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We know how hard it can be to hunt up truly easy and clear hair tutorials on the Internet. Visit this category on The Right Hairstyles to find cool tutorials for all hair types and lengths with step-by-step pictures, essential tips, brilliant hacks and useful videos. Experiment every day and discover hair ideas for the most important events in your life such as prom, wedding and unforgettable parties. Do not lose your inspiration – save, pin and share tutorials you’re interested in. That’s how you can become a beauty guru and create a huge arsenal of hairstyles for every occasion.

Tired of the same, monotonous look day in, day out? We totally feel you. If you’re someone who thinks that short hair isn’t for experimenting with, today we’ll show you it can be. There are tons of super cute and easy hairstyles for short hair, which are quick and easy to do at home. See the best tutorials to hairstyles for short and very short hair to spice up your cut at any occasion.

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Braids are all the rage now, and a fishtail braid is one of the most stylish variants to pull off. Although fishtail braiding might look intricate and daunting, it takes just a few minutes and doesn’t require any pro braiding skills. If you still don’t know how to fishtail braid your own hair, here is a step-by-step tutorial for you. Master a fashionable side fishtail braid, a fishtail braid ponytail and a Dutch fishtail braid to have all the best ‘dos at your arsenal.

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Showy, embossed Dutch braids look extremely elaborate. However, it is not as difficult to Dutch braid your own hair as it may seem at first glance. In fact, many women believe that it is easier to create a reverse French braid (this is what a Dutch braid really is) than a French braid itself. Here is a handy step-by-step Dutch braid tutorial that will help you get a knack for it!

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Move the summer mood to the urban jungle! Here is our tutorial to show you how to make stunning beach waves with your short hair, using just a flat iron. Then, you can enjoy your new favorite, everyday hairstyle! [click to continue…]

I love to curl my short hair. I can do it on Monday and typically wear the curls until at least Friday. Throughout the years, with a pixie haircut, I’ve learned a lot of tricks for curling very short hair. Keep reading to learn about my three favorite hair-curling tools and the multitude of ways that I use them to achieve my curly hairstyles. Tutorials are included. [click to continue…]

Despite the effortless look messy bun hairstyles give, creating a decent messy bun to go out anywhere outside your kitchen or bedroom is not that easy. More so if you have fine, straight, middle length hair. In The Right Hairstyles, we believe that no hair mission is impossible; this is why we have prepared a step-by-step messy bun tutorial that will teach you how to put your hair in a bun with minimal effort and head-turning results.

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Jessica and Trencita are mother and daughter who both love beautiful braids! Their creative hairstyles are popular on Instagram, so girls experiment on a daily basis. Exclusively for The Right Hairstyles, Jessica gives a detailed Viking mohawk braid tutorial with a combination of three different braiding techniques. If you also have a daughter with long hair, or if you want to look fabulous yourself, you might want to check out her tutorial. [click to continue…]

When it comes to styling naturally curly hair, whether you’re a beginner or a pro, we all need those easy and realistic styles that we can achieve without breaking the bank or taking many hours. The beauty of having curly, kinky and coily hair is the versatility that it allows. Here are 16 different cute natural hairstyles for short hair you can rock on a daily basis! [click to continue…]

High ponytails look so stunning! The ugly truth is that a hairstyle with a ponytail that is both high and long has a ton of extensions in it. This is unless a smart long ponytail trick has been used to create it. Watch a detailed video tutorial and learn to style your hair into a long and luscious ponytail in just a few steps.

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Doing your hair should be fun, simple and pretty, but some hair tutorials are so complicated, you can hardly follow along. If you’re a little frustrated, we totally feel you. That’s why below you will find 17 easy styles that can be completed in a couple of simple steps! [click to continue…]