30 Coolest Edgar Haircuts for Men in 2023

The Edgar cut, a cross between a fade and a bowl cut, was originally popular with Mexican teens and Latino men, but baseball player Edgar Martinez started the Edgar haircut craze. His head was shaved in a famous Edgar cut and now it’s everywhere! Check out the best looks below.

#1: Edgar Cut with Curly Top

This Edgar cut is great for the guy with natural movement in his hair. The hairstyle is tight and neat in the sides, giving the haircut a nice shape with a natural curl up top.

Mid Bold Fade with Mid Length Cusly Top

Instagram / @sami_barbershop

#2: Neat Edges Fade Edgar Haircut

Neat and to the point, this Edgar cut is short, sharp and simple. A nice easy-going hairstyle for guys who like low-maintenance haircuts.

Straight Fringe Edgar Haircut

Instagram / @lomas_thebarber

#3: Edgar Cut with Defined Lines

This look plays with the hair density; with a finer hair texture, this guy’s shaven side looks very light. His barber has had fun with creating a definition in the textures and it gives off an edgy Edgar hairstyle.

Short Textired Brown Haircut for Men

Instagram / @xbigwesx

#4: Widow’s Peak Edgar Haircut with Lines

This look is perfect for hiding that pesky widow’s peak. Maybe you don’t like your hairline? Or, you have a growth pattern where your hair won’t lay flat on the forehead? This look has a little room for play at the front and the shaved-in line gives it a fun detail.

Tight Sides and Back Haircut with Line Design

Instagram / @cal_newsome

#5: Choppy Hair Edgar Cut with a Beard

This look works well on a coarser hair types, giving the hair natural texture and flow around the front of the haircut. Paired with a beard, it is looking well-groomed and masculine.

French Crop Haircut with Shaved Sides

Instagram / @the.hairmonster

#6: Tight Edgar Haircut with High Skin Fade

This Edgar cut is high and defined. The high fade looks sharp with the dark hair color and the super sharp defined line detail gives it a fresh vibe. Super easy to style: use a paste to style the length up, and you are ready for anything.

Disconnected Edgar Cut with Line

Instagram / @enzo_m3

#7: Buzzed Sides Scruffy Edgar Cut

This Edgar haircut is the perfect balance of straight lines and scruffy texture. The sides are neat and sharp, the length is messy and textured, while having elements of straight lines in the back. Super cool!

Mullet Haircut with Line Design on Sides

Instagram / @smilebarber92

#8: Low Fade Wavy Edgar Haircut

This Edgar cut maintains the length around the top, paired with texture. The edges of the sides and back are faded out but very low, giving an extreme feel of lengths in the look. The fade at the back is square but faded out too, giving a trendy twist to the cut.

Mid Fade Edgar with Bleached Top

Instagram / @juank.barber

#9: High Fade Edgar Haircut

Get a high and tight look by asking for buzzed-off sides and sharpened edges. Keeping a well-groomed beard gives off a distinguished vibe, and all the hair length is on top, leaving this look minimal effort to style.

Short and Tight Haircut with Wavy Bangs

Instagram / @barber.josh.o.p

#10: Straight Fringe Edgar on Dark Hair

This cut has a straight-cut fringe to really emulate the classic Edgar haircut. A bowl-cut vibe makes this Edgar cut a statement. It shows off the strong bold shape, especially being cut on dark hair colors.

High Fade Classic edgar Haircut

Instagram / @azrilmuhmd

#11: Bald Fade Style with Curly Top

Do you like your haircuts to last a long time? Then this French crop haircut with a bald fade might be the best option for you. Matched with this curly texture up top and an edged-up beard, it looks really sharp.

Short Edgar Haircut fo Curly Hair

Instagram / @ricky_fadez

#12: Mid Fade Edgar Haircut on Platinum Hair

Check out this cool take on the Edgar haircut. The color is bright and bold, giving a nice contrast to the roots. the mid-fade Edgar gives a nice gradient with an eye-catching straight line to finish the look.

Short Platinum Blonde Haircut for Men

Instagram / @javi_thebarber_

#13: Bald Fade Short Curly Haircut

The curls in this look make it quite a high haircut, elongating the face with the bald fade. This Edgar style would suit men with a round face shape, maximizing balance.

