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Types of Home Additions

Most people get home additions mainly for various reasons. For instance, taking care of elderly parents might necessitate adding an additional in-home room. With more kids, having more rooms in the house may also make the need for additional bathrooms and closets obvious. Some home additions occur because of a homeowner’s desire for a larger closet or an unfinished basement, or because the homeowner needs a spare garage or shed to be functional living area. Whatever the reason, home additions add value to a home and help increase living space in a house where space is at a premium.

The two most popular types of additions are remodeling and addition, which involve increasing the square footage of a given home by building additions that add new rooms, baths, decks, porches, decks, sunrooms or porches. While some home additions can only add space to an already existing home, others are completely new additions that take an existing room and spruce it up with new appliances and fixtures. Sunrooms and decks are very popular additions because of their potential to increase the overall square footage of a given home.

One of the most popular forms of home additions is bedroom additions. Bedroom additions often include a new bedroom or guest room, painting the room, installing new electrical outlets, updating plumbing and adding new carpet. Many homeowners who are moving from an apartment or condo to a home with a master bathroom use their newly expanded space to makeover the master bedroom. Many bedroom additions are also made to the attic, another popular spot for remodeling and addition.

Another popular way to add space to a home is through the creation of outdoor space. Homeowners who have an extra outdoor room can utilize the additional space to cook, to entertain guests or for storage purposes. Outdoor rooms can be created with a deck, gazebo, porch or patio. In many cases, homeowners are able to complete a remodeling project and have all of the previously existing elements of the home already intact and usable when they start their outdoor living remodeling project.

Structural engineers are the people who design and create new spaces within existing homes. If you are considering creating a home addition, contact a structural engineer to discuss your options. The structural engineer can help you determine if you need to make any structural changes to your home, and if so, what those changes will be. He or she can discuss the best way to go about adding a bedroom, a workshop, a pool house, a wet bar or any other type of additional rooms that you might want to have at a future date.

Homeowners who are considering home additions can also work with a remodeling contractor to complete the project. The remodeling contractor can offer advice on the best materials to use for your addition, which can be more economical than using hardwoods or solid-core wallboard. When it comes to adding rooms to an existing home, it’s always better to consult a professional instead of doing it yourself. Whether it is a bathroom or an extra bedroom that you want added, a remodel can often be completed more quickly and efficiently than a do-it-yourself project.

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