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Updated on October 20, 2022

Without any doubt, natural black hair color is a great base color for any type of highlights. With so many variations flattering different skin tones, textures, and personal styles, it’s easy to find a combination to enhance your appearance. Whether you seek to add some depth or juice up your dark tresses with color, explore these amazing highlight ideas to step up your look.

1. Black Hair with Chestnut Highlights

Chestnut highlights on black hair are a great hair color idea for all four seasons. Chestnut hue gives the hair much shine without damaging hair. This is a really low-maintenance way to highlight black hair, and the color stays up to 8 weeks.

Dark Brown Hair Balayage Flattering Darker Skin Tones

Instagram / @hairby_arci_

2. Black Hair with Deep Purple Highlights

If you would like to have a hint of fashion colors like violet or red, here is a great idea that is in between those two colors. Purple highlights are high maintenance on black hair, which means getting your highlights retouched every 4-6 weeks and using color protection shampoo and conditioner.

Purple Highlights for Black Hair

Instagram / @hairby_arci_

3. Brown and Caramel Blonde Highlights

This hair features an elaborate combination of highlights that create enticing depth and dimension. The richness of lighter and darker shades is definitely worth copying. Warm caramel blonde and chestnut highlights can be your best bet if you have a warm skin tone.

Dark Hair with Honey Blonde Highlights

Instagram / @texasbalayage

4. Rose Gold Highlights on Dark Hair

Give your hair an edgy appeal with rose gold highlights that beautifully accentuate medium skin tones. For that gorgeous skin-glowing effect, add face-framing strands. A word of advice: rose gold and peachy hues are the best match for a dark brown base; however, consider a cooler, pastel shade of pink if you want to achieve a similar effect on your jet-black locks.

Dark Hair with Rosy Highlights

Instagram / @romeufelipe

5. Blonde Babylights on Black Hair

Although very subtle, blonde babylights can do an awesome job of illuminating your face and adding a soft glow to your complexion. Blonde highlights and a black base create a striking contrast, which makes the entire look elegant and dramatic, especially when paired with long hair.

Subtle Highlights on Black Hair

Instagram / @aaashleee

6. Peachy Blonde Highlights for Black Hair

Blonde highlights can be your ideal option if you crave going lighter without coloring your entire head of hair. In addition, blonde comes in an impressive variety of shades. Sandy, peachy, strawberry, platinum, or golden highlights — this is you and your colorist who make the final decision.

Caramel Highlights on Darker Hair

Instagram / @kainandecanine

7. Black Hair with Burgundy Highlights

Natural black hair with darker shade highlights, like this burgundy hue, is easy to maintain. If you wash your hair once or twice a week with color protection shampoo, this color will stay on black hair for about 7-9 weeks.

Burgundy Highlights on Naturally Black Hair

Instagram / @hairby_arci_

8. Black Hair with Brown Highlights

This color is perfect if you are looking for a minimum maintenance choice for very dark hair. Just wash and air dry your tresses, and it will still look beautiful, especially on long hair.

Soft Highlights on Black Hair

Instagram / @hairby_arci_

9. Mocha Hair with Light Brown Highlights

If you’re a bit bored with your natural hair color but don’t feel like dyeing it all, highlights will come to save the day. Adding highlights on dark hair create dimension and depth, making it look really chic. Opt for light brown highlights in case you prefer a more natural look.

Dark Brown Hair with Highlights

Instagram / @hairby_arci_

10. Black Hair with All Over Platinum Highlights

This color is high maintenance, especially if you have black/brown natural hair roots. You need to do your hair every 4-6 weeks and use purple shampoo and conditioner every time your hair is washed.

Platinum Blonde Highlights on a Dark Base

Instagram / @hairby_arci_

11. Black and Auburn Hair Color

Auburn highlights on black hair give you a natural look and, at the same time, are clearly visible. During the spring and summer season, auburn highlights are the perfect color if you like to have a more natural look. Auburn highlights are also low maintenance.

Auburn Highlights on Dark Tresses

Instagram / @hairby_arci_

12. Black Hair with Silver Highlights

If you have naturally gray hair mixed with your natural black hair, gray highlights are perfect to blend in with your natural black base. This color is high maintenance, which means you must use purple shampoo and conditioner to keep up with the gray shine and prevent yellow tones. Retouch is recommended every 5 to 8 weeks.

Siver Highlights for Black Hair

Instagram / @hairby_arci_

13. Black Hair with Ash Highlights

If you would like to spice up your natural black hair, here are beautiful ash color highlights to add more shine to your locks. To preserve the lighter shade for any brassy tones creeping in, use low temperatures when using a flat iron or curling iron, no more than 370F. If the temperature is higher, the color will melt and after 2-3 weeks, the highlights will lose their color and shine.

Middle Length Feathered Bronde Hair

Instagram / @hairby_arci_

14. Black Hair with Caramel Highlights

Caramel highlights and dark natural hair color is one of the most beautiful combinations. The best part, when it comes to upkeep, it is very low maintenance. Brown highlights on black hair can stay up to 3 months without using any special treatment like purple or blue shampoo.

Black Hair with Caramel Highlights

Instagram / @hairby_arci_

15. Dark Brown Highlights on Black Hair

If you’re searching for ways to spice up your black tresses but don’t feel like going too bright, consider getting brown highlights. Chocolate brown highlights look elegant and chic on black hair, adding dimension and drama to your look.

