Trendy Haircuts for Women

A good, timely haircut is something we prefer not to save on. It’s better to save on a dress or a new shirt – nobody would notice if you are rocking a trendy cut. Although hair styling is important, it’s often secondary, because even the messiest hairstyles need a proper base – a quality cut that has its shape and texture. In this case your hairstyle will be read appealing and harmonious even if it’s the shaggiest “unkempt” ‘do. Somehow when we see bed head hair we always guess right whether it’s a true hairstyle or lack of styling, right? Check here what is new there in the haircut world, select the ideas for your new cut and anticipate your style reboot!

short haircuts

The classic cropped ‘dos have got a serious style update during the last couple of seasons. Contrasting textures and lengths, undercut sections and customized colors make them unique and bring to light the femininity of the wearer. Here are ideas of classy modern crops for every hair type.


Midi length hair is the golden mean that lets you enjoy free-flowing locks or sweep your hair up in a cute updo whenever the mood strikes you. If you want to rest from the maintenance of longer locks, consider a trendy shoulder-grazing cut and enjoy the benefits that come along. We are ready to suggest numerous varieties of bobs, lobs and midi shags.


Summer is the right time to unleash your fantasy and discover the potential of lengthy locks. A subtly feathered cut will let your strands flow nicely over the shoulders and won’t give many undesired flyaways in an updo or a braid. The fans of edgier looks may go for shags, heavier layers or undercut styles.

for women over 50

After a certain age we truly need a decent hairdo – current, low-maintenance and flattering. Since it’s a very individual choice, we have covered different lengths, hair types and textures, as well as variable colors, including natural and balayage gray.


Undone hair suggests shape and dynamics. Choppy, sliced, shaggy cuts are all the rage; they are quick to style and look effortless. Whether you are after a trendy pixie, bob, or longer locks, a piecey look wins every time. Check our galleries and pick a trendy textured look!


These are undeniably the most popular crops of today. They vary in lengths, textures, finishes, colors and may look completely different depending on your hair type and the chosen style. Since the choice in this category is practically unlimited, we guarantee you hundreds of worthy examples to choose from.


Short hair no longer means boring. Today’s cuts are tapered or undercut, so the additional lift and volume are built just where your want them. Asymmetrical cuts with longer side bangs are still in, and you may always add an extra special detail to your look, like feathered layers or bright peek-a-boo highlights.


Disheveled-on-purpose strands bribe us with their trendy look and minimal styling time. If you go for a basic choppy, disconnected cut in your preferred length, you can be sure you have an immediate wash-and-go hairstyle. Opt for a shape flattering to your face, as these chops may be surprisingly diverse.

for thin hair

Volume and body can be easily built with the right cut. Layers do matter, as they completely transform the appearance of limp locks. A pixie, lob or shag are very rewarding for the hair that lacks density. Check our suggestions and pick what looks appealing to you.

for thick hair

A plentiful mane is everyone's envy, but if you don’t want it to turn into a mop, it needs lots of your TLC that commonly starts from the right cut. Choose the length that compliments your face and suits your life style. We’ve got so many cool ideas in stock!


Regardless of its type, black curls look awesome when cut and styled properly. Your pretty coils deserve a beautiful hairdo that works with your curl pattern, not against it. You may want to brighten your mane or upgrade it with undercut designs, and we are totally supportive here. Vivid and bold, as well as simple and discreet solutions are waiting for you.


Ringlets and tendrils may get way too wild if you let them grow as they would. Give them a cute shape in your preferred length and you’ll never have to deal with styling issues. Maintain with monthly trims and enjoy the beauty of your natural texture.


Same like unruly curls, flat, limp and straw-like strands get enough complaints, as they lack texture, body and may end up looking boring and unhealthy. Revamp your locks with feathered, piece-y, choppy or shaggy layers and say good-bye to lifeless hair.

with bangs

A new cut with a fringe can completely transform your appearance, so never underestimate those little pieces framing your face. They can be quite long, angled and slimming, in fact, or short, blunt and accurate to compliment an avant garde cut. Everything in between can also be considered.


