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Updated on March 21, 2023

Fall is here and that is exciting news for women with medium and long hair: now we have the chance to do all these beautiful fall hairstyles and look particularly romantic. This article will show you the very best hairstyles for this fall. We’ve selected the most beautiful pictures that inspiration hairstyle enthusiasts have uploaded online. The diversity and nostalgic look of most of these hairstyles are so impressive that they’ll be well worth the time needed to style your hair in a new way. Not that they’re very complicated; some of them are actually quite fast and easy to do.

The Unique Charm of Fall Hairstyles

Various types of braids with a messy feel, soft curls, caramel highlights, ombre, fall flower crowns and natural colored floppy hats are all fantastic ideas for your autumn hairstyles. See below how they may look like.

1. Thanksgiving Inspired Hair Crown

Thanksgiving will be here sooner than we know it, and this is simply one of the most seasonally appropriate of all the fall hairstyles we’ve rounded up here. To create this trendy style for yourself, you will need a few flowers chosen in dark orange and earthy tones, to match the colors usually associated with autumn (think about fallen leaves). The flower headband can be purchased or done yourself. Then, simply style a loose tie-up and adjust the crown.

2. Dutch Braid Updo

For this beautiful hairstyle, it would be lovely if you had your hair dyed in a fall hair color, like this gorgeous reddish brown or variations of it. Golden highlights over chestnut tones would also be a great choice. Divide your hair into two sections horizontally. Plait a crown Dutch braid for the top section. Then braid the nape section loosely and make a voluminous round bun beneath the crown braid. Fix with bobby pins.

3. Triple Braid for Ombre Hair

This gorgeous triple braid here is precisely what you need if you’ve done ombre in spring or summer, and it’s also the best braided style if your hair is cut into layers of different lengths. Part your hair in the middle, while also reserving the shorter strands from the top of your head. Braid two simple braids on the sides from the length of the hair, and plait a split fishtail from the reserved top part.

4. Messy Side Fishtail Updo

This beautiful side fishtail is the latest hit in the realm of autumn hairstyles. You may need the helping hand of a friend in order to be able to get this cute and trendy braid right, but if you practice it enough, you’ll be able to make it yourself in about 10 minutes. You can do it with a French braid as well. Experiments are welcome in autumn hairstyles.

5. Waterfall Braid for Straight Ombre Hair

This style looks best on straight hair since it shows off the pattern of the waterfall braid better than on curly hair. It looks simple, clean and cute, and it’s probably the easiest one to complete as well. Try to make it not just like a horizontal wrap, but on a slant for an extra stylish and trendy effect.

6. Double Side Braid with Flower

This is another gorgeous style for long hair dyed in a fall hair color. Braid two side braids on your left or on your right (depending on what you know looks best on you), and fix them with a flower or a bow hair clip on the other side. Give the rest of your hair some natural looking loose curls and you’re ready to go.

7. Palm Upside-Down Braid with Feathers

This pretty upside down braid is one of the cutest hairstyles for fall, but what really brings a note of high class to it is the addition of thin feathers. Just start braiding your hair from the bottom up and tie it high above when you’re done (it’s one of the fastest and easiest braids possible). Don’t forget to insert a few classy and very thing feathers for the full trendy effect.

8. Braided Crown Undercut

If you’re sporting a brave undercut style, then consider one of the options for braids that this fall brings. This braided crown on the top of your head will look daring and cute, as well as it’s a good match for almost any style of clothes, from very elegant outfits to the ones more on the hip-hop side.

9. Braided Crown with High Bun

This is a great hairstyle to try if your hair is curly or just has a lot of volume on its own. It looks complicated and elegant, but it’s actually pretty easy to do yourself. Start off with some side braids and make sure they wrap around your head easily, and then tie up the rest of your hair in a messy high bun, with little curls and strands ‘blooming’ out of it. The best hair pictures of 2023 trends all seem to have rediscovered this romantic up-do.

10. Classy Double Braids

This is definitely one of the classiest fall hairstyles of this year. Blend a few braids of different types and thickness in one trendy updo hairstyle. The thicker braid can be fishbraid-style, and the thinner one just classically braided. After you’re done braiding, make sure they’re all tied together nicely in a low tie-up.

