Nikki Goddard
Published on July 03, 2021

There is something so beautiful and mystical about hazel eyes. That subtle mix of dark and light green and hazel brown creates a stunning effect. If you are rocking a pair of hazel peepers and you want to make the most of them, consider experimenting with the color of your hair.

The best hair color for hazel eyes – whether it’s for pale or dark skin tones – can magnify their color and impact. In this guide, we’ll show you what hair color goes with hazel eyes and makes them pop!

What Are Hazel Eyes?

There is not a one-size-fits-all when it comes to the gorgeous hazel eyes color as these are made of the unique combination of brown, green, gold, and even blue shades. Dark hazel eyes tend to have more brown with a touch of green, but they can lighten up and change color depending on the light and colors around them (think about hair color, makeup, lighting, and skin tone).

Those who have hazel eyes do so because a smaller amount of melanin – the pigment responsible for eye color and skin color – develops in the eyes. There is no such thing as blue, green, or hazel pigments in the eyes – just different amounts of melanin. And it is this melanin that causes light to be absorbed or reflected, creating different appearances of color, including hazel. Melanin can be distributed in different parts of the iris. This is also why hazel eyes are so varied in color.

Hazel Color Eyes

What is the Best Hair Color for Hazel Eyes?

If you’re lucky enough to have hazel eyes, then your beautiful eyes contain hues of amber, blue, brown, gold, and green. And whether you have hazel eyes and fair skin, hazel eyes and dark skin, or hazel eyes and olive skin, there is the perfect hair color to complement your skin tone and your eyes.

Warm chestnut with its rich, reddish-brown shades and deep brown hazelnut with hues of red will bring out the amber and gold hints in your eyes. And they look stunning on hazel eyes and warm skin as well as hazel eyes and pale skin. For something a little more dramatic, go for copper color in your hair. It’s fiery, fierce, and flattering for hazel eyes and perfect for light skin and dark skin.

Blonde hair and hazel eyes is another match made in heaven. The creamy tones of buttery blonde locks contrast against the popping blues and greens in your eyes, giving them more depth and definition. Highlights on brown hair is one more excellent hair color for hazel eyes and a subtle way to add more light and dimension to your hair. This hair color will also bring out the green and blue hues in your eyes and make them sparkle.

Browse the selection of the best hair color for hazel eyes and every skin tone for ultimate ideas on how to bring out the unique flecks in your eyes.

1. Delicious Caramel Highlights

When it comes to hazel eyes and olive skin, nothing goes better than luscious caramel highlights or ombre. We love how the chunky caramel highlights pick up the light brown and green flecks in your eyes, making them appear bright, and balance the warm-toned skin.

Blonde Balayage on Dark Brown Hair

Instagram / @aerielengland

2. Cool Blonde Balayage

One of the best hair colors for hazel eyes has to be blonde balayage on brunette hair. Acting almost like babylights, the blonde is several shades lighter than the natural ash brown hair, which draws attention to striking hazel color eyes.

Cool Brown Hair with Subtle Highlights

Instagram / @sergennercan

3. Dimensional Chestnut Brown Hair Color for Hazel Eyes

Make the dark brown hues of your hazel eyes sparkle by adding warm chestnut tones to your naturally dark chocolate hair. This hair color is ideal for hazel eyes as the subtle shade of brown mimics and complements the eye color. We also love how the mid-length haircut with bangs frames the eyes making them pop.

Warm Brown Color for Fair Skin

Instagram / @raenikole

4. Gradient Blonde Hair Color

When you have golden blonde hair with highlights, hazel eyes look utterly electric! This look has natural, beachy vibes to it that we are here for. Sun-kissed steaks and darker brown roots bring the glinting hazel brown eyes into focus, not leaving hazel green shades out of focus.

Blonde Hair Color for Hazel Eyes

Instagram / @daniloherbert

5. Chocolate Curls and Hazel Eyes

These incredible curls in their natural chocolate brown shade, frame and highlight golden hazel eyes perfectly. A brunette with hazel eyes has styled her curls around her face, perfectly framing her bewitching eyes. And the rich shade of brown hair color complements them beautifully.

6. Soft Butterscotch Balayage

Butterscotch is a warmer shade of blonde hair color. The rich tone stands out against the natural brown hair and cool skin, bringing out the amber and gold flecks of hazel eyes. Opt for gentle waves to complete this sassy and sultry style.

Strawberry Blonde Highlights on Medium Brown Hair

Instagram / @gustavomigli

7. Butter Blonde Highlights for Olive Skin Tone

Hazel eyes and olive skin look sensational surrounded by darker colors, like the natural brunette of this wavy beauty. But adding golden blonde highlights will take your eyes to a whole new level, by adding contrast and drama.

Natural Balayage with Face Framing Highlights

Instagram / @daniloherbert

8. Platinum Blonde Color for Hazel Eyed Beauties

Make your hazel green eyes dazzle by giving your hair a platinum blonde color makeover. This contemporary hairstyle draws attention to the eyes both with the eye-catching platinum blonde (which makes the green and gold of the hazel glimmer) and with the adorable bangs too.

Rooted Ash Blonde and Platinum Hairstyle

Instagram / @rachelwstylist

9. Light Brown with Money Pieces

This sweet and pretty wavy bob has been brought to life thanks to the light face-framing highlights. We love the warm blend of lighter blonde at the front and the ends, which creates the perfect backdrop for the golden glimmer warming up hazel eyes and cool skin tone.

