Jodie Michalak
Updated on May 25, 2021

What does it take to be a buzz cut girl? It’s more than a pair of clippers. It’s a serious attitude and a way of life. Women’s buzzed haircuts still have variable styling options, especially when combined with interesting hair color or designs. Take a look at the following buzz cut models who prove less can be more.

20 Photos That Prove Buzz Cut Girls Have All the Fun

So you think you’re ready to be a buzz cut girl? Taking this drastic step can be a liberating move for many women. Cutting off your longer locks can instantly change your life and provide more time for the little things that matter most to you. Are you ready for a dynamic change? Learn more about the shortest of all haircuts before making the cut.

1. Foxy Crew Cut

Not for the faint of heart, this classic crew cut keeps some length on the top so you can still style your crop something fierce. It’s ideal for thicker hair types. Apply a texturizing powder or gel for sexy bedhead BOOM!

Foxy Crew Cut

Instagram / @salsalhair

2. Geometric Side Buzz

Not ready to commit to a complete crew cut? No problem. This side buzz cut girl added some triangles to her design, and we think it’s super fine. Flip your long hair over . . . now you see it, now you don’t. Barbers have plenty of practice making intricate shapes and designs, so don’t be afraid to head down to the barbershop to customize your crew cut.

Geometric Side Buzz

Instagram / @fernthebarber

3. Platinum Head

Blonde buzz cuts pack mega power and always turn heads. The best part is you can bleach to your heart’s content because every cut will maintain the health of your hair. This super short buzz style is perfect for the girl who wants to try everything, at least once.

Platinum Head

Instagram / @janine_ker_hair

4. Shaved and Pastel

You can be pretty in pink even with a super-short buzz cut. Shaving your hair and then coloring it a trendy fashion hue make having a buzz cut all the more fun.

5. Dark and Daring Crop

On the verge of a pixie, this buzz cut is left a little longer but still has edge. Pair your tresses with a rich hue for a look that’s even more mysterious.

Dark And Daring Crop

Instagram / @jasonnash74_

6. White Buzz Cut

Forget the granny gray and start a new color trend. This white buzz cut is lifted to the highest level of blonde and toned the most beautiful shade of blanco.

White Buzz Cut

Instagram / @mmmschmith

7. Peach Pixie

This interesting color choice makes a pixie all the prettier. Add some gel or smoothing gloss to help reflect the light, for results that are just peachy.

Peach Pixie

Instagram / @bescene

8. Fierce Fade

When only the fiercest cut will do, this faded style makes the cut.

9. Wavy Crop

Manage your waves with a cropped cut that has styling options galore. Whether curled with an iron, set with small rollers, or left to air dry, this wavy shaved style is cute and effortless.

Wavy Crop

Instagram / @dillahajhair

10. Spiked Pixie

Add some height to your side-shaved style with some spikes. A firm-hold gel will style your crop with ease.

11. Shaved and Fearless

Sometimes you just gotta go all the way. This shaved style is bold and brave and, make no mistake about it, absolutely beautiful.

Shaved and Fearless

Instagram / @hairbytate_25

12. Curly Crop

Take back the power from your curly locks and opt for a crop that keeps things cool. A barber or stylist who specializes in curly hair will ensure your cut is buzzworthy.

Curly Crop

Instagram / @stepthebarber

13. Sexy Clipper Cut

This feminine take on a classic crew cut works with this buzz cut model’s straight hair type and suits her head shape perfectly.

Sexy Clipper Cut

Instagram / @dillahajhair

14. Ombre Buzz Cut

Let your regrowth add some dimension to your buzz cut, and it will be all the more interesting. A unique fashion color, gradient hues, and a design put this style in a league of its own.

Ombre Buzz Cut

Instagram / @staygold31

15. Trendy Fade

Amp up your style with cool designs and a superb fade, and you’ll be the ultimate version of cool. This trendy style offers lots of options in design.

Trendy Fade

Instagram / @sarinasaurousrex

16. Bald and Badass

For the tough, chic girl who knows her hair doesn’t make her beautiful. One visit to the salon and your life can be transformed if you’re daring enough to take it all off.

Bald and Badass

Instagram / @drethebarba

17. Blended Buzz

Created using varied blades, this blended buzz cut is on point and took some skill. Just because it’s short doesn’t mean it’s easy. Ask your barber to give you this blend, and you’ll have a scalp that is oh so touchable.

Blended Buzz

Instagram / @mikeyyyyyyy_

18. Barber Buzz

The local barber around the corner can add some fancy shape to your shaved style. Whether it’s initials, logos, or symbols, you can wear whatever you want on the side of your hair.

Barber Buzz

Instagram / @kev_thebarber1

19. Side Shaved

This long hairstyle is ideal for the girl who wants to have it both ways. Bear in mind that growing this out can be tricky. So have a plan for down the road, which may include opting for a longer bob when your cut begins to grow out.

20. Razored Buzz Cut

For varied texture, this buzz cut was created using a razor, which makes the style even more raw and fabulous. Pair with your favorite color and don’t forget the gel.

Razored Buzz Cut

Instagram / @sarahadamshair

Things to Consider Before Making the Buzz

Going bald can be exciting, after all, so many women spend hours each day styling their hair, removing the curl, controlling frizz, or dealing with damage. A short buzz cut can give you all the power back and help you save time in your beauty routine.

Before you visit the barber or your stylist’s chair, make sure you’re truly ready to ditch your tresses. It will take a long time for the growing-out process, especially if you’re used to having long hair.

If you’re in the mood to try something drastic, a buzz cut might be a consideration on your list. Many women who have made the shave never go back to wearing long hair. But it took some serious commitment to a new look. Get ready to turn heads wherever you go if you’re rocking a buzzed cut, and be prepared for lots of people who want to touch your stubble.

If you’re on the fence, it might be best to venture into the shaved-head world with a pixie first, or a long hairstyle with shaved sides. Or, if you’re daring and brave, dive in and get inspired by these buzz cut models who know a thing or two about looking utterly cool.

When paired with a fashion color or bleached to the lightest shade of platinum, buzz cuts cut down on maintenance and require little more than a lightweight gel to keep every wisp in place. Ditching your tresses will save styling time, can increase your confidence, and help you stand out in a crowd.

These buzz cut inspirations prove there are many ways to go short with style and class. Get inspired and show us your hair transformations!

Foxy Crew CutGeometric Side BuzzPlatinum HeadShaved And PastelDark And Daring CropWhite Buzz CutPeach PixieFierce FadeWavy CropSpiked PixieShaved and FearlessCurly CropSexy Clipper CutOmbre Buzz CutTrendy FadeBald and BadassBlended BuzzBarber BuzzSide ShavedRazored Buzz Cut