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Published on January 13, 2022
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A short and sassy pixie has become extremely popular in many hairstylists’ chairs. What was once an edgy haircut has become the standard for women seeking a streamlined and polished look. In order to jazz up your new pixie cut, we recommend adding in a lovely or fun color. From rich dark hues to punchy primary shades and elaborate highlights, we have 40 dyed pixie cut ideas that are sure to inspire.

Colorful Pixie Cuts

It’s much easier and safer to try new hues on shorter lengths. A cool short cut plus a stunning hair color is a winning combo and a nice way to change your appearance drastically if it’s something you are in the mood for!

1. Dark Brown to Blonde Pixie

Short Dark Hair with Blonde Highlights

Instagram / @rafaelbertolucci1

We can’t get enough of this ‘do! The smart transition from dark hair to medium brown to bright blonde is simply breathtaking. A great proof you can create a stunning ombre even on a pixie cut!

2. Plum Pixie Cut

A short haircut with front bangs is always an appealing combination, but if you want a look that is different from everyone else’s, simply inject a pop of color. Choose the shade that complements your skin tone for a wow factor.

3. Pastel Pink Pixie

Sleek and elegant, pink pixie haircut creates a layer of intrigue that surrounds whoever is rocking the style. Shadow roots and peachy highlights make a good addition to the main color.

Rosy and Peachy Pixie Cut

Instagram / @salsalhair

4. Blonde Pixie Bob with Highlights

Having a bleach blonde look is the best move to make when your hair is shorter. As we all know, bleaching hair can affect the health of your tresses; however, with a short do – you’re free to explore color! This creamy blonde hue with platinum blonde highlights looks really impeccable!

Platinum to Honey Blonde Pixie Bob

Instagram / @hirohair

5. Chocolate Brown Curls

Balance out your bouncy curly bang with a neat taper in the back. The rich chocolate brown hue of this brunette pixie underlines the wish to keep it natural while head-turning.

Brown Curly Pixie with an Undercut

Instagram / @ricardodinis

6. Copper Red Pixie with Long Bangs

Show off chiseled cheekbones by drawing attention to them with long side bangs and dimensional light to dark color. This is one of the shades that flatter deep complexions best.

Red Pixie Cut

Instagram / @pekelariley

7. Frosted Pixie Cut

Frosting is one of the most popular color techniques for those rocking a pixie hairstyle. Whether you opt for a blonde hue or enhance the bleached tips with pastel colors, you are sure to get a brightened and more interesting look.

Pixie very Short Hair Highlights

Instagram / @ottolawrence

8. Chunky Highlights

Curly bangs are all the rage, inspiring more and more women to take up the Curly Girl method and embrace their unique hair type. Sweet curls are the perfect pairing with an edgy pixie cut that boasts closely cropped nape and temples and chunky colorful highlights.

9. Rose Gold Pixie with an Undercut

Can pixie be cute and edgy at the same time? It seems the mission isn’t impossible if you pair a feminine rose gold shade with a bold undercut that’s only partly covered by long and choppy top layers.

Edgy Rosegold Undercut Pixie

Instagram / @shmoakin_hair

10. Honey Blonde Balayage

Honey blonde balayage set out by light brown base looks very gentle and to the point. Romantic long side bang scores additional points for this beautiful pixie.

11. Pale Turquoise

Asymmetrical razored pixie with the undercut design is statement-making on its own, but if you are used to wearing short haircuts, cool hair dye like this turquoise blue can take your hair experiment a step further.

Two Color Pixie with Undercut Design

Instagram / @presleypoe

12. Ash Blonde with Highlights and Lowlights

Having ash blonde as a central shade, this pixie bob is pure perfection due to the seamless blend of platinum highlights and cool brown lowlights. Going for a smart color like this, learn to prevent brassiness starting day one.

Pixie Short Hair Gray Highlights

Instagram / @jordi_renee

13. Dark Red with Balayage Highlights

Rock a red pixie cut with flair by combining different red shades to achieve dimensional color and add vibrancy. Some feathered layers will create texture and give a soft finish to the dyed pixie cut.

Red Balayage on Short Hair

Instagram / @salonsezar

14. Holographic Pixie

Looking at this piece of hair art, would you ever believe this is a quarantine DIY dye job? It is, though. The hair blogger used lots of pastel colors to create a rainbow pixie hairstyle that is showy, yet not too edgy.