11. Loose Braid with Hat

This hairstyle is so classical fall that it seems basically just reaped out of an autumn chick flick. It’s romantic without taking away any of your strong personality, and if your hair is medium-long, we totally recommend you to go for it. Just braid your hair into a loose side braid and leave some long, wavy bangs on the side. Top with a floppy hat and it’s done.

12. Top Braid with Curls Around

This is perhaps one of the best new styles for this season. The internet has been swarming with images portraying variations of this trendy and easy to make style! Just section out your bangs and braid them into a little braid, tie the ends up towards the back of your head and curl up the rest of your hair.

13. High Tight Fishtailed Bun

This is a great look especially for lighter hair color tones, because the observers would then get to notice all the cute details of the braids making up the bun. Still, feel free also to try it if you have darker hair, especially if you apply a shine serum before. Make sure the braids are tightly knit together before fixing them into the bun. It’s one of the most elegant fall hairstyles of 2023.

14. Curly Ombre with Wide Headband

Here’s a great way to preserve your free-style vibe if you’ve got ombre and worn festival hairstyles all summer. Style boho waves, scrunching your wet locks with a curl enhancer (without combing) and wear a cute, wide headband over your head and ears. It won’t just look trendy, but it will keep you warm on chilly autumn evenings as well!

15. Side Braid Pony

Another super-easy and cute preppy hairstyle you can wear as one of your ‘back to school’ hairstyles (whether you’re still in school or not). Just braid a very easy to make, simple side braid and tie it up in a relaxed ponytail along with the rest of your hair. Make the style stand out by giving your ponytail some extra volume.

16. Three Stand Braid Up-do

Now this is simply one of the most tender-looking new autumn hairstyles this fall offers. It will take a while to make, but the effect will be fully worth it. The style skillfully blends the curvy loops and one thin “imperfect” braid on top to detract from the otherwise extreme sweetness of the look.

17. Waterfall Side Braid with Bun

For this lovely style, blonde or lighter-toned hair again works best, but it’s not a must. Look for a waterfall braid tutorial on Youtube, and use the technique to make two overlapping loosely-braided side braids. Lift the ends of the braids up in a sort of a messy low bun, and it’s done.

18. Simple Bun with Bow

Bows over a simple bun have been seen before, it’s true, but what’s new and awesomely stylish about this particular hairstyle is the fact that the hair bow is placed underneath the bun. Make sure the bun is high enough for the bow to still be visible, and you’ll look cute without appearing too girly or over the top.

19. Mohawk Curls with Cornrows

This is one of the best hairstyles for fall if your hair is of medium length and you fancy both Mohawk and cornrows. Get side cornrows halfway up, leaving the hair on the top section natural or style it up as curly and volume-full as you wish. You can also gather the curls into a row of buns, but leaving the curls is preferable if your hair is shorter and you don’t use extensions.

20. Architectural Braids

This lovely architectural style is actually a great wedding hairstyle idea for all of you passionate about side braids and new ways to make your hair trendy and cute. To obtain this architectural look, you need to unite multiple braids and a bun into one big side wrap, and to make sure most of the strands are loose, but some of them are tightly pulled over and under, to keep everything together nicely. You may require the help of an expert to pull it off right, but it’s lovely enough to be worth the effort.

These were our top picks from all the new and fabulous fall hairstyles of this year. If you like braiding your hair into cute patterns, then you definitely need to try at least a few styles from this list. Enjoy your fall season and the upcoming fall holidays with trendy hair dos, and don’t be afraid to try something thematic like the Thanksgiving wreath we featured first. easy updo with fall flower crowncrown braid and low bun updothree braids hairstyle for layered hairmessy fishtail crown updohalf updo with waterfall braidtwo braids half up hairstylecute braided updo for medium hairbraided undercut hairstylecurly bun with headband braidtwo braids updo for shorter haireasy side braid hairstylecurly hairstyle with back braided bangshigh sleek braided bunboho waves for long hairmessy pony with a side braidcurly updo with a braidbraided updo for blonde hairquick bun hairstyleblack braided Mohawkfancy side ponytail updo