Curly Cut

Short, cropped hair looks gorgeous on African Americans who want something sleek and simple. Perfectly wavy and lovely, the deep side part brings volume and dimension to this very low maintenance look.

34. Red Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

Fire engine red hair isn’t for everyone, but if you’re feeling bold and want to try something new and fun, give it a go! Wash out dyes are available, as are permanent hues. When your hair is cut into an asymmetrical cut, a bold, vibrant color frames the face rather than taking on a life of its own, as is frequently the case with overpowering long hair.

35. Ash Blonde Pixie

Step away from natural hues and go with something totally artificial, but lovely. Go grey in your 20s, bright blue in your 50s… or anything in between. With cropped sides and longer, side swept locks atop, this style flatters an oval face and really brings out facial features.

36. Extreme Tapered Cut

Creatively shaving the sides of your head provides lift and uniqueness to a pixie cut. Once the sides are closely clipped and upgraded with shaven lines, work a few different hues into the remaining strands, further complementing the head design. While not for everyone, this fun modern punk style is finished with some all-day hold hair gel and a generous dose of self-confidence.

37. Layered Pixie Cut for Thin Hair

Women with hair on the finer side can have just as much success with an asymmetrical pixie haircut, as thick-haired girls. In fact, having thin hair is actually beneficial in this case, as strands are apt to lay more softly and stay in place.

38. Sleek Cut for Thick Hair

Dark, sultry and modern — that’s what you’ll get with this fun pixie cut that’s perfect for thick hair. Whether your locks are naturally a deep hue or you decide to color them, this dramatically fun style will really turn heads.

39. Pixie Cut for Heart Shaped Faces

Heart shaped faces are the sweetest around, so why not to accentuate such a cute face with a flattering hair cut? Pixie cuts with asymmetrical bangs are a great choice for women who want an easy style that still brings out their best facial features.

40. Edgy Auburn Pixie Cut

Messy or neat, colored or natural — this edgy pixie cut flatters round faces. Draw attention to your eyes and smile with this cropped, creative style that relies on a generous amount of hair gel and personality.

Asymmetrical pixie cuts are so much fun to wear and style in different ways. If you’re searching for a new look this year, why not ditch your long hair and try something short and modern? You will feel beautiful and free from the daily hair care grind.

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