Andrea Payme
Published on September 14, 2021

Honey blonde hair tones give the perfect balance to women with blonde and brown hair seeking a subtle upgrade to their natural hair color without going overboard or making a drastic change.

Slather the honey hues on as thick as you like, or just use them as a minimal highlighting option. Be sure that a honey blonde can look as tasty and sweet as its name suggests.

The Best Honey Blonde Hair Color Hairstyles

Brighten up and revitalize boring and dingy mousey browns by incorporating one of these striking and dynamic honey blonde hair colors. Look through the selection of the best hairstyles and choose a honey hair look to complement your style and skin tone. If you’re not sure which way to go, ask your salon professional at your next hair appointment.

1. Golden Blonde Balayage

Straight locks have even more depth and balance when they are enhanced with honey blonde hair tones. A side part and peek-a-boo bangs are especially sultry.

Straight Brown Hair with Golden Blonde Highlights

Instagram / @igorkhonin

2. Honey Blonde Hair with Highlights

Bring out the richness of your natural honey blonde color by adding some bright golden highlights. Piece-y locks and side-swept bangs dip down to gently hit the base of the neck for a perfect face frame.

Bronde Piece-y Lob with Golden Highlights

Instagram / @kellzatlstylist

3. Long Wavy Honey Blonde Balayage

When you have super long chestnut brown hair that has lost its vim and vigor, liven it up with a honey blonde ombre. As each long wave cascades down the back to your waist, you’ll be drawing attention to all the right places.

Long Hair with Honey Blonde Ombre Balayage

Instagram / @rafaelbertolucci1

4. Sun-Kissed Honey Beige Blonde

Nothing says beachy sand and year-round fun better than sun-kissed bright honey blonde highlights. For the best effect, wear it with a medium hairstyle that just grazes the shoulders.

Beachy Wavy Dark Blonde Hairstyle

Instagram / @dawnydoo13

5. Light Brown Hair with Warm Honey Blonde Shades

If you’ve been blessed with luscious long hair and natural light brown tone, make sure the cascading curls with honey blonde highlights fall perfectly around the face, framing it in a gorgeous way. The warm, earthy tones of this light brown do seem to be dipped in honey!

Long Curly Honey Blonde Hair

Instagram / @trusshair

6. Honey Blonde Balayage on Short Hair

Short hair balayage has never looked sexier and sassier than when it’s cut into an angled pixie style. Cropped close at the nape of the neck, it’s wash ‘n wear styling at its best.

Short Angled Pixie for Straight Hair

Instagram / @dnosalon

7. Warm Honey Blonde Hair Color

Ordinary straight hair can be transformed into a piece of art when it’s updated with a fantastic golden honey blonde ombre and a chic loose knot in the back.

Long Straight Golden Honey Blonde Balayage

Instagram / @hellobalayage

8. Short and Curly Honey Blonde Hair

This short and curly inverted bob is so alluring. The transition of ash brown hair to golden honey tones enhances the dark eyebrows in a way that is reminiscent of sexy flappers from the 1920s.

Side-Parted Curly Inverted Bob

Instagram / @contactevie

9. Honey Beige Blonde Hair

A light honey blonde hair color is an excellent choice when you’re trying to call attention to muted, but dramatic blue eyes. Parting hair on the side with a slight combover is carefree and easy to style.

Honey Blonde Combover Lob

Instagram / @lo_wheelerdavis

10. Chocolate Brown with Honey Blonde Highlights

Give your chocolate brown hair a new boost of energy with golden honey blonde highlights added into the mid-section and ends. Try scrunching the waves up in your hands for an extra bouncy look.

Long Dark Hair with Honey Blonde Highlights

Instagram / @coloredbycaitlin

11. Honey Blonde Balayage Bob

Jack up your style a few notches with a sexy and sophisticated inverted bob featuring a perfect mix of dark honey blonde hair and lighter blonde streaks. Parted on the side and adorned with long face-framing pieces, it’s a creative twist to the age-old hairdo.

12. Caramel Honey Blonde Highlights

Wavy hair can look rich and elegant when each curl strategically hits its mark. Honey blonde caramel highlights do a great job of framing the face and crown.

13. Shaggy Lob with Subtle Light Honey Blonde Highlights

Simple, sleek, and elegant, this no-nonsense hairstyle works just perfectly for straight hair that has a mind of its own. A single wave falls exactly at the upper cheek, framing the face and setting off hazel eyes and nose.

Straight Shaggy Bronde Lob

Instagram / @salsalhair

14. Straight Layered Bronde Hair

When you purposely decide to use your dark roots as an accent feature, you make a statement to the world that you are a confident “honey-blonder” by choice. A straight part down the middle, platinum blonde face-framing highlights, and just a little height in the crown add a sophisticated touch.

Bronde Balayage Hair with Dark Roots

Instagram / @jesslipczynski

15. Exotic Waist-Length Bright Blonde Hair

You know what they say: if you’ve got them, flaunt them! Let your oodles and oodles of long sultry waves cascade down your back all the way down to the waist, and proudly show off your sexy honey blonde hair color.

Extra Long Honey Blonde Balayage Hair

Instagram / @kellymassiashair

16. Strawberry Blonde Waves with Golden Highlights

Pale skin tones pop when framed by long and wavy strawberry blonde locks. Warm honey gold undertones accentuate the chocolate brown eyes and killer cheekbones.

17. Dark to Light Honey Blonde Balayage Hair

When you’ve run out of ideas about how to wear your dark brown hair, how about trying a honey balayage and adding some waves to the ends to really make them stand out?

