Katie Gray
Updated on May 27, 2023

Halloween is quickly approaching and there are so many ways to incorporate festive Halloween hairstyles and Halloween hair color into your seasonal mix. The best part? It will be super easy to achieve your spooky season looks.

We have classic Halloween hairstyles to draw inspiration from, from Maleficent’s horns to Princess Leia’s buns, and intricate styles to play with. This holiday is all about witchy hairstyles, space buns, bold colors, spooky accessories and Halloween updos. Read on and trick-or-treat yourself, you deserve it!

The Best Halloween Hair Ideas

If you are searching for that perfect hairstyle to wear with your Halloween costume or you want to solely rely on Halloween hair as an easy costume idea – there are tons of options. From staple Halloween hairstyles like mermaid waves and unicorn locks to Medusa hairstyle braids and princess updos – there is something for everyone. Plus, adding some embellishment with Halloween hair accessories is a surefire way to create a unique look.

If dressing up is not your jam, simply getting a new hair color for the fall season is a great way to celebrate Halloween. If you do not want to make the commitment, opt for temporary sprays that wash out and colorful extensions or wigs. If you do want to color your hair, the red palette, jet black and witchy purple make great Halloween hair dye ideas.

Whether you have been planning your Halloween look for weeks or are going to throw something together the last minute, we have you covered. Spooky or sweet, in warm or cool tones – it can all be achieved. Scroll down for the proof!

1. Hey Pumpkin Braided Updo

Pumpkin spice and everything nice. This hairstyle elegantly combines a braided crown and a messy updo. This look features a Dutch braid, but the hairstyle can also be created with a French braid. When doing the Dutch braid, bring the hair strands under the middle section; for the French braid, bring the hair pieces over the middle section. A pop of fall hair colors is the perfect touch, and if you are really feeling festive, you can add a hair accessory.

Beautiful Fall Hairstyle

Instagram / @tanarosehair

2. Witchy Waves

You can brew up the perfect witchy hairstyle with beachy waves and dramatic colors. Before blow-drying the hair, put a root booster mousse on damp hair to create volume. Add texture with a texturizing spray such as the cult classic from Oribe. This look can be parted whichever way you prefer, and a bigger curling iron barrel will reveal lush loose curls and waves. You will definitely be putting a spell on everyone with this Halloween hairstyle!

Gray Hair Color with Chunky Blue and Yellow Highlights

Instagram / @laurenleighhair

3. Maleficent Horns

Make Maleficent proud with this Halloween hair that features Maleficent’s signature horns. Wrap your hair around the horns to create a dark and dreamy look. The key is to use a strong hair spray to hold the hair structured in place. This style is ready for the big screen, and even Angelina Jolie is sure to be impressed.

Maleficent Horns Hairstyle for Halloween

Instagram / @tiffanymhair

4. Spooky Cascading Curls

It’s all just a bunch of Hocus Pocus, and if you focus you can have gorgeous curls to celebrate. You can never go wrong with beautiful curls, that are sleek and shiny. Curl your hair with different colored extensions in the mix for a spooky Halloween edition. Use a silkening spray for the softest curls and ultimate shine.

Halloween Hair with Black Purple and Orange Extensions

Instagram / @studiohsalonwa

5. Braided Buns and Ombre Colors

Black and orange create the ultimate spooky season look. This hairstyle features a beautiful braid that forms into a top bun. You can even add more braids at your roots, or flip the look and do an upside-down braid into a messy bun. If you want to add some bold Halloween colors without having to color your own hair, you can always use a temporary spray or style a wig to achieve the same outcome.

Bright Copper to Black Ombre

Instagram / @blackmagiccolor

6. Fresh to Death Skeleton Braid

This cute hairstyle features skeletons, and we are here for it. You can create this look with loose braids, a bubble ponytail and a variety of Halloween-themed accents to place on your locks. This style takes braids, bubble ponytails and the half up half down hairstyle to a whole new level. Finish off with a light hairspray to hold this bad-to-the-bone hairstyle in place.

Bubble Braid with Halloween Accessories

Instagram / @alex_haircraft

7. Cute Space Buns for Horns

Create an out-of-this-world Halloween hairstyle this year with simple space buns. You can opt for two little space buns on top of your head, with half of your hair down. Or you can put all of your hair up with two bigger space buns. This look can be a costume by itself, as you can create a variety of characters by utilizing this hairstyle and different makeup looks.

Cute Halloween Hairstyle for a Woman

Instagram / @m.isamorales

8. Spider Web Chic Bubble Ponytails

Bubble ponytails and pigtails are always a fun way to spice up staple hairstyles that never go out of style. To create this look, section off parts of the hair and put pigtails followed by hair bands to establish the bubbles. For Halloween hair, use Halloween-colored hair bands and add spooky hair accessories like these black spiders. This look is the definition of spider web chic.

