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Updated on December 21, 2022

Did someone say new hair color? We hear you loud and clear! There are many different hair colors for dark skin that will suit you as a black woman, you just have to choose the right one. That is why we are here.

Check out 25 flattering hair colors for dark skin tones and choose the best idea to make your locks pop.

Choosing Hair Colors for Dark Skin Tones

Choosing the right hair color for your skin tone can make or break your hairstyle. While the variety of choices for black women is huge, afro hair can be very sensitive to bleach and can easily get color damage. Let it not make you refuse from the best hair colors for dark skin, though.

First, you can opt for highlights instead of all-over hair dye. Second, you can always pull off a new look with a wig or a weave. Also, proper hair care after the color service can help keep your strands healthy:

  • Deep condition regularly. Colored hair can dry out really easily and deep conditioning helps restore the moisture.
  • Trim when needed. The ends of our hair are the oldest and display the breakage that occurs in our hair the most. Our ends become even weaker when hair is color-treated. To avoid hair strand breakage, do not skip trims.
  • Use protein treatments once a month. These kinds of treatments assist in strengthening the hair. It helps maintain a balance between proteins, oils and nutrients and – one of our favorite benefits – reduces frizz. Frizz becomes way more noticeable when our natural hair is colored.

Ready to commit? Here are some splendid color ideas to fall in love with.

1. Dimensional Red

Red Hair Color for Dark Skin

Instagram / @haircolorkilla

There is just something about a black girl with red hair that makes a person’s heart skip a beat. Almost every girl has gone through a red hair stage, we know we have. If this shade of red is what you want, a tip we can give you is not to wash your hair too often. Washing your hair too often can fade out the color quicker than you want it to.

2. Electric Blue

Short Blue Hairstyle for Black Girl

Instagram / @stepthebarber

As you see in the picture, short hair is your best bet for this hair color. It is also very vibrant and sexy! Hair dye recommendations for black girls are Dark and Lovely and Adore.

3. Auburn Red

Auburn Hair Color for Dark Skin

Instagram / @a.dai.sha

For my ladies with dark skin tones, the auburn red hair color will make you pop in the best kind of way. Wear it with short natural hair, box braids, or straight-haired weave, and get ready to turn heads.

4. Honey Blonde Hair

Honey Blonde Balayage on Short Hair

Instagram / @t.techniques

We live for a twist of blonde hair on natural locks. This is a color that needs bleach so definitely make sure your hair has undergone a nice deep conditioning treatment at least two days prior. Wear a new look in a sassy black pixie cut or a waist-long straight-haired wig.

5. Bright Red Hair Color

Not in love with red yet? This shade of red in combination with dark skin tone is sure to steal your heart. Try this look on a TWA hairstyle for a statement-making look.

6. Golden Blonde Balayage

Blonde Balayage for Short Natural Hair

Instagram / @khimandi

How cute is this golden blonde balayage look? Freehand placement of golden blonde shades on the medium brown hair base looks stunning darker skin tones!

7. Don’t Worry, Be Burgundy

Burgundy Hair Color for Dark Skin

Instagram / @newahairs

A burgundy hair color, which is a smart combination of dark red and purple, suits dark complexion the best. Add bold makeup and you’ll look like fine wine.

8. Purple Power

This shade of purple is recommended for light and brown skin tones. It is a great way to express yourself, too. Short straight-haired cut, box braids, and bra-strap long wavy hair will all look amazing in this color.

9. Dark Blue Pickaboo Highlights

Blue and Black Hair Color for Dark Skin

Instagram / @jackelcy79

Like this gorgeous gal here, you can rock peekaboo highlights with a flattering electric blue hair color. Styles like these are best if you want to add a bright accent that will make your dark skin shine, but don’t want to dye your entire head. It is also great for seeing how your natural hair will react to the dye.

10. Dark Brown Highlights

Black Hair with Chocolate Brown Highlights

Instagram / @hairbylatise

Jet black hair makes natural hair look the healthiest. Pinch us if we’re wrong, but it makes one appear young and classy as well. You can never go wrong adding a few dark brown highlights for luster and shine, though. This color reflects lights very well and is one of the best colors for dark skin. If you plan on getting dark color after bleaching your locks, visit your local natural hairstylist for a gradual transition.

11. Blonde and Brown Balayage

Blonde and Brown Shades Flattering Dark Skin Tones

Instagram / @rachel_redd

Every beauty expert will probably tell you that this smart blend of buttery blonde and chocolate brown hues is pure art. It looks perfect on both curly and straightened locks and suits a dark skin tone very well. Balayage is gentler than all-over hair dye, but if the health of your locks is compromised, consider a wig or weave for this style.