Bronde Balayage for Long Fine Hair

Instagram / @alexxagrine

18. Warm Blonde Hair for Dark Skin Tones

Warm honey blonde shades are among the best hair colors for dark skin tones. Honey blonde hues will look splendid against the dark roots in both naturally curly or straightened hairstyles.

Honey Blonde Balayage on Black Hair

Instagram / @sgm_hair

19. Light Blonde Shoulder Length Hair

Match up your light honey blonde color with loosely curled long hair. The wavy ends pair well with the honey blonde hues and help to pick up a glint of sunlight. Dark roots set off the delicate color beautifully.

Long Light Honey Blonde Hairstyle

Instagram / @aaashleee

20. Dark Honey Blonde Bob

The soft and sleek inverted bob is a perfect style if you have naturally thick, straight hair. Honey blonde hair color makes it bouncy and flirty, without being too overwhelming.

Inverted Strawberry Blonde Bob for Thick Hair

Instagram / @monicathestylist

21. Honey Shades on Slightly Darker Natural Base

Look for hair color ideas on Instagram or Pinterest, and you are sure to see some tousled hair with beach waves and natural-looking face-framing highlights. Just check the color chart and go for any shade of honey hair color that is a few tones lighter than the base.

Honey Blonde Hair Face Framing

Instagram / @hairbymickk

22. Natural Honey Highlights for Fair Skin

Caramel honey blonde shade can liven up fair skin, make sure it is not overwhelming though. Ask your stylist for low-maintenance highlights, and you can enjoy your carefree style without regular touch-ups.

Light Brown Hair with Honey Blonde Highlights

Instagram / @chrisweberhair

23. All-Over Honey Blonde

Honey highlights or subtle ombre can enhance your hairstyle. But what about going for the all-over warm blonde tone? Touch-ups of dark roots every four weeks seem too little a commitment when you can be that gorgeous.

All Over Warm Blonde Hair Color

Instagram / @instacolorjosee

24. Dark Honey Blonde Hair

Looking for a blonde shade that will be dark, yet not ashy? Dark honey or caramel honey blonde hair is the way to go. A save bet for all-over hair dye and every skin tone.

Dark Honey Blonde Shade

Instagram / @yukistylist

25. Honey Hue on Naturally Dark Base

A hairstyle that blends a blonde shade with natural dark roots is truly low maintenance. However, you might still need to use blue shampoo to keep your honey hair from getting brassy.

Dark Brown to Honey Blonde Hair

Instagram / @glow__hair

26. Beige Blonde Hair with Tints of Honey

Honey blonde hair color seems to anchor this bright, platinum blonde hairstyle, keeping it natural. Proper hair care and regular deep conditioning will help you safely transition from brown to blonde, even if you go for a bright blonde hair shade like this.

27. Honey Blonde Hair with Copper Undertones

This is another hairstyle to prove how versatile a honey blonde hair color can be. The warm tone shines in many sassy undertones without any hand painting.

Copper Hair Color with Honey Blonde Hues

Instagram / @chiriac.ionela

28. Cool Toned Balayage with a Drop of Warm Honey Shade

Brunete balayage hair color ideas seem to be endless, so all you need is such a good colorist that will creatively blend brown and blonde shades to turn your hairstyles into a source of envy.

Brunette Balayage with Brown and Blonde Tones

Instagram / @hairbyamybee

29. Side-Parted Golden Pixie

Bright yellow-gold hair tones look amazing on African American ladies. The deeply parted pixie with full bangs and extra-long side pieces is eye-catching and electrifying.

30. Dark Honey Blonde Hair with Highlights

Isn’t this shade a splendid allusion to natural ginger hair? This honey blonde hair with lighter streaks around the face is an unresistible color to try, whatever your hair type is.

Dark Honey Blonde Hairstyle with Face Framing Pieces

Instagram / @nat_doeshair

Honey blonde hair color solutions complement almost all skin tones and look great during every season of the year. Tone it down during winter and autumn and crank it up a notch for spring and summer; you’ll always look trendy and on point. Whether a high-contrast balayage, ombre or subtle highlights, choosing something in the warm-toned honey blonde palette will switch up your hairstyles and give you the new vibrant look you’ve been hunting for.

Straight Brown Hair with Golden Blonde HighlightsBronde Piece-y Lob with Golden HighlightsLong Hair with Honey Blonde Ombre BalayageBeachy Wavy Dark Blonde HairstyleLong Curly Honey Blonde HairShort Angled Pixie for Straight HairLong Straight Golden Honey Blonde Balayage Side-Parted Curly Inverted Bob Honey Blonde Combover LobLong Dark Hair with Honey Blonde HighlightsShort Inverted Honey Blonde BobWavy Golden Blonde Balayage HairStraight Shaggy Bronde LobBronde Balayage Hair with Dark RootsExtra Long Honey Blonde Balayage HairLong Wavy Strawberry Blonde HairstyleBronde Balayage for Long Fine HairHoney Blonde Balayage on Black HairLong Light Honey Blonde HairstyleInverted Strawberry Blonde Bob for Thick HairHoney Blonde Hair Face FramingLight Brown Hair with Honey Blonde HighlightsAll Over Warm Blonde Hair ColorDark Honey Blonde ShadeDark Brown to Honey Blonde HairLight Blonde Hair Honey Blonde LowlightsCopper Hair Color with Honey Blonde HuesBrunette Balayage with Brown and Blonde TonesAfrican American Golden Blonde PixieDark Honey Blonde Hairstyle with Face Framing Pieces