Blonde Pixie with Pastel Rainbow Highlights

Instagram / @sarah_louwho

15. Neon Yellow

An androgynous pixie haircut or a shocking neon yellow hair color sounds like a challenge, but if it’s something your personality asks for in terms of self-expression, why not? The style appears pretty “refreshing” in a world filled with black and white.

Pixie Short Hair Bright Color

Instagram / @bangmyhair

16. Highlighted Tight and Short Curls

Let every swirl of your beautiful tight curls pop with color. Try the Pintura technique for precise application and a gentle color job that won’t ruin your hair texture.

17. Jet Black Bixie

You don’t always have to choose a brighter shade to brighten up your completion; go for the opposite and set it off with a shiny jet black hue. A cute pixie bob or bixie, which is high in trend now, will help you soften the look.

18. Cool Brown Pixie Cut

Sometimes, it’s best to stick with the tried and true styles. A textured ash brown pixie with wispy bangs is a classic look that can work for any occasion and in any setting.

Textured Ash Brown Pixie

Instagram / @ignasdilys

19. Silver Pixie for Thick Hair

White blonde hair makes a super bright look worthy of a snow squeen. A shade darker root smudge will make the color and the undercut pixie really pop!

Silver Write Pixie Cut

Instagram / @henniegebhardt

20. Block Colored Bangs

This is a proof that you can sport colored hair at any age. It is all about your confidence and personal style. The bright yellow and copper bangs are a huge update to the medium brown pixie that hazel eyes really stand out.

Funky Pixie Brown Hair with Highlights

Instagram / @miriamnovellapro

21. Patchwork Pixie

Rainbow hair is a very whimsical hair color idea, but you will always see women eager to join the unicorn tribe. If you feel ready to go this way, a textured pixie cut will make the excellent canvas.

Funky Colored Pixie Cut

Instagram / @bottleblonde76

22. Lavender Pixie Cut with Highlights

When you want to rock a fun color like lavender, the darkened roots are a way to make your hair color more sophisticated. This creates depth and keeps your edgy cut from looking overwhelming. Plus, incorporating the darker elements makes the hue less sweet.

dimensional pixie hairstyle

Instagram / @modernsalon

23. Shades of Purple Pixie Cut

This hairstyle is a gift that keeps on giving. In the cut, in the color, and in the texture, it’s a beautiful version to illustrate the pastel hair trend. This pixie cut with highlights is a colorful dream. Make it come true.

Short Pastel Purple Hairstyle With Highlights

Instagram / @rebeccataylorhair

24. Bleach Blonde Pixie Cut As Fauxhawk

Bleach blonde hair is a favorite among rock stars due to its ability to be sexy and sweet at the same time. Take a cue from a style icon like Gwen Stefani and pair your hue with a signature red lip.

white blonde pixie with undercuts

Instagram / @vedenikt

25. Snowflake Pixie Cut

They say no two snowflakes are identical. Some stylists would claim the same about haircuts and hair colors. Each one takes on its own unique flavor, because every woman holds her own unique essence. What does your pixie hair color say about you?

Short Choppy Blonde Pixie

Instagram / @thesocietyforhair

26. Pixie Cut with Purple Highlights

Soft waves are usually romantic, but when combined with a shaved design and violet highlights, they become tough and exciting. It is a great way to show off your individuality, especially if you work in a creative environment.

wavy pixie with undercut and purple highlights

Instagram / @jessdomyhair

27. Platinum Blonde Pixie Cut

This platinum pixie cut puts a smile on anyone’s face! New variations of trendy pixie hair colors include ash blonde balayage solutions which can be multi-tonal or two tone, like in this example.

28. Red Wine Pixie

This red pixie cut is no mere red pixie cut. It’s choppy, with subtle highlights and awesome acicular texture. The color is flattering for both fair skin tones and tanned skin.

Short Choppy Burgundy Pixie

Instagram / @modernsalon

29. Layered Pixie Cut

Colorful, bleached or natural, pixies look great on African American women. This cut boast expertly cut layers throughout that increase in length towards the bangs. We love the warm orange-y hue of this blonde that flatters the girl’s skin tone so much.

Blonde Pixie For Black Women

Instagram / @modernsalon

30. Layered Brown-Purple Pixie

Forget fifty shades of grey and instead go for fifty shades of purple! By combining multiple violet hues, you can transform a standard layered pixie cut into something very interesting and chic.

layered pixie-bob

Instagram / @swoonsalonphx

31. Choppy Brown Pixie

For the coffee queens out there, why not profess your undying love for the beverage by coloring your hair multiple shades of brown. The base color may be a beautiful deep mocha, while the highlights a nice swirly milk chocolate.