Light Brown Bob with Butter Blonde Highlights

Instagram / @hairbyac_alcorn

10. Red Hair Accents

If you want to cause a splash with your hairstyle and eye color, then go for something a little daring. This chic retro-inspired bob has creamy blonde fading into a popping reddish-orange at the ends. These tones work for either warm or cool skin tone and make hazel eyes jump out, creating a stunning canvas to highlight those pretty brown, amber, and gold flecks.

Blunt Bob with Bangs and Block Color

Instagram / @bescene

11. Chocolate Hair with Golden Brown Highlights

This golden-brown mane just screams luxury. It’s rich and elegant and looks as if the hair has spent the entire day being sunkissed at the beach. Such rich brown hues bring life and sparkle to hazel brown eyes, bringing out all the colors and making them shine on their own.

Elegant Sunkissed Hairstyle for Women

Instagram / @treehousehair

12. Vanilla Blonde Color for Hazel Eyes and Warm Toned Skin

A textured bob is an easy and fun style that creates movement and definition. This cute chop is made even better thanks to the rooted golden blonde color that complements the different shades of green eyes and hazel eyes. Notice how face-framing color lights up her eyes? Genius!

Rooted Blonde Bob with Middle Parting

Instagram / @megumicolor

13. Auburn Hair Color for Hazel Eyes and Cool Skin Tone

Fair skin can be your ultimate obsession, but you should be careful to complement it will colors that won’t make you look too pale and sick. This pretty medium shade of auburn is the best hair color for hazel eyes and cool-toned skin. It brings the rosy undertones of the cheeks and captivating gold flecks in your hazel green eyes to the spotlight.

Wavy Auburn Bob Hairstyle

Instagram / @hirohair

14. Messy Blonde Bob with Shadow Roots

This short and shaggy style screams girl next door. It’s short, messy, and full of sass, and the combination of bright blonde and dark roots makes a great hair color for hazel eyes drawing attention to the flecks in your eyes and balancing the warm toned skin.

Brown to Light Blonde Gradient Hair Color Bringing out Hazel Eyes

Instagram / @chrisjones_hair

15. Best Hair Color for Hazel Eyes and Pale Skin

Chestnut color hair has hints of brown and red and is the perfect warm shade to bring life to hazel eyes and pale skin tone. It helps highlight the tones of amber and specks of green. We also love the healthy shine of the big, bouncing curls, which speaks of pro coloring and a good curly girl routine.

Chestnut Hair Color on Naturally Curly Hair

Instagram / @hairbyac_alcorn

16. Gradient Cool Toned Blonde and Swooping Bangs

We love the wavy bob style which is complemented with a pretty side bang and cool blonde hair color that make hazel green eyes pop! This shade of blonde is also the best hair color for warm skin tones.

Angled Bob with Dirty to Platinum Blonde Ombre

Instagram / @headrushdesigns

17. Fiery Hair Color for Cool Toned Skin and Hazel Eyes

Red hair colors are one of the best options to make pale skin tones and hazel eyes sizzle. This stunning style blends orange and red to create lightness and depth, and you can see how this heavenly blend shows off green flecks and golden rings around the iris.

Dimensional Red Color for Pale Skin and Hazel Eyes

Instagram / @mo_raven

18. Electric Orange Waves

Someone call the fire department because this black hair is on fire! Bright orange hair is not for the faint-hearted, but if you want to draw attention to dark hazel eyes or even blue hazel eyes, then this shade will not let you down. Again, it is one of the shades that add life to cool skin tones.

Black and Orange Red Hair Color

Instagram / @mo_raven

19. Cool Hazelnut Tresses

These flawless locks complement hazel eyes to perfection, as they feature similar browns. Hazelnut is a gorgeous blend of brown and red shades, which brings out the shine of pretty hazel eyes and warm undertones in your skin.

Long Hazelnut Hairstyles with Soft Waves

Instagram / @nathansmithhair

20. Dark Brown Bob with Bangs

Rich, chocolate brown hair is a classic partner for dark hazel eyes and fair skin. In this fun and flirty style, the bangs are cut to hit just above the eyebrow, which draws attention directly to the eyes.

Messy Short Bob with Thick Bangs

Instagram / @rokkjess

While it is good to know the best hair colors for hazel eyes, your ultimate choice should be based on your skin tone and natural hair color. The unique hues found in hazel eyes are something to be celebrated. Thus, whether you have cool or warm skin undertones, light or dark hair, you can be sure that choosing the right hair color will make your eyes look all the more dazzling.

Hazel Color EyesBlonde Balayage on Dark Brown HairCool Brown Hair with Subtle HighlightsWarm Brown Color for Fair SkinBlonde Hair Color for Hazel EyesHair Color for Dark Skin and Haxel EyesStrawberry Blonde Highlights on Medium Brown HairNatural Balayage with Face Framing HighlightsRooted Ash Blonde and Platinum HairstyleLight Brown Bob with Butter Blonde HighlightsBlunt Bob with Bangs and Block ColorElegant Sunkissed Hairstyle for WomenRooted Blonde Bob with Middle PartingWavy Auburn Bob HairstyleBrown to Light Blonde Gradient Hair Color Bringing out Hazel EyesChestnut Hair Color on Naturally Curly HairAngled Bob with Dirty to Platinum Blonde OmbreDimensional Red Color for Pale Skin and Hazel EyesBlack and Orange Red Hair ColorLong Hazelnut Hairstyles with Soft WavesMessy Short Bob with Thick Bangs