All kinds of Hawks, classic, faux and braided ones, create an edgy, sassy look, particularly flattering for a modern girl. Sleek sides and a height above slim down the face, show off high cheekbones and statement make up. Whether you achieve the look with an undercut or cornrows, the effect is powerful.

medium layered haircut for thick hair

Whether your hair is thick, thin or a normal density, in a midi length it looks its best with layers. A feathered, sliced or chopped cut brings texture and dimension to your hair. We’ve got more than enough cool examples to encourage you to try something new and exciting.

bob for fine hair

Locks that naturally lack body commonly benefit from a shorter cut. Throw in some mind-blowing layers, a stacked nape or a volume-boosting undercut and you’ll get the added thickness you desire. Upgrade your look with a trendy balayage and be ready to shine like a star.

modern shag haircut

Today’s prettiest cuts feature effortless textures, naturally disheveled, piece-y and ready to be worn everywhere. The easiest way to achieve it initially is with a messy crop. Save time of your morning routine with a contemporary choppy cut - it won’t disappoint.

messy bob

Tousled hair is current and popular; it has the power to make us look younger and fresher, distracting from skin imperfections and signs of aging. A contemporary disheveled cut will take years off your face, and it’s a breeze to style and maintain. Pure benefits!

long pixie

Growing hair after a big chop can be a pain, but don’t stress, you may easily go from short hair to a classy bob. We suggest a beautiful transitional look that lets you still enjoy the sexiness of cropped locks along with the advantages the longer strands deliver.

long pixie

While this type of layering is supposed to look rough, its true goal is to emphasize your femininity. Experiment with varied lengths and cuts within one look for a trendy style that will really make you stand out, or go for a more discreet sliced hairdo.

bob for black women

African American ladies sport shorter cuts like no one else can. Extreme angles, bold undercuts, sleek styling and bright accents speak for themselves and leave nobody indifferent. Each of the following examples is special, unique and inspiring.

pixie with bangs

Full of texture and movement, these crops are appealing to anyone who is active and modern, but doesn’t want to sacrifice beauty for convenience. The contrast of a shorter nape to pieces that gradually increase in length is very in and highly desirable.

low maintenance haircuts

A contemporary woman has enough responsibilities in the modern world, hence she seeks for ways to look good with minimum effort. A self-styling cut is something very handy. It works with your natural texture and lets even long hair look good after the basic wash, condition and dry steps.

asymmetric haircuts

These days fashion rethinks lines and proportions leaning more towards unsymmetrical shapes. Hairstyling goes in tune with trends showing a great interest in uneven cuts, varied lengths and contrasting finishes. We have some bright ideas to share here.

Do you think short hair can be charming and elegant? Our answer is YES! One glance at these feminine female fade designs, and you’ll forget about long hair styles! Moreover, have you ever seen more low-maintenance hairdos than short haircuts? We bet you haven’t. There are different types of fade haircuts you can choose from, but we are happy to showcase to you the trendiest ones. Check them out and pin taper fade styles that catch your attention the most!

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Opting for a fresh and fashionable wash and go haircut that doesn’t need blow drying is the perfect way to create a salon-worthy look and keep your hair healthy. So, put down your hairdryer and step away from your curling irons. The next time you need a trim, try one of these low-maintenance looks for every hair type and texture. [click to continue…]

A razor cut is a ladies haircut done with a straight edge razor blade that results in wispy strands with thinner ends. Sounds promising, right? Knowledge is power — learning the different tools your hairstylist uses can give you inspiration to change your mane. Opt for different hair cutting techniques and you can end the deadly routine of getting the same haircut time and time again! [click to continue…]

Trading in needles and ink for clippers and dye, hair tattoo looks set the best badass hair trend to try without the pain and lifetime commitment to the real thing. Ready for any hair length, short coifs show off your design all day, every day, while longer styles have the power to keep them covered when you want. Check out our favorite versions of hair tattoo designs and find out which one you want to try! [click to continue…]

Here at Pony Studios and Pony Salon in Oakland, we tend to emphasize the importance of a thorough consultation with each client. The end result is a hyper-personalized cut based on suitability to one’s lifestyle, hair type, and head shape. The effortless cuts are designed to require little or no styling, which keeps our clients coming back for more. Take a look at some select styles that can be yours truly that demonstrate some of these bespoke “wash and wear” looks!

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