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Updated on October 19, 2021
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Lavender ombre hair is a really fun way to get a creative style without a lot of daily maintenance. Whether you choose to go tame with wash-out hair chalk or make the jump into a permanent color, purple hair brings personality and pizazz to any head of hair.

Lavender Ombre Hair and Purple Ombre

These two are the most popular extraordinary hair color solutions for everyone who strives a mind-blowing pop of color in her locks. In this article you’ll find some funky extravagant purples as well as comparatively modest lavender samples that rather look like cute, delicate dip dye.

1. Light Lavender Layers

Almost angelic, this combination of very light blonde and subtle lavender looks beautiful on girly girls who want something different without overdoing it.

2. Purple Ombre with Layers

Show off your purple hair with a carefully coifed cut that includes layers and bangs. Choosing to incorporate the color that starts as high as bangs creates a soft yet edgy look.

3. Light Lavender Locks

Gentle and feminine, a light lavender shade looks adorable on short wavy hair. Of course, you can pull off this hue on any length or texture, but there’s something about a cropped style that really makes it stunning. Focus on very light roots (almost white) and let the color work into somewhat brighter lavender tips.

4. Long Black and Purple Curls

Lavender ombre hair on the base of black locks would look rather dramatic and require a profound bleaching. Black and violet ombre color is no less impressive and it truly flatters the long black mane.

5. Long Weave with Ombre Effect

If you struggle to grow out your hair or settle on a color you love, mix it up with a weave or hair extensions that will give you long locks for days. Play with a variety of ombre shades such as blonde, purple and black in various sections. Lavender ombre hair doesn’t have to follow any rules.

6. Dark to Light Purple Curls

Long, curly hair is romantic – the ultimate expression of girliness. However, it can also look rather boring if your hair isn’t multitoned. In case you are not excited much about natural hair colors, solve this issue with bright purple ombre hair – vibrant strands running from top to bottom.

7. Lavender Mohawk Braid Updo

Lavender ombre hair looks absolutely stunning when it is placed in a chic bun. This modern take on the braided Mohawk incorporates the elements of a loosely braided top bun and curls for a more dramatic appearance. Perfect for both formal and casual occasions, this hairstyle and the lovely color are all around gorgeous.

8. Bright Purple Lob

Some hairstyles are bound to stand the test of time, and the Bob is definitely one of them. Amped up with a vivid purple hair color, this long, wavy Bob is suitable for a variety of hair textures and types.

9. Half Updo with Purple Tips

There are so many versions of ponytail hairstyles that it can be exhausting just thinking of something new and fresh you can do with a pony. However, a super long and curly half up style like this one is definitely a welcomed choice. The shiny purple ombre highlights add depth and dimension to the thick bouncy curls.

10. Lavender Ombre for Dark Blonde Waves

The ethereal combination of lavender hair and beach waves is both soft and feminine, as seen in this look. The dark blonde beach waves are bold, chunky and also fancy thanks to the lavender ombre ends. This is a great style for the spring and summer season.

11. Long Chunky Curls for Lavender Hair

It’s easy for long hair to appear boring if you don’t add a few frills, but this hairstyle is anything but monotonous. Filled with chunky waves, this lengthy look is highlighted by the soft, soothing lavender hair color.

12. Layered Cut with Purple Ombre-ed Ends

Brown blonde and purple seem to be a popular and, therefore, wide-spread color combination, but this one is a bit different. Here, you have a medium honey blonde shade that transitions into rich purple ends with hints of pink. There are also slight waves placed throughout for a cute undone look.

13. Choppy Lob with Blue and Dark Purple Highlights

This vampy ombre look is very far from tender girly lavender hair styles. Here, we have a medium choppy black haircut that is punctuated by the electric blue and dark purple accent colors.

14. Platinum Blonde and Purple Ombre Hair

Give your chunky curls a funky edge by adding some fun ombre color. Platinum blonde and purple work together perfectly to create a modern look.

15. Light Brown and Lavender Hair Style

A short or medium length wavy Bob is always guaranteed to be a flattering hairstyle choice. Light brown hair with touches of silver and lavender gives this Bob a feminine touch with an added dose of depth and dimension.

16. Black and Reddish Purple Hair

Light purple hair is a lovely color choice, but if you’re in the mood for something more substantial, perhaps this color is more appropriate. The black and reddish purple combo aims to steal the spotlight.

17. Black and Purple Ombre Waves

One of the best and easiest ways to inject new life into a basic hairstyle is to experiment with hair color. Here, you have a variation of lavender ombre hair that offers a mysterious twist with plum red brushstrokes over the black base. The head full of flattering waves completes the look and creates a soft, feminine feel to it.

