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Updated on December 21, 2022

When it comes to a variety of hairstyles, it may seem like the options are mostly for women. However, upon closer inspection, men’s haircuts and hairstyles offer just as much variety. One of the oldest and most popular men’s cuts is the Caesar haircut. It was extremely popular in the 90s, and now it’s coming back, being blended with other trendy men’s styles.

Upgraded Caesar Haircuts

In case you aren’t that familiar with what exactly a Caesar is, it’s generally a cut with a square front, achieved with a short horizontally cut fringe. Since it’s a short haircut, it flatters a variety of hair types, which is one of the reasons why it’s coming back as a low-maintenance style. Whether you want to try out this cut for the very first time or simply want to experiment with its updated version, take a look at the following styles for some inspiration.

1. Textured Caesar Cut

Perfect for all of you guys out there who prefer a little more edge to your hair, this Caesar fade is funky and flattering. Featuring the top section that is heavily textured, the remainder of the cut is neat and sleek with very short, faded sides.

2. Short and Accurate Caesar Cut

Here is a great example of a classic Caesar. The actual haircut is very traditional, with a cropped fringe and short sides. The standout of this look is the clean lines, perfect angles and neat acicular texture.

3. Textured Top, Short Sides

Being relatively long on the top, the Caesar haircut seen here features the plain, extra short sides and textured top, finger combed towards the forehead. Pair it with a groomed facial hairstyle, and you’ll get a cool trendy look for a present-day dandy.

4. Caesar with Faded Temples

A classic Caesar style may seem dated these days, and an added fade is the easiest way to wear your favorite cut in a new, contemporary way. You can go for a temple fade and pair it with a faded corner in your facial hairstyle for balance and a cool twist that is not so evident, but will be noticed by someone who is attentive to detail.

5. Caesar and 360 Waves

How else can you upgrade your Caesar haircut? Black men can pair it with 360 waves style to add texture to the precision cut. When you have naturally curly, wavy or kinky hair, finding the right haircut is very important because you need something that complements your natural texture. This wavy Caesar is one of the haircuts that look great with textured hair, because it works with your curls/waves and not against them.

6. Straight and Faded Caesar

Straight and sleek is not how men’s haircuts are often described, but it definitely works here. The hair is perfectly sculpted and straight, with no signs of rough texture. This Caesar fade is neat and expertly cut on the top and along the sides.

7. Caesar with Long Fringe

Traditionally, the fringe on a Caesar haircut is very short, which is one of the main characteristics of the style. However, modern versions of the cut play with convention and add personalized touches, such as the long fringe seen here.

8. Caesar with Faded Sides

The version of the Caesar presented here is ideal for those who want the most of their hair on the top with minimum length on the sides. This cut will work even for naturally curly hair.

9. Extra Short Caesar Cut

This is the simplest Caesar you can imagine – with no frills, so to speak. If you want to make it wearable today, add a facial hairstyle, and nobody will perceive you as a man from the 90’s.

10. Slightly Rounded Hairline

Daring, edgy and not for the faint of heart, this Caesar haircut practically begs to be photographed. What makes this cut attention-grabbing is its perfect rounded hairline with practically no fringe.

11. High Fade Caesar

If you have really thick hair it’s, important to find a haircut that complements it. This take on the Caesar features a pretty thick top section that is brought to the front and formed into a chunky fringe.

12. Buzz Cut Caesar

When you combine two different haircuts into one style, the result is sometimes uncertain, however, this one totally works. Here, you have a Caesar and a buzz cut blended into a style that looks precise, clean cut and classic.

13. Extremely Short Caesar

A dark Caesar haircut shows the outlines of the haircut better than the cut on blonde hair, so if you are dark-haired, you can even get an extremely short cut, and it will look good. Also, the finer your hair is, the shorter your cut should be.

14. Dark Mid-Fade Caesar

The main attraction of this Caesar fade is the line of the point-cut fringe that continues into the line of fade. The fade is this case is done diagonally which is a fresh take that will make you stand out from the crowd of guys who also prefer fades.

15. Razor Cut Caesar

Opting to cut your hair with a razor instead of clippers offers a host of benefits, one of which is total precision. This razor cut Caesar is executed so perfectly that it almost doesn’t look real.

16. Blurred Temples and Nape Line

This dark Caesar haircut is standard with the same short length all over the head, except for the fade on the temples and toward the nape line. The fringe is traditionally straight and accurately cropped.

17. Long Top Mid Fade Caesar

Leaving the top of your Caesar cut long is an easy way to add some personalization to your hair. This one features the long top section that almost looks like a faux hawk, which is another popular modern haircut.

18. Spiky Fauxhawk Caesar

This style expertly mixes different cutting techniques – blunt cut fringe and razored top, feathering above the forehead and fading on the sides and down the back – pretty creative!

19. Long Top, High Fade and Waves!

Wearing your Caesar haircut in a dark color is fine, however, it looks just as good if you have hair of a lighter hue. This blonde version features soft waves that are combed to the front for a chic, effortless look.

20. Light and Messy Styling

Cute and modern, this light Caesar haircut is the perfect mix of funky and cool. The light texture gives it a bit of bulk, which is great for thickness and finger-styling.

Hopefully, these pictures provide enough inspiration for you to try out a Caesar haircut and customize your style. There are many different versions out there to try and the only thing that matters is that it complements you and your lifestyle.

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