Hair Ideas for Special Events

Events and special occasions are like bright sparkles of our life we usually remember for years, if not till our last days. Looking your best through such moments, minutes and hours is important for creating a special atmosphere that will last through your long-awaited day. Plus, there will be photos and videos where you want to look like you want to look. We have prepared for you versatile hairstyles for wedding, prom, homecoming, formal events and holiday parties. Experiment with chic updos, classy downdos and side hairstyles you like beforehand to make sure your chosen hairstyle won’t let you down on the day X.

Do you have long thick hair and aren’t sure what hairstyle to choose for your wedding day or a formal occasion? Read on for 20 great options just for you! Whether you prefer your hair all up or just pulled back, a sleek style or a looser look, there is a formal hairstyle for long hair you’ll definitely fall in love with!

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When you see some hair glitter in the strands or glitter roots, there can be no mistake here: someone is dressed up for a party, and they are going to rock it! If you feel like you are ready to shine on a New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day or a birthday party, consider acing a sparkly hair trend responsible for some stunning hair looks several seasons in a row. [click to continue…]

Whether you take a road trip to Coachella this year or just want to rock festival inspired styles this summer; these looks are totally effortless. From boho chic braids and surfer waves to daring jewel tones and pretty accessories, we’ve got the perfect festival hairstyles for you. [click to continue…]

A fabulous hairstyle is an absolute must have for a memorable Valentine’s Day, except having a boyfriend, of course. Actually, our hair can say a lot about our mood and intentions. Throughout the whole evolution of romantic relationships, men have learned to read these messages subconsciously. Among other factors, that’s why we believe in the power of the “right” Valentine’s day hairstyles and share the hottest ideas with you. Let’s start reviewing! [click to continue…]

What do we know about hair accessories apart from a twisty towel and that couple of ugly home elastics? Well, it’s time to raise this question, because all beauty trendsetters have already stocked up on all kinds of fashionable and extraordinary pieces. Here’s our fresh and exclusive hair jewelry guide, so you can get inspired and wake up your inner hair stylist. Find out how to wear jewelry in hair, turn on the imagination and start creating classy hairstyles for any occasion! [click to continue…]

Trying on a new hairstyle feels like starting dating someone. You can like it or not in theory, but your feelings eventually decide everything. Maybe you will fall in love. Maybe you’ll be looking for an excuse to run home ASAP to let your hair down. After all, life is too short to linger, hesitate or play too safe. Do you have a date slated for this week? Just use this ultimate dating hair guide to look extremely gorgeous and sexy. [click to continue…]

We don’t believe in Democratic or Republican party. We just believe in parties! Your classy feast looks are aimed at showing who you really are. No Monday morning excuses, no big city rush – party hair is your individual politics, a pure act of self-presentation, which is highly important in modern society. First, people judge by appearance. Maybe it’s a sad truth to accept, but it is also a fun game to play! [click to continue…]

From prom to weddings, there are many life events that require a fancy hairstyle. When you are obligated to go beyond the usual ponytail or messy bun, these special occasion hairstyles will get you looking gorgeous in no time. [click to continue…]

half up wedding hairstyle for medium hair

The choice of the right wedding hairstyle is as responsible as the choice of a wedding dress. If you can’t decide between an updo and downdo type, we suggest you pay attention to the variety of different half up half down bridal hairstyles. This way you’ll enjoy the best qualities of the both hairstyle groups – the naturalness and chic of freely flowing locks and the elegance of the lifted up part. [click to continue…]

low bun formal updo

Formal occasions are so much fun – from prom and wedding to work holiday parties. Whatever the reason for getting fancy, you’ll want hair that’s as flattering and exquisite as your dress and accessories. If you’re feeling a lack of inspiration, check out the list below for some great ideas that are simple enough for novices. [click to continue…]