18. Dark Hair Lightened with Lavender

Dark hair can look positively lovely with a violet ombre style. Keep the roots and the underneath layers dark while having the rest of the hair lightened up with a gentle purple shade that will stun onlookers.

19. Purple Ombre with Blue

Why to settle on just one color? Mix some purple and blue together for the seriously fun strands that will rival any other creative hairstyle. Add in a deep side part and keep the top half of the hair your natural hue – blonde or brown.

20. Long Black Bob with Purple Ombre

Whether you opt for a light purple hair hue or the bright purple shade seen here, you’ll get a stunning color combo with black hair color as the base. This sleek, expertly cut Bob is a hairstyle to cast a second glance upon.

21. Long Ombre Waves

Sometimes the longer the hair the more likely it can lack body and movement. Not in the case of this violet ombre. The dimension of curls with rich purple and lavender hues is a great way to bring volume back into hair.

Lavender Ombre Hair With Root Fade

Instagram / @jeffreyrobert_

22. Short Purple Hair

A safe way to dip your toe into non-traditional hair colors is to start with short purple ombre. It is a soft and subtle change, and yet can transform your tresses to be the center of attention. Shorter lengths and loose curls create a great face-framing appeal.

Brown Bob With Purple Ends

Instagram / @chrisweberhair

23. Black to Purple Ombre

Rich and vibrant, the long hair with dark roots and purple ombre is shiny and healthy looking. When highlights of blonde and caramel just won’t do, dark purple adds gloss and an amazing color to the hair that is meant to be seen.

Purple Balayage For Brunettes

Instagram / @stephygnarstagram

24. Half Up, Half Purple

Long hair looks sexy in most styles, but the half ponytail is a classic when all up and all down don’t do justice to the beauty of your new hair color. The imperfect perfection of this appearance turns a classic style into a curly work of art. The result is an adult styled ombre.

25. Knotted and Braided

Just when you thought there was nothing new with short hair, enter the half up top knot. Work your way up to the knot with several braids to show your purple ombre hair that is both on trend and unique. Day or night, this is a great solution.

Dark Brown Hair With Burgundy Balayage

Instagram / @kristen.lumiere

26. Silver Purple Bob

Here we see the low maintenance upkeep of a purple bob. This short silver style allows you to join the look of soft beauty with an envious style. Delicate and subtle, this color looks great with all skin tones.

Ash Brown To Lavender Ombre Bob

Instagram / @chrisweberhair

27. Mystic Purple Hair

Who says that blondes have all the fun? Dark color on dark hair provides a touch of mystery and temptation, offering the ease of maintenance along the way. With this combination of shades, multidimensional lengths create depth and offer endless styling variations.

Subtle Purple Ombre For Brunettes

Instagram / @manuellobo

28. Blonde with Benefits

Wanting to keep your golden blonde color doesn’t mean you have to turn your head away from light purple hair. Have your professional colorist add toner to enhance the blonde roots while painting a punch of color to the ends. The result is the purple perfection.

Honey Blonde Hair With Purple Ombre

Instagram / @hairbykotay

29. Dark and Deep Layers

Not for the faint of heart, this rich color speaks louder than words. The feather tight curls create a fancy texture throughout. With tones of blue, violet, and even pink, your hair is confident and ready to face the world.

Bright Purple Highlights For Black Hair

Instagram / @frenchysbeauty

30. ‘Purple Mist’ Hair

With a pearl-like tone, this gray, purple, and blue hair color blend is what dreams are made of. Use a big curling iron to create gentle waves. Anything but ordinary, the color combination will take you from day to night in a soft style that cannot be missed.

Ash Brown To Pastel Purple Ombre

Instagram / @irisdoeshair_

31. Royal Rainbow Color Combination

Grab your smoothing gel, a hot tool, and finishing spray, and you now have stunning long, dense waves. The smartly put accents of the rich black and purple hair put this ombre on its own level of femininity. Whether straight and sleek or curled and romantic, this hair with long layers is perfect.

Blue And Purple Balayge For Black Hair

Instagram / @glamiris

32. Big and Bright

Ladies with thick hair, this is the look for you. Rock your curves…with your hairstyle featuring big bouncy curls. Bring out the vibrancy of ombre with a colorful, confident style.

Purple Balayage Lob

Instagram / @hairloungenyc

33. Pinkish Purple Color Blend

Ombre never meant to be dull…enter the world of pink and purple. With visions of a unicorn, this fairy tale style takes on hair color and brings long locks to magic. Whether you want two or three dimensions, the choices of shades are endless.

Burgundy To Purple Balayage

Instagram / @melaniecruzhair

34. Pretty Punkie Style

Short hair, but still care about style! With a jagged neck line cut and longer length on the top, the ease of getting ready is shortened in half. This photo brings out the declaration of ombre purple hair that short cuts can fully enjoy.

