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Published on February 21, 2023

If you feel like shaking up your hair game and embracing a new look, consider curly blonde hairstyles. Whether you’re a natural blonde craving to spice up your curls or you’re ready to take the plunge and lighten your locks, this hair trend is sure to turn heads.

From loose curls to tight coils, there are endless possibilities when it comes to curly blonde hairstyles. So why not add bounce and dimension to your tresses with this fun and flirty look? Check out these hot ideas to get some inspo.

1. Long Curly Blonde Hair with Shadow Root

Long curly blonde hair looks exceptionally feminine and sexy. Loose curls coupled with dark roots create fabulous volume and dimension, destined to turn heads.

Caramel Blonde Curly Hair with Natural Root

Instagram / @romeufelipe

2. Curly Blonde Bob

If you’re searching for a polished yet playful look, consider a blonde curly bob. This iconic hairstyle with a voluminous, bouncy texture is one of the most glamorous ways to wear curly hair.

Chin Length Curly Bob Dyed Blonde

Instagram / @rezosalon

3. Warm Blonde Curls

Ladies endowed with long curly hair can enhance their natural texture by adding layers and opting for the blonde hair color. This way, you’ll achieve fantastic volume and make your natural curls shine through.

Medium Length Blonde Curly Hair

Instagram / @rodrigues_ricardo

4. Natural Curls with Blonde Highlights

Springy curls look awesome with blonde highlights, so it’s definitely a worthy endeavor, even if it requires several sessions. If you decide on a similar look, remember to get a deep conditioner to nourish your curls after color treatment.

Ash Blonde Highlights on Tight Curls

Instagram / @curlssbyylexx

5. Light Blonde Color on Coily Hair

A coily curl pattern doesn’t mean you can’t give blonde hair a try. Bleaching can totally transform your look, adding definition and volume to your curls. A quick tip: to increase the timeline between your lightening touch-ups, ask your stylist to keep roots dark.

Mid Length Coily Hair with Light Blonde Babylights

Instagram / @beeblondor

6. Curly Bob with Platinum Blonde Highlights

The platinum hue could be your way to go if you’re looking for an elegant option to wear blonde curly hair. However, if you love this idea, remember that your platinum strands will want some purple shampoo to shine bright.

Ash Blonde Short Curly Bob

Instagram / @novaperruquers

7. Honey Blonde Curly Hair

Perm curls are an excellent choice if you crave a major change in your appearance. Curly hair creates more volume and movement, magically transforming your look. For a stronger impact, choose a warm hue, such as honey blonde.

Warm Blonde Long Curly Hairstyle

Instagram / @rodrigues_ricardo

8. Curly Bob with Bangs

A blonde curly bob with bangs is a playful and bold hairstyle that combines the timeless charm of a bob with the fun and flirty energy of curly hair. The curly texture injects volume and bounce into this hair, while the bangs beautifully frame the face, adding a youthful vibe.

Blonde Bob with Defined Curls and Curly Bangs

Instagram / @nubiarezo

9. Pastel Violet Blonde Curls

Blonde comes in an amazing variety of hues, making it easy to achieve a unique look. While a short shaggy haircut with bangs seems to be the best choice to tame tight coils, the pastel violet blonde hue makes this hair look absolutely gorgeous.

10. Super Voluminous Curly Hair

If you’re looking for ways to spice up your natural blonde color, consider going for a full head of vivid blonde highlights, combining various shades for extra depth and dimension. To make your eyes shine, ask your stylist to use the lightest shade on the face-framing strands.

Dark Blonde Loose Curls with Framing Highlights

Instagram / @un.rooted

11. Caramel Blonde Hair with Deep Side Part

Your natural color might not fully reveal the beauty of your natural curl pattern, which is where dyeing comes to save the day. Caramel blonde looks dazzling on girls with a natural brown skin tone, creating a perfect combo to turn heads.

Champaign Blonde Bablylights on Longe Coily Hair

Instagram / @fernanducruz

12. Shoulder Length Honey Blonde Hair

Defined curls are an all-time classic that will never go out of style. Whether you use a curling iron or prefer getting a perm, remember to apply some curl-defining product every time you blow or air dry your hair.

13. Messy Blonde Curls

This short hair looks special due to its dazzling texture and refreshing blonde color. This blonde curly hairstyle is an excellent option for older women seeking an elegant and youthful way to wear their locks.

Women Over 50 with Short Blonde Curly Hair

Instagram / @romeufelipe

14. Curly Blonde Faux Hawk

While a faux hawk has always been one of the top boldest styles with both men and women, you can go even further by dyeing your coily faux hawk blonde. This edgy version of the curly blonde hair won’t leave you unnoticed!

