Karen Hill
Updated on December 21, 2022

Drop fade haircut is a skin fade variation, where the gradient cut falls deeper behind the ears and creates a sleek arc shape. What makes this hairstyle so amazing is its versatility and practicality. It’s often low maintenance, but never skimps on delivering a polished style. Plus, it’s a cut that doesn’t discriminate as it works with an endless range of hair textures. Whether your hair is pin straight or naturally curly, this cut should be at the top of your list for new hair ideas to try.

20 Drop Fade Types to Suit You

Not every crop can deliver sophistication and contemporary style in one package. This look and its many variations do, which makes it ideal for any man from professionals to trend seekers. So, why not give these ideas a shot?

1. Long and Straight Fade

A fade can be an easy way to add a modern touch to your hairstyle. Have your barber taper just around the ears to tone down your hair’s volume and turn up its edge.

Burst Fade With Pompadour

Instagram / @barber_djirlauw

2. Sleek Faded Undercut

For drop fades with long tops, gel and hairspray are essential for keeping the cut tame. The svelte silhouette offers versatility for the office, the weekend, and everything in between.

3. Bald Drop Fade with a Fauxhawk

Give your cut some height with a fauxhawk. It pairs well with a bald drop fade because it lets the dramatic top be the focal point of your look. Make sure your barber gives you a clean hairline with sharp angles, so that your style reads more modern than punk.

Spiky Haircut With High Fade

Instagram / @criztofferson

4. Mid Drop Fade for Curly Hair

Modernizing curly hair can be tricky sometimes. But a deep mid drop fade with subtle shadow effects shows off your curls while still maintaining that cool-factor you’re craving. The messy bevy of coils brings a fun texture that you should flaunt, not hide.

5. Tapered Textural Cut

Short and choppy layers bring texture to straight strands, while also cutting back on their volume. Thick hair can be a hassle to maintain, so a hairstyle like the low drop fade takes the grunt work out of getting ready every morning. Just add a little mousse to hold your crop in place and you’re good to go.

6. Slicked-Back Top with Fade Undercut

For the fashion forward, slicked-back cuts are a timeless choice. If you want an updated version, grow out the top section of your hair. The rest is shaved with a fade and line up. This is also a great fallback for people with fine strands. The skin fade masks any thinning and focuses on the length and contrast of textures.

Long Top With Fade Undercut

Instagram / @_anthonybarber

7. Curly Fade and Beard

A high-top fade with a drop is a go-to for those with curlier tresses. It still shows off your thick textured hair, without letting unruly curls get in the way. A clean hairline is the perfect choice for a sophisticated finish.

Low Fade Undercut For Curly Hair

Instagram / @criztofferson

8. High-and-Tight Drop Fade Afro

You can grow out a drop fade afro and still rock a neat short haircut. We all have to start from somewhere right? After the initial cut, keep the sides shaved while letting the top portion grow until you’ve reached your desired length. It is effortlessly cool and practical all at the same time — since you won’t have much to do to your natural hair.

Black Drop Fade With Line Up

Instagram / @changeman_

9. Straight and Tapered Cut

Accentuate the sleekness of your straight locks with a neatly tapered cut. The gradient of the shadow fade is what makes this hairstyle smart and polished.

Long Top Taper Fade With Beard

Instagram / @hayden_cassidy

10. Dramatic Fauxhawk

Fauxhawks are unabashedly bold. But there is nothing to brag about when the style falls flat. To maintain yours, opt for plenty of gel and apply it to your tresses in an upward movement. The product will keep the top of your hair full of body and help it stand tall in choppy spikes.

Drop Fade With Spiky Top

Instagram / @javi_thebarber_

11. Fade for Curly Hair

Defined by its refinement, think of the drop fade with curls as the anti-mop top. Coils neatly styled at the top of the head form a mini fauxhawk, of sorts. The fade further plays into the hairstyle’s clean and contemporary appeal.

Curly Drop Fade With Line Up

Instagram / @patty_cuts

12. Fauxhawk High Top Fade

For an unexpected hybrid of two opposing styles, merge the neat short sides of the timeless crew cut with the edginess of the modern fauxhawk. The blend of classic and contemporary beckons retro vibes thanks to the wave-like crest of the hawk.

Drop Fade For Thick Hair

Instagram / @joshlamonaca

13. Polished Fade with Crisp Line Up

A fringe across the front is one way to dial-up the visual intrigue of a shadow fade. Between the gradient effect created by the tapering and the geometric angles of the front, it is a striking choice for men trying to change-up their hair. A jet black shade further enhances its boldness.

Caesar Cut With Drop Fade

Instagram / @omithebarber

14. Low Drop Fade with a Side Part

A low drop haircut has no problem being sexy on its own. But a simple addition of a side-part boosts its allure even more. It oozes a vintage-inspired vibe that never fails to create an illusion of refinement and sophistication like a well-tailored suit. Without a doubt, it is a fade cut you can count on for days at the office and special events — or just when you want to elevate your personal style.

Side Part Drop Fade Haircut

Instagram / @don_rommel

#15: Wavy Drop Fade Haircut for Black Men

Train your hair into 360 waves with the quintessential skin fade haircut for black men. It is a look that’s easy for your barber to achieve, and even easier for you to maintain. Simply rub mousse in between your two hands and run them in a forward motion, along the top of your drop fade haircut. Maybe even try a little hair oil to guarantee that luster and sheen.

Short Black Fade

Instagram / @patty_cuts

16. High Drop Fade for Wavy Hair

Want to put your luscious curls front and center? Opt for a drop high fade. In the AM, when you’re headed out the door, all you have to do is tousle your coils with your fingertips to achieve that perfectly messy-but-sexy look.

Curly Fade Haircut

Instagram / @mattjbarbers

17. Curled Drop Top Fade

A good drop fade haircut does wonders for covering up thinning hair. The cut focuses on the length of the hair you do have, without showing off your problem areas. You are especially lucky if you have curly hair, because its texture further enhances the illusion of thickness, as this drop top fade illustrates.

Drop Fade For Receding Hairline

Instagram / @justin_thebarber

18. Mohawk Fade

To make a mohawk more stylish and less dramatic, a near-bald drop fade is a go-to option. Without the usual harsh lines of the punk-inspired style, the shadow effect of the low drop fade makes the look more understated. That’s not to say it isn’t dope though. It’s simply toned down for more versatility.

Shadow Fade Fauxhawk

Instagram / @suggsdabarber

19. High Fade with Pompadour

Shaved completely at the back and along the sides, the fade’s focus here is the pompadour. Its height and volume command attention, while still maintaining a degree of polish.

Long Top With Drop Fade

Instagram / @barber_djirlauw

20. Throwback Fade

Reminiscent of retro hairstyles, the drop fade haircut doesn’t always have to be super trendy and bold. A straightforward, albeit somewhat exaggerated, crew cut delivers suave style, day in and day out. Some things are simply classic for a reason.

High Drop Skin Fade

Instagram / @mozambeak

The drop fade is a trend that is here to stay. Opt for this cut, and you won’t have to worry if your hair is too casual or not formal enough, because it exudes effortless style for any occasion. And even though it’s a new take on the classic fade, it is sure to always be in season from now on. The drop of this contemporary cut adds dimension that the run of the mill fade is missing. So, if you’re looking for an easy way to change-up your everyday hairstyle, you’ve just found your match.

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