Brunette Pixie Cut

Instagram / @hairstorystudio

32. Sky Blue Pixie Cut

This is not your everyday pixie cut. This is a short hair style of the future. You don’t need to have long tresses to rock a cool undercut. This ombre pixie cut works on just about any and all hair lengths! Whatever your hairstyle, know that you run the show – not your hair.

Short Asymmetrical Pastel Blue Undercut

Instagram / @modernsalon

33. Very Short Cut with Green Bang

Here is another great example of playing with proportions. You can use it to achieve an edgy result. This stunning pixie also incorporates a color for a truly head-turning hairstyle. The green ombre side bang still manages to appear lightweight and charming.

extra short black pixie with green bangs

Instagram / @nothingbutpixies

34. Magenta Pixie Cut

Images like this one always catch the eye and don’t leave anyone indifferent. This lady must work in a creative field or be a trendsetter. A daring look for a daring woman.

Bright Pink Pixie

Instagram / @modernsalon

35. Black Choppy Pixie

No pixie cut gallery is complete without a choppy pixie. This is an example of a must have in the world of short hair. A brunette pixie for thick hair can stand out with its texture, while the color may remain natural.

African American Chopped Pixie

Instagram / @modernsalon

36. Colorful Pixie Cut

This modern brown pixie cut is upgraded with a side undercut and e few colorful feathers that work as a stunning accent you can pair with the colors of your clothes, accessories or makeup.

Pixie With Temple Undercut And Highlights

Instagram / @stevieannesmith

37. Crimson Pixie Cut

Short hair cut in layers makes a stunning look of a sassy girl. If that’s not enough, you can enhance it with a bright red hair color which is, of course, not solid. Dark roots and subtle highlights add class and sophistication to the style that could be otherwise classified as funky and even gaudy.

Short Asymmetrical Haircut

Instagram / @lapomponnee

38. Silver Colored Pixie

While the younger generation is experimenting with the granny hair craze, the older generation is ramping up the future of colored hair. Ash blonde pixie cuts like this have more than a little bit of edge! The pastel blue roots and light purple highlights make all the difference for the overall look.

39. Gray and Blue Pixie

What new pixie hair color to pick? Ash blonde or gray hues are now among the most popular choices. If you are young, gray does not age you – give it a test run. Throw some pastel blue highlights into the mix if you want to go further.

40. Blonde Faux Mohawk with Bangs

If you want to wear a fringe with your pixie, but are worried about a look that is reminiscent of a bowl cut, it is important to add layers to the top section and get the sides clipped short. These two points create an edgy Mohawk-inspired style, while still providing a length on top.

textured platinum blonde pixie

Instagram / @jacquelynmarieh

Pixie is a universally flattering style that can be worn in a variety of different ways – curly, wavy, straight, messy, sleek, asymmetrical, and with a pop of color. While the hairdo usually has the reputation of being buttoned-up, these looks show that with a healthy dose of color, the classic haircut can be transformed.

Short Dark Hair with Blonde HighlightsEdgy Purple Pixie CutRosy and Peachy Pixie CutPlatinum to Honey Blonde Pixie BobBrown Curly Pixie with an UndercutRed Pixie CutPixie very Short Hair HighlightsPixie Cut with Color StreaksEdgy Rosegold Undercut PixiePixie Cut with Caramel HighlightsTwo Color Pixie with Undercut DesignPixie Short Hair Gray HighlightsRed Balayage on Short HairBlonde Pixie with Pastel Rainbow HighlightsPixie Short Hair Bright ColorShort Curly Pixie with Copper HighlightsJet Black Pixie Bob with Side BangsTextured Ash Brown PixieSilver Write Pixie CutFunky Pixie Brown Hair with HighlightsFunky Colored Pixie Cutdimensional pixie hairstyleShort Pastel Purple Hairstyle With Highlightswhite blonde pixie with undercutsShort Choppy Blonde Pixiewavy pixie with undercut and purple highlightsAsh Blonde Pixie UndercutShort Choppy Burgundy PixieBlonde Pixie For Black Womenlayered pixie-bobBrunette Pixie CutShort Asymmetrical Pastel Blue Undercutextra short black pixie with green bangsBright Pink PixieAfrican American Chopped PixiePixie With Temple Undercut And HighlightsShort Asymmetrical HaircutShort Gray Bob With Pastel Green RootsGray Pixie With Blue Highlightstextured platinum blonde pixie
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