16. Copper Red Highlights

Without any doubt, black hair and red highlights are a divine combination. The striking contrast these hues create is a sure-fire way to stand out from the crowd. If you don’t mind getting more of red than just a couple of highlights, choose a more vivid color effect, for instance, a black to copper ombre like this one.

Black Hair with Highlights

Instagram / @colour.jade

17. Gray Peekaboo Highlights on Black Hair

If you find the commonplace blonde streaks too boring, why not inject a bit of silver in your black hair? Gray highlights look gorgeous on dark hair. Combined with loose waves, they help create a glamorous look.

Long Black Hair with White Peekaboo Highlights

Instagram / @hair_by_joscelyn

18. Chic Black to Brown Ombre

For a more natural look, choose highlights that are just a few tones lighter than your natural color. You can also ask for a couple of brighter accents for a sun-kissed effect. The whole thing looks truly elegant and chic.

Dark Hair with Partial Blonde Highlights

Instagram / @hairbynathi

19. Caramel Blonde Ombre Highlights and Money Piece

Looking for low-commitment ways to juice up your short hair? Trendy highlights have you covered! This messy dark bob looks extremely hot with salted caramel money pieces and ombre. Warm caramel is the perfect match for ladies with darker skin tones, beautifully emphasizing facial features and bringing a beautiful glow to the skin.

20. Black Hair with Blonde Highlights

This type of blonde highlights for black hair is high maintenance. So, if you are not ready to devote much time (or money) to your hair, blonde highlights are not the choice to go with. However, if you feel that you can step up to the challenge, this look is definitely one to fall in love with.

Black Hair with Platinum and Ash Blonde Highlights

Instagram / @hairby_arci_

21. Black Hair with Honey Highlights

Honey highlights on black hair are a very pretty hair color idea for the spring/summer season. If you use color protection shampoo and conditioner this color will stay shiny without any orange and yellow tones.

Honey Highlights on Dark Brunette Hair

Instagram / @hairby_arci_

22. Black Hair with Honey Blonde Highlights

These types of highlights are a great hair color idea if you are looking for some shine of honey and blonde between your natural or colored dark brown or black hair roots. It flatters any skin tone and is a gentler approach to going blonde you’d better consider if you have curly naturally dark hair.

Honey Blonde Highlights on Ebony Hair


23. Subtle Highlights on Black Hair

Subtle accent highlights are a great idea if you are looking for low-maintenance color. Subtle highlights look more natural on black hair with extra shine on some spots of the hair, not all. Leave your dark roots natural and place highlights on the lower part of your hair and near the front to brighten up your complexion.

Subtle Low Maintenance Highlights on Long Dark Hair

Instagram / @hairby_arci_

24. Short Black Hair with Highlights

Here is a very modern short haircut with gray highlights on a dark hair base, and it’s an ultimate show stealer. Maintenance for this type of look is very high, though. Cut and highlights are recommended every 5 weeks. Also, continuous maintenance (read purple shampoo) is required to keep the gray bright.

Blonde Pixie Bob with Naturally Dark Roots

Instagram / @hairby_arci_

25. Black Hair with Copper Highlights

You can’t go wrong with copper highlights for black hair, especially for a summer hair color. Maintenance for this type of highlights is low and you can visit your salon just once in 8 weeks.

Brown Highlights to Add Depth

Instagram / @hairby_arci_

26. Chocolate Brown Highlights for Dark Locks

Looking for an idea to flatter darker skin tones? Consider getting chocolate brown highlights on your dark brown base. While adding depth and dimension to your hair, they’ll perfectly pair with your sun-tanned complexion.

Chocolate Brown Highlights on Dark Base

Instagram / @hairby_arci_

27. Natural Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

If you aren’t enthusiastic about the stark contrast lighter shades like platinum or strawberry blonde can provide, you can always go for more natural-looking highlights, such as light brown. They will help you achieve that chic just-stepped-out-of-the-salon but still natural look.

Long Black Hair with Light Brown Balayage Ombre

Instagram / @hairby_arci_

28. Black Hair with Dark Red Highlights

Red hair color is beautiful, especially as it contrasts with black hair. This is why the combination looks so perfect on darker tresses. It is recommended to retouch every 6 to 8 weeks.

Dark Red Highlights on Black Locks

Instagram / @hairby_arci_

29. Fiery Red Highlights on Jet Black Base

If you enjoy shining bright and turning heads at all times, fiery red highlights might be what you need. So vivid and juicy, they are a great way to show off your charismatic personality and unique style. Still, remember to stock up on quality colored hair products to keep your flame burning for as long as possible.

Black Hair with Orange Highlights Underneath

Instagram / @colorbycindylish

30. Balayage Highlights

Balayage can be your best choice if you want to achieve a more dramatic look. Ask your stylist to select a combination of hues that will best match your skin tone and eye color.

Copper Balayage Highlights on Dark Brown Base

Instagram / @hairby_arci_

The impressive variety of options to highlight black hair allows you to choose the one that will help your beauty shine through. With the proper maintenance, your highlights will last for weeks. However, keep in mind that different colors call for different products, so don’t forget to consult your stylist about it before leaving the salon.

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