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Updated on December 28, 2022

Women with long hair are a “weakness” of many men. No wonder, long beautiful locks are a sign of good genes. However, growing your hair “that long” is not possible for some of us or too painstaking for the others. With long box braids you can make your long-hair dream come true, at least for a couple of months. They are, indeed, beautiful, fun and simply “wow!”

Whether you opt them to reach graciously to your waistline or even longer, let’s say, the butt length, long box braids offer a full range of superb hairstyles, showing off your “extended treasure”. Even wearing your lengthy box braids loose on both sides over your shoulders with a stylish hat or a printed head kerchief is going to make you stand out of the crowd.

The main attraction of long box braids is its length, so be open to try a variety of styles where your gorgeous braids are worn loose. Twists for the front tresses and high ponytails create effortlessly cool looks, so do the highlighted box braids, if you do not mind a pop of color in your braided mane. Single chocolate or cherry braids usually look quite interesting. Simple middle-parted half up half down styles, draped to one side, also appear very eye-catching.

Hair Styles for Long Box Braids

Most girls wear their box braids, simply pinning the front to one side, but braided ponytails and buns ae so much popular too. You may also experiment with braids’ parting and color! View our gallery for more ideas on how to rock lengthy box braids.

1. Shiny Golden Blonde Box Braids

It’s hard to imagine a more eye-catching hairstyle than this long small box braids, so if you want to go for something truly breathtaking – this is your chance. Pair it with a gorgeous sunny blonde hue, and all eyes will be on you!

Long Box Braids with Beads

Instagram / @kiaharperbraids

2. Long Box Braids with Triangle Parting

Box braids hairstyles with triangle sections look truly impressive and can help you draw much attention! This style is quite sassy, but if you add defined curls to the ends, it will soften this edgy long braid style.

Weist Length Box Braids with Large Triangle Sections

Instagram / @styledbytherealb

3. Gorgeous Blonde Braided Hairstyle

Blonde is one of the most popular and demanded hair colors. A combination of honey blonde shade with long box braids looks quite unique without damaging your locks. Big and bold braids will bring you sassy vibes, emphasizing the elegance of your ‘