12. Fire Orange

Bright Orange Balayage on Black Hair

Instagram /

It’s getting hot in here! Orange looks great on women with dark skin tones and helps to bring out hazel eyes. Fire orange is achieved by bleaching hair first and then adding the color that you would like (orange, in this case). For best results, get it done by a natural hair stylist and do a strand test to see if your hair will be able to lift.

13. Honey Blonde Ombre

Short Black Hair with Shaved Design and Blonde Tips

Instagram / @krewkutz

Caramel and honey blonde hair colors are popular in the black community, as it helps to bring out the warmth of darker skin tones. Honey blonde ombre will look unforgettable in a short undercut hairstyle and curly afro.

14. Medium Brown Balayage

Brown Weave Hairstyle for Black Women

Instagram / @brendageehair

Black celebrities get this hair color all the time, and we can see why. Chocolate brown hues are perfect for dark skin, and the balayage technique is a great option if you do not want to dye your entire head and risk color damage.

15. Yellow-Green Combo

Everyone wants to look bright and bold during the summer, so why not switch it up with a rainbow sort of look with a bold green paired with trendy yellow color? Don’t risk the style getting overwhelming and opt for a few bright streaks like shown here. Draw attention to your hair color by cutting a sassy fade or styling well-defined spikes.

16. Platinum Blonde

Platinum Blonde Hair Color for Black Girls

Instagram / @hairbyuno

Platinum blonde hair is a cool winter hair color for dark skin and looks amazing against shadow roots. Platinum blonde can be very damaging for natural hair, though. Consider dyeing only the tips of your dark hair or get a wig for a safe bet.

17. Light Blue

Light to Dark Blue Hairstyle

Instagram / @shavonte_dill

If you are looking for a hair color that reminds you of the ocean, try a light blue hair color flowing into a dark blue ombre. It is also a nice alternative to blonde hair that experiments-loving women with dark skin can try. A silk press or faux locs will be viewed as something gorgeous for this color.

18. Rose Gold

Pink and Yellow Hairstyle for Natural Hair

Instagram / @msklarie

If you are looking through red hair colors for dark skin, do not let rose gold hair color escape your view. This light shade pairs perfectly with yellow and blonde hair and a dark skin tone. Straight hair, curly hair, and a nice pixie undercut make a top-tier hairstyle with these colors!

19. Copper

Rich Copper Color for Dark Skin

Instagram / @pekelariley

This hair color is a rich mix of different shades of copper in one gorgeous style. This color is definitely one for a color stylist to do. Add this color to your curls, lemonade braids or get a straight-haired wig, and let copper make your dark skin glow.

20. Blue Black Hair

All shades of blue look great on women with dark skin. However, midnight blue, electric blue, and two-toned cyan blue are the best hair colors to make darker skin glow. Dark hair appears healthy, so it’s a good idea to get just a few blue-black highlights in jet-black locks. If you want to go with bright shades, your best bet is to do so during the winter.

21. Copper Gingerlicious

Mohawk Haircut Dyed Ginger Red

Instagram / @oluchizelda

Copper is one of our favorite hair colors bringing out warm undertones in dark skin. It is a shade of red mixed with a little bit of bronze and blonde, creating this perfect hue of ginger. The color is perfect for any season, but we’d say it will complement your skin the best during the fall. You do not have to dye your entire head. You can try a halo effect, a skunk stripe, or highlights in your curls too.

22. Maroon Hair

Burgundy Hair Color on Dark Skin

Instagram / @the_rose_affect

This shade of brown-red tone fits black women of all complexions because of the natural look it gives off. It highlights your cheekbones and turns heads. Hairstyles you can try with this color are a long straight-haired wig, short bob, or curly-haired style.

23. Dark Purple Hair

Dimensional Violet Hair Color

Instagram / @stylesbyyolanda

Other shades of purple that look on dark skin are plum and eggplant plant hair colors. The most popular hairstyles that have been done with violet color are afros, waves, and mid-back length straight hair.

24. Butter Blonde Hair

Black Woman with Blonde Hair Color

Instagram / @oluchizelda

How do we forget all blonde look? Butter blonde is a cool shade of blonde for women with dark skin, but not the one you can have all the time. If blonde hair is something you would like to get, definitely wait it out until winter, as this shade can make your natural hair dry out very fast during the summer months.

25. Lavishing Red and Yellow Blocks

Block Coloring on Dark Natural Hair

Instagram / @kiastylez

This kind of retro color is sexy and suits all hair textures and skin complexions. The red, yellow and black color combo works for every season. If the red section is the only shade you would like added, you may try to do it yourself. If you want to add more than one color, be sure to make an appointment with your stylist.

There are so many perfect hair colors for dark skin! Go ahead and experiment with the shades to find your iconic style or just swap things up. One thing we can tell for sure, regardless of the color you choose, you will slay!

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