Nicole Iroh
Published on August 31, 2021

There are a plethora of articles that recommend hairstyles suitable for your face shape, and whilst this is important, we should consider the whole body when choosing a hairstyle bespoke to us.

Imagine different sizes of shoes, bags and accessories – to celebrate your body type, you need to go for something that looks flattering, not awkward. With your hairstyle, it is the same. Read on for tips and suggestions on haircuts, styles and hair colors that will compliment your body.

Hairstyles and Body Shapes

Top tips on selecting a new hairstyle include considering hairstyles for your face shape and hair type. But what about the overall body shape? No matter how beautiful very long hair looks, petit women will not benefit from the style; likewise, no matter how many women seek adding volume to hair, voluminous ‘dos do not always create the right accent.

Here are a few guiding principles to remember if you want your hairstyle to balance your body features:

  • Clean-cut lines at the nape and the sides offset a softer, curvy body;
  • If you have broad shoulders, bra-length hair with soft curls will help to make the look more feminine;
  • Super straight hair accentuates skinny body shape; adding some shape and soft waves will, on the contrary, balance the look;
  • Very long hair makes short women look shorter;
  • The eye is automatically drawn to the lightest part of the hair – use this to your advantage by cleverly placing your balayage or multi-tonal color.
Hairstyle ana a Body Type

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Here are recommendations for 10 different body types and shapes to help you find the best hairstyle for your figure and learn to balance and show off your body features.

1. Rectangle or “Banana”

If your waist measurements are about the same as your hip or bust, and your shoulders and hips are about the same width, you have what is called a “banana” or rectangle body type.

Opt for effortless textures with soft movement like beach waves and multi-tonal shades in a color (not too contrasting). Avoid defined, harsh lines and geometric shapes like box bob. On long hair, ask your stylist for a hairstyle with layers; avoid one-length long haircuts, especially if your hair is thick. Likewise, avoid blunt bangs – curtain bangs or side fringes will be more suitable for this body type. Side partings or asymmetric styles will also be a flattering choice here.

Hairstyle for Women with Rectangle Body Type

Instagram / @styledby_debbe

2. Triangle or “Pear”

With this body type, your shoulders and bust are narrower than your hips. You probably have slim arms and a fairly defined waist. Your waist most likely slopes out to your hips.

To harmonize the look, optically mirror your hips by creating width around your shoulders. Curly hair is great for creating this volume, so you should better nurture any natural types of curls in your hair. Shoulder-length haircuts also do a perfect job here, as well as blunt bangs, one-size blunt haircuts, and graduated cuts. A-line concave bob with longer hair towards the front is your must-try style. As for hair color, a root shadow that is slightly dragged out and eventually blends into a lighter color will be a flattering option.

Hairstyle for Women with Triangle Body Type

Instagram / @gustavomigli

3. Spoon

The spoon body type is pretty similar to the triangle or “pear” one. Your hips are larger than your bust or the rest of your body and may have a “shelf”-like appearance against a defined waist. You may also carry some weight in your upper arms and thighs.

This figure looks best with longer hair length, darker colors, and blunt lines. A winning move is to frame the face with feathery curtain bangs. Curves and waves will add volume to your locks and, unlike sleek straight hair, will compliment your curvy body shape.

Flattering Hairstyle for Curvy Figures

Instagram / @yukistylist

4. Hourglass

If your hips and bust are nearly equal in size and you have a well-defined waist that’s narrower than both, you have an hourglass body type. Your legs and upper body are probably considered proportionate.

Side parts and sexy flowy hair look great on this body frame. However, feel free to offset the very feminine body type with strong geometrical lines and super short hair that’s clean-cut but sports texture on top.

Hairstyle for Women with Hourglass Body Shape

Instagram / @daniloherbert

5. Top Hourglass

As a top hourglass, you have the general hourglass proportion, but your bust measurements are slightly larger than your hips. Consider going with shattered medium-length cuts, that are not too blocky or bulky. Adding face-framing highlights, spotlight color placement, and baby lights can also be used to soften your upper body.

Hairstyle for Women with Large Bust or Wide Shoulders

Instagram / @chahong_official

6. Inverted Triangle or “Apple”

If your shoulders and bust are larger than your relatively narrow hips, you have what’s known as an inverted triangle or an “apple” body type. To create more balance, opt for softer outlines rather than strong blunt styles, especially shoulder-length cuts. Make sure hair doesn’t fall directly on your shoulders as it gives the illusion of width.

Dimensional color play to your hands, too. Styling can make a lot of change either. For example, half-up half-down styles and ponytails placed on the highest point of your head give the illusion of a lengthened torso.

Hairstyle for an Apple-Shaped Body

Instagram / @naomi_styles22

7. Round or Oval

If your bust is larger than the rest of your body, your hips are narrow, and your midsection is fuller, you have what’s usually called a round or oval body type. A flattering choice is wearing clothes with vertical lines and matching these with long, sleek hairstyles. Less width in your hair will visually lengthen your torso.

Hairstyle for Women with Oval Body Shape

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8. Diamond

If you have narrow shoulders and bust and a fuller waistline, you have what’s called a diamond body shape. With this type, you may carry a little more weight in your upper legs while having slender arms. Thick hair with volume and texture and big hair with tight curls will add to the balance. Look through hairstyles with width and chin-length short bobs to find a flattering style. Pulling hair back from your face could also help you look more slender.

Flattering Hairstyle for Full-Figured Women

Instagram / @hirohair

9. Tall and Athletic

If your body is muscular but not particularly curvy, you might have an athletic body type. It works well with almost any type of cut, so your face shape and hair texture will be a better guide this time. Go for long hair or celebrate your strengths with androgynous hairstyles. The only thing to avoid is hair length between a chin and a shoulder. This gap will visually elongate your neck and add to your height, which may overpower your overall look.

Pixie Cut for a Tall Athletic Woman

Instagram / @livedinhair

10. Petite

Bob cuts or various types and lengths is the best choice for petite slim women. A stylist will normally discourage you from long locks that will make you look shorter than you are and very short pixie cuts that can make you look a bit boyish. Opt for sleek styles and avoid hairstyles that are too voluminous and overpower your figure. If you have a rectangular shape lacking curves, add soft waves to your do.

Best Hairstyle for Petit Women

Instagram / @styledby_debbe

Every body type should be appreciated and celebrated and by no means does it define your beauty. However, if you aim to downplay certain features and create more balance in your overall look, selecting the right attire and hairstyle will help you go a long way. For more hair inspiration and advice, follow me on my Instagram @hairbynicoleiroh.

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