30 Best Haircuts for Women over 50 with Thick Coarse Hair

Thick coarse hair is known for having a mind of its own. Choosing the right haircut can be daunting, especially if you are looking for something age appropriate. Luckily, we have ultimate hairstyle inspiration and styling tips for women over 50 with thick hair.

#1: Gray Hair with Swoop Fringe

This look is beautifully executed, with soft scooping height and cool sparkly gray tones. This look can work well for a stylish woman with natural height around the face. Set with rollers or a round brush blow dry and you are ready for the day.

Feathered Gray Pixie Bob on Straight Hair Over 50

Instagram / @rom.concept

#2: Textured Layers for Women over 50

This lady’s texture and volume are simply breathtaking. The gentle highlights show off the different lengths in the hair and thick hair gives a super volume fine locks can never afford. This look can be fixed in place with a soft serum and a gentle hairspray.

Short Hairstyle for Thick Hair Over 50

Instagram / @studio9hairyyc

#3: Short Hair with Sculpted Sweeping Bangs

This haircut is beautifully sculpted around the lady’s face shape, and the strong sweeping bangs highlighted with a creamy blonde hue give a gentle and strong element to the haircut. This look works well on women over 50 with a straighter hair type.

Pixie with Long Block Colored Side Bangs on Older Woman

Instagram / @squasso_oficial

#4: Layered Bob with Blonde Highlights

The hair color with darker blonde lowlights and feathered layers make this classic bob with side bangs a real show-stopper. Volume in the back, softness around the face, what’s not to love?

Bob with Layers and Gray Blending for Thick Hair

Instagram / @cp.hairartist

#5: Platinum Gray Pixie Haircut

This look is great on thick short hair. It takes away the bulk and leaves you styling the top up with a little texture. Consider toning your natural gray hair with silver shampoo for a cooler shade and extra gray sparkle.

Choppy Pixie on Thick Gray Hair

Instagram / @espacoandreagomes

#6: Gray Beachy Hair Bob cut

Cuts nipped in the neck like this bob removes the thick hair that grows in the neck. I love the styling, as it adds a carefree element to her overall look. Not to mention the beautiful color!

Platinum Blonde Undercut Bob on Super Thick Hair

Instagram / @vannepimpaohair

#7: Shaggy Texture For Course Hair

This haircut shows women over 50 can perfectly rock alternative hairstyles. Break the mold by having purple panels through your white-gray locks and giving your thick hair a razored spiky texture. This gives the look a quirky young feel.

Medium Length Layered Haircut with Bangs for Over 50

Instagram / @emanuelrodhair

#8: Bombshell Blonde with Side Swept Bangs

This short bob is great on a thick hair type. The subtle layers and wispy side bangs add a gentle chic to this look. She’s had lots of layers and slices of weight taken out of the hair to give the wispy feel to her hair.

#9: Silver Bob with Choppy Layers

This silver is absolutely stunning with this edgy bob cut for older women. Thick haired women sometimes struggle to get texture in their hair. The short top layers on the crown and jagged texture around the face give it something interesting. The look is styled with a texturizing paste to show off the layers.

Pixie Bob with Bangs and Short Layers for Older Women

Instagram / @angelastylistc

#10: Chocolate Caramel Short Hairstyle

Opting for a dimensional color in short haircuts for women over 50 is both appealing and practical. Gray blending works great with highlights, so you don’t have to go straight into cold tones, making it a great transitional color. The cut is done in two levels, and the short length undercut makes hair much more low maintenance.

Undercut Pixie for Black Women with Relaxed Thick Hair

Instagram / @thastylist18

#11: Smooth Long Bob with Blonde Highlights

Maybe you’re not ready for a pixie short haircut yet? Chop your long thick hair above your shoulders. This look is a perfect all-rounder. It can be styled up, worn with volume down, or tucked behind the ears for an off-the-face open look.

Deep Side Part Layered Long Bob for Mature Ladies

Instagram / @hair_by_pedro

#12: Warm Brown Pixie Cut

What’s nice about this look is that it has the perfect color and shape to draw attention to this lady’s eyes. The soft side-swept bangs and sideburns softly hug the face, while hair thickness is effectively managed. Warm brown and a choppy pixie style is a beautiful combination!

Long Pixie for Women with Thick Hair Over 50

Instagram / @hair_by_pedro

#13: Long Hair with Flowy Layers

This look has subtle highlights and is beautiful on mature women. Keeping hair long gives versatile styling options and allows showing off a nice full look of thick hair. Also, the loose wave styling gives a nice bohemian feel.

Woman over 50 with Thick Mid Length Hair Cut

Instagram / @livedinhair

#14: Feathered Layers for Thick Hair Texture

Sometimes, feathered layers really help to remove excess weight in the hair. Women with thicker hair do appreciate this: less time blowdrying, more time enjoying life. Note how the feathered layers add movement and texture to this medium hair.

Textured Bob with Side Swept Bangs for Women over 50

Instagram / @giboazhair

#15: Peppered Curly Short Haircut

This short curly bob is so beautiful on natural hair. The streak of white around the face looks amazing against a darker skin tone, and the mix of tones winding through the curls give even more texture to the haircut.