Easy Halloween Hairstyle

Instagram / @poppy_hairstyles

9. Edgy Braids

Beautiful braids never go out of style, and there are so many different types of braids to incorporate into stunning looks. If you need a good hairdo but do not want to wash your hair yet (or are in a time pinch), a braid or two will do nicely. For a festive touch, add some colorful extensions or hair props like these bobby pins.

Spooky Braided Hairstyle

Instagram / @jbraidsandbows

10. Magical and Messy Braided Crown

Create a beautiful Black Swan look with a magical, messy braided crown this Halloween. You can create the look by using your own hair, or utilizing an actual crown or another hair accessory to be placed on top of your head. Next, you would just need to structure a chunky braid around it. For an out of the woods look, make a messy low ponytail to rest on your back.

Black Swan Hairstyle Idea

Instagram / @jessiehairartist

11. Pumpkin Bun

A ballerina bun has been a classic hairstyle for decades. This Halloween season put a twist on the iconic hairstyle, by creating a pumpkin using a temporary orange-colored hair spray. To get the perfect bun, place your hair in a high ponytail and add a hair donut. Then wrap your locks around the donut and place another hair tie to hold it tightly in place. Wrap the rest of your hair around and secure with bobby pins and a strong hold hair spray.

Easy Pumpkin Hairstyle for Halloween

Instagram / @m.isamorales

12. Colorful Haute Halloween Curls

Add some bold colors to your hair to create a unique look. Braid or twist the top of your hair and keep it in place with a fun Halloween hair clip or another festive hair accessory. Next, use a curling iron or flat iron to create cascading curls or waves down your back.

Halloween Hair Color Inspiration

Instagram / @hairby_uhleesha

13. Halloween Huntress Mohawk Maven

An edgy Halloween hairstyle that incorporates an accent braid and messy updo is a great choice this spooky season. You can create a messy mohawk look with long hair, or by adding extensions. This style screams Halloween.

eGames Inspired Hairstyle for Dressing Up

Instagram / @moonlightbraids

14. Harley Quinn Pigtails

Comic book characters often have cute hairstyles and cool costumes. Harley Quinn is a shining example, with her signature pigtails that feature some blue and pink hair. This popular Halloween costume and hairstyle is sure to be Margot Robbie approved.

Harley Quinn Hairstyle

Instagram / @brooklynandbailey

15. Spooktacular Curls

Soft and silky curls never go out of style. Use a larger barrel curling iron or flat iron to achieve loose curls. Use a spray or extensions to add some serious contrast and establish that Halloween look. Finish it off with some witchy hair accessories, like clips or barrettes.

Halloween Themed Hair Color

Instagram / @lunabelle32

16. Killer Top Knot

This is a perfect style, no matter the occasion. Create a killer top knot to sit on top of your head, using a donut or a sock for volume. For a playful effect, add a Halloween accent like this spider or a glitter spray.

Cute Minute Halloween Hairstyle

Instagram / @lucieslipstick

17. Cute Bambi Antlers

Half space buns have been made trendy by celebrities like Ariana Grande, Jennifer Lopez and the Kardashian family. You can alter the size of your buns to establish different vibes. An added bonus – this style looks casual cool and keeps your hair out of your face.

18. Carved Out Undercut

Nothing screams Halloween like a shaved design under a hip updo. It is best complemented with a messy top knot that can be teased with a good texturizing spray. This look is a feast for the eyes, a visual delight to all of those who see it.

Spider Web Undercut

Instagram / @colormebrightly

19. Bubble Braids

These swooping bubble braids are bound to make anyone swoon. It requires many hair elastics, but it is well worth the labor. After forming a ponytail, whenever you are securing on a new elastic, hold onto the ponytail tightly to pull it over the elastic bands to make a beautiful bubble effect. The trick to getting your locks to look lush is to tease the ponytail to add loads of volume.

Halloween Themed Pigtail Braids

Instagram / @lettileipuri

20. I-put-a-spell-on-you Sleek ‘Do

This bloody, dark red hair color is a crowd-pleaser. It is an elegant option for Halloween, and for a spooky touch, some hair accessories can be added like these skeleton hands. One of the perks of doing this sleek and chic look is that it really showcases how healthy and hydrated your hair is.

Dark Red Hair with Skeleton Hands

Instagram / @_alter_ego____

Whether you are going for a dramatic and edgy hairstyle, or are opting for something simple and chic, October 31 is going to be a treat with these Halloween hairstyles!

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