Pastel Purple Pixie Bob

Instagram / @bleachedandblown

35. Soft Layered Lavender Hair

Keep the length, but add feathered layers to show off your pastel ombre in the best light. It is a subtle shade that is perfect for everyday life. Low maintenance, this is great for the gal-on-the-go.

Platinum To Lavender Ombre

Instagram / @off7thsalon

36. Pinkish Purple Curls

Make a style statement with this break-from-the-norm color. Longer hair is beautiful in any color, but mix purple and pink and you have a head-turner. Both romantic and chic, this look is ready for anything.

37. Sleek Purple Hair

Shine like the night sky with this perfect combination of dark roots and ombre ends. Purple hairstyles, such as this one, bring out depths of shine that is appealing in any hairstyle. Romantic shoulder-length curls make it the ultimate feminine look.

Black Hair With Burgundy Highlights

Instagram / @constancerobbins

38. Waves of Blue and Purple

She’s got the blues, and they look amazing in her hair. The blue and purple mix creates a cool ombre color that is reflective of the sky above. Tousled and loose, this is a no brainer when it comes to style all year round.

Pastel Blue Balayage For Brown Hair

Instagram / @singi.vo

39. Rainbow Bright Hairstyle

Purple pairs beautifully with any natural hair color – blonde, brown and red, but this copper/pinkish purple ombre is something out of this world! This bold look is sure to become an instant hit.

Copper To Purple Ombre Hair

Instagram / @caitlintyczka

40. Indigo on Platinum

This blue lavender ombre bob is bold and stylish. With dynamic layers and neutral roots, the indigo colored ends stand out in a variety of ways. Whether you straighten or curl, pull back or let loose; this is the ultimate statement look.

Platinum To Indigo Ombre Lob

Instagram / @hairbynatalielevy

41. Rosewood Pink and Lavender Ombre Curls

Don’t be afraid to get a little funky with pink and purple ombre mix that starts quite high on the length, but has an intermediate rosewood shade to blend the natural-colored roots with pastel-toned ribbons. This punk-inspired ombre technique is definitely a fun look sure to turn heads.

42. Short Lavender Ombre Hair

Short and sweet, this ombre hairstyle relies on many different shades of lavender, purple and blue for a creative final look. If you have medium to thick hair, short styles can really hold and show off your multi-colored strands in their best light.

43. Long Bright Lavender Ombre Hair

Long and lovely, brightly colored locks can really make a beautiful statement. For this style, dark brown roots fade into the hot pink-purple ombre that spirals down in lovely soft waves. Remember to use a high-quality dye to keep long hair protected and healthy.

44. Subtly Highlighted Lavender Hair

A really stunning, sophisticated hair color like this doesn’t need the vibrancy to look harmonious. This light purple hue works best for brown blonde hair, as a complimenting color to some lighter shades of blonde. Lavender ombre hair is always bold, but with this infusion of color, it’s a much safer leap.

45. Reverse Ombre Style

While purple ombre hair usually runs light to dark, you can definitely reverse it and run your hair color top to bottom. Start with the darker purple up by the roots and fade the color downward until your tendrils are the beautiful shade of lavender like in the photo.

beautiful purple hair color

Instagram/ @sammiiwang

46. Delicate Ombre Curls

Hair does not need to be brightly colored throughout – in fact sometimes a subtler look is more desirable. For this style, light hair is treated with a lavender tint that darkens downward into a very deep brown. Get a layered haircut and curl your hair with a large barrel curling iron for a finished look.

47. Subtle Ombre Hair

Work in a very subtle ombre color scheme if you’re looking for something not too dramatic. Some cannot go full out with purple hair due to their professional commitments. Instead, add just a little brightness with an accentuation that’s barely noticeable indoors.

blonde hair with lavender tint

Instagram/ @sammiiwang

48. Ombre Hair and Angled Cut

Adding the angled ends can bring out the beauty of brightly colored hair or simply give a boost to your already edgy yet gorgeous style. Focus the purple from above the ears downward, leaving the top of the head dark and more natural in color.

49. Lavender Pixie with Undercut

Short and sassy, this style really shows off straight layered hair. Work some very light tints into your strands, focusing the darker pigment at the roots.

50. Rainbow Hair

Violet ombre often seems tame compared to what’s out there. If you want to go for something bold, vibrant and truly unique, try coloring your hair a variety of bright hues. From hot pink to neon green, there are so many colors you can work in for a truly diverse, rainbow look.

Are you tired of your current hair color and style? Next time you go to the salon, go a little bolder than you normally would and try out a hair color that’s not found in nature. The result will surprise you as you are going to experience a confident, creative and unique look, not easily duplicated.

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