15. Mid Length Blonde Curly Hair

Blonde curly hair looks great on different hair lengths, medium-length locks being no exception. To make your natural curls more defined and bouncier, ask your stylist for layers and a couple of highlights here and there.

Tight Honey Blonde Curls with Shadow Root

Instagram / @nubiarezo

16. Curly Blonde Lob

A long curly bob can be your best bet if you want to enjoy the best of both worlds: the volume and low maintenance of a shorter cut and the compelling femininity of longer locks. And yes, loose curls look way hotter when dyed blonde!

17. Caramel Blonde Curly Hair

If you think that your natural curls look dull with your current hair color, why not give them a chance with a more distinctive hue? For instance, you can go for a warm caramel blonde which combines so well with warm skin tones.

18. Side Swept Curly Hairstyle

This wealth of honey blonde soft curls can hardly leave anyone indifferent. If you’re endowed with a lush curly mane, you should definitely try this hairstyle. Swept to one side, it makes the hair appear even more voluminous.

Long Natural Hair Dyed Warm Blonde

Instagram / @gigibolman

19. Ash Blonde Curly Hair with Dark Roots

With the right hair product and a couple of salon trips, you can turn your frizzy curls into an asset! The secret lies in layering, deep nourishment, and a proper curl cream applied to damp hair.

Long Layered Platinum Blonde Curl with Black Roots

Instagram / @camilacanutoc

20. Short Curly Blonde Hair

If you’re a fan of the 70s hairstyles, this vibrant curly blonde mullet could be your way to go. Don’t forget that the palette of blonde hues is more than rich, so make sure you choose the shade that best suits your skin tone and eye color.

White Blonde Curly Pixie Mullet

Instagram / @exotismos

21. Curly Blonde Hair with Center Parting

These bouncy curls look cute, while the warm honey blonde shade highlights the woman’s facial features. Even if you have stick-straight hair, you can achieve such a hairstyle using a curling iron. And in case you love it, why not go for a perm?

22. Curly Hair with Champagne Blonde Highlights

Your naturally curly hair can take a fresh twist if you add some blonde highlights. It’s an excellent alternative to dyeing all the hair, and, in addition, light blonde highlights are renowned for making your eyes shine.

Dimensional Blonde Highlights on Long Natural Hair

Instagram / @beeblondor

23. Honey Blonde Curls

A head full of honey blonde curls is a surefire way to make a statement. To make your luscious mane easier to maintain, ask your colorist for dark roots – they’ll help you increase the timeline between your salon appointments.

Puffy Honey Blonde Bob

Instagram / @augustoallencar

24. Blonde Strands on Dark Curly Hair

If multiple sessions needed to lighten your entire hair seem like a daunting endeavor to you, blonde highlights might be your way to go. For a more remarkable effect, combine various shades of blonde and embrace layers to make your curls more defined.

Subtle Blonde Highlights on Coily Hair

Instagram /

25. Curly Blonde Pixie

Some curly ladies think that the best way to get rid of the frizz is to literally cut it away, and they couldn’t be more right. This short blonde curly hair looks really cute and does an excellent job of highlighting the beauty of the face.

26. Golden Blonde Curly Hair

For a princess vibe, consider shiny golden strands on a dirty blonde base. This combination looks incredibly natural and is one of the best ways to rock your beautiful curls.

Long Type 3 Curl with Blonde Highlights and Lowlights

Instagram / @paris_mcelroy

27. Butterscotch Blonde Curly Hair

Loose curls can acquire a new touch when dyed in uncommon blonde shades like butterscotch. Moreover, blonde curls appear more voluminous when cut shorter, so consider getting a timeless bob when you want a change next time.

28. Ultra Short Platinum Blonde Curls

If you don’t mind having all eyes on you, short curly blonde hair with an undercut and hair design might be your best bet. For a really bold look, try a bright shade of blonde like this chic platinum hue.

29. Curly Blonde Shag

A curly blonde shag is the shortest way to a genuinely mind-blowing look. This is an excellent choice for women who prefer letting their natural hair structure thrive instead of painstakingly taming it.

Trendy Blonde Curly Wolf Cut

Instagram / @jayne_edosalon

30. Very Long Curly Blonde Hair

While very long curly hair requires more maintenance and attention, it looks stunning. In addition, such a length allows you to make a bun or a low ponytail in case you’re having a bad hair day.

Long Unlayered Curly Hair with Cool Blonde Shade

Instagram / @slayejae

Curly blonde hair is an excellent choice if you love being the center of attention. You can choose between dying your whole hair blonde or getting blonde highlights. Curly hair can be incredibly versatile, from loose curls to tight ringlets, so it’s easy to choose the very “your” version of blonde curly hair.

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