Coily Salt and Pepper Bob

Instagram / @rs.cabel

#16: French Bob in Warm Tones

The bangs on this bob have been cut well with balance. Soft layers on either side of the fringe are scooping off the face and opening it up. Also, the French bob itself is very cute and gives a youthful feel to the look.

Cute Rounded Bob with Bangs for Women over 50

Instagram / @emanuelrodhair

#17: Dimensional Short Hair for Women Over 50

This cropped thick hair flows from light to medium to dark in the color palette and adds all the right accents to the look. Short haircuts like this one look neat and are great at removing the bulk. The highlighted bangs add softness and brighten up the face.

Short Haircut with Tapered Nape and Caramel Highlights

Instagram / @vannepimpaohair

#18: Naturally Wavy Hair Bob

This neat angled bob cut demonstrates the impressive thickness and beautiful naturally wavy hair while still falling into the category of low-maintenance short hairstyles for thick hair. A balayage on this short bob is a cherry on top!

Stacked Short Cut for Older Women with Thick Wavy Hair

Instagram / @cp.hairartist

#19: Salt and Pepper Sweeping Bangs

Judging from the catwalks, the side parting is coming back! This chic short hairstyle with a deep side part is worn with texture throughout, showing off slices of the natural salt and pepper tones.

Textured Short Cut for Thick Coarse Hair

Instagram / @roshan_hairlove

#20: Short Shaved Sides on Coarse Hair

A short taper fade around the sides and the back is a perfect solution for thick hair. The sides and the back are the main bulk, and removing the weight gives you less hair to deal with and a stylish shape too!

Short Gray Hair with Taper Undercut

Instagram / @studio9hairyyc

#21: Long Pixie Haircut With Texture

The cut with bangs and pieces hitting the cheekbones at the sides really shows off the lady’s facial features. Overall, it’s super elegant and classy. The texture in this pixie haircut is accentuated with darker roots. A real head-turner!

Youthfull Short Hairstyle for Women over 50

Instagram / @rodrigues_ricardo

#22: Chic Pixie Bob for Natural Curls

This woman’s natural texture is just the perfect loose curl. The length she has chosen for her haircut shows off the beautiful texture, not making thick hair a bother. With all the layers, this is a gorgeous hairstyle that will take minimum effort to style.

Shaggy Wavy Pixie Bob with Curtain Bangs

Instagram / @esalonhair

#23: Springy Curls Bob Haircut

Give your curls extra zing with a sassy rounded bob haircut. The peppery tone and the natural curls are simply stunning and make a fun, playful hairstyle for women over 50. It’s also a mid-length cut, meaning that on lazy days, she can just tie hair away, and it will still look beautiful.

#24: Sun-Kissed Cropped Hair

We simply love the flow in this haircut! If you have thick straight hair naturally, going for a super texture throughout is a great move. The ”peeks” of blonde popping through for a sun-kissed look finish off the look.

Short Thick Hair with Feathered Layers and Blonde Highlights

Instagram / @beto_fariaa

#25: Glints of Gold and Soft Texture

Short pixie already translates as freedom for women with thick hair, but the shiny caramel tone that beams in the sunlight enhances the look even further. Gloss colors you can get in hair salons help achieve this expensive finish on your hair, and soft waves and bends are perfect for showing it off.

Wavy Caramel Pixie for Mature Black Women

Instagram / @indinstrands

#26: Blended Layers on Silver Hair

This sparkly silver color is just divine. It has a real glowy shine in the light and the haircut has been well shaped. The layers up the top remove thickness and add height, while the rest of the hair maintains a strong shapely look.

Bob with Short Layers and Bangs for over 60

Instagram / @glamlorenzab

#27: Short Haircut for Thick Locks

These short pixie looks add more texture and remove a thick mane that’s hard to handle. We love the rich deep tone of this dark pixie haircut worn onto the face and styled over to one side, giving it the edge over the rest.

Short Textured Pixie for Square Face over 50

Instagram / @giboazhair

#28: Feathered Edges and Extra Volume Crop

This hairstyle for thick hair is also perfectly sculpted to create a voluminous yet neat look. Beautiful bouncy layers and the details on the edges have been cut so nicely for a soft femme glamour.

Short Brown Hair with Feathered Layers and Babylights

Instagram / @monicajohnsonhair

#29: Shaggy Layers on a Short Bob

Here is another good proof short hairstyles for women over 50 can be chic and sassy. The look is short but not going to the extreme of a pixie length and maintains a modern feel with the shaggy layers and beachy texture.

Ear Length Mettalic Gray Wavy Bob for Over 50

Instagram / @espacoandreagomes

#30: Textured White Blonde Bob

A blunt textured bob is a beautiful modern look that flatters both young girls and older women. The thickness gives it a strong shape whilst maintaining flicky layered texture through the hair. The two-tone color adds depth to the look, and we love it.

Tousled Blunt Bob with White Highlights for Thick Hair over 50

Instagram / @anhcotran

No matter your age, you can always find some flattering haircuts for thick hair that will accentuate your best features and leave you feeling stylish and confident. Talk to your stylist about what styles will work best for you, and don’t be afraid to experiment with something new. After all, life is too short to keep wearing the same old hairstyle day after day.