Mid Length Curly Ginger Hair with Diconnected Undercut

Instagram / @sami_barbershop

#14: Classic Version of Short Edgar with an Arty Accent

This Edgar style is short, neat and to the point. A simple all round classic with a short back and sides. Still, there is a little funny accent in this short hair style. The barber has shaven in a simplistic yet arty accent in the back to give it a fun twist.

Short Edgar Cut for Black Men

Instagram / @barberia.massidi

#15: Classic Edgar with a Long Fringe

Edgar haircuts tend to be short and sharp in the fringe area, but this Edgar haircut has made a twist on the classics. They have decided to keep the straight line in the fade but leave length at the front.

#16: Detailed Fade Edgar Haircut

The short sides and line details are popular with many men. A sharp hairline and fade design is a great way to give a hair style originality.

Frenck Crop Haircut with Shaved Design

Instagram / @ricky_fadez

#17: Mid Fade and Curly Bangs

The curly bangs are an easy look to achieve if you have a naturally curly texture. Just master some micro plopping and remember to give your hair enough moisture to sport some sexy defined curls.

Curly Textured Top and Shaved Line

Instagram / @edgarcuts_

#18: Short Spiky Edgar Haircut

The styling of this Edgar haircut defies gravity with plenty of spiky texture and a matt styling paste. Keep the sides short and faded, and this Edgar’s good to go.

Quiff Hairstyle with Blonde Highlights

Instagram / @ali_bar.ber

#19: Gradient Edgar Haircut with Long Bangs

This look with longer bangs suits guys with a hairline that won’t sit flat or a widow’s peak. The gradient gives the widow’s peak Edgar cut the classic edge.

Short Sides and Long Fringe

Instagram / @xbigwesx

#20: Blonde Edgar Haircut

This classic fade effect looks cool paired with the blonde hue that is giving a definition between the two lengths. This could easily be a platinum hair look too if you use a little silver shampoo.

Bold Fade and Blonde top Haircut

Instagram / @cal_newsome

#21: Takuache Haircut with a Slit in the Eyebrow

This high fade Edgar with weight in the back and a slit shaved through the eyebrow into the haircut has some serious alternative vibes. A sure way to get noticed.

Edgar Cut with Eyebrow Slit

Instagram / @azrilmuhmd

#22: Classic Edgar Haircut with Hair Patterns

Give your classic Edgar haircut a twist by adding a creative touch with line work. Short haircuts are easily shown off with a little artistry.

French Crop Cut with Design at the Back

Instagram / @ricky_fadez

#23: Buzzed Sides Short Edgar Haircut

Keep this classic alive by going short and sharp. Edgar cuts don’t always have to be a bowl cut and the bangs, but can be straightened out to achieve this look.

Short Cut for a Man with a Beard

Instagram / @tannermorningstar

#24: Straight Line Caesar Cut

The straight lines in this Edgar hairstyle make it quite similar to the Caesar cut. Check out this strong blonde and dark look for inspo!

Bleached Top on Short Black Hair

Instagram / @jayroberts_

#25: Reverse Fade Pattern

Check out the skill that went into this fade! The pattern in the Edgar haircut gives a unique element, while the spiky top allows for versatility.

Spicky Haircut with Referse Disconnected Fade

Instagram / @tailorfade

#26: Disconnected High and Tight Edgar

Incorporate contrast into your Edgar styles and shave a line where the fade gradient sits. This Edgar haircut is a pretty neat example.

Simple Short Cut with Side Line

Instagram / @zisis_a

#27: Choppy Hair Version

Textured Edgar haircuts are so cool! Here is how to bring out the best of the bowl cut and achieve movement in the haircut.

Choppy Hair Edgar Haircut

Instagram / @tiiinchooo__

#28: Texturized High and Tight Edgar

This Edgar haircut has a high undercut fading into his beard and a texturized top for fun styling. Super balanced and a good all-round classic Edgar.

Texturized High and Tight Haircut

Instagram / @yakuzabarber

#29: Low Fade in the Back Edgar Hairstyle

A low fade can look cool at the back while working higher on the sides. This look is a classic Edgar created with a curly hair type.

Low Fade in the Back Hairstyle

Instagram / @cjdabarber_

#30: Edgar Haircut Bald Fade

This Edgar cut is another classic style the high fade. Wavy Edgar works with most Edgar haircuts, and this one is perfectly paired with a beard.

Edgar Haircut Bald Fade

Instagram / @cjdabarber_

If you’re considering getting a new haircut, why not try out an Edgar? This unique style is sure to turn heads and get you noticed. And you might be just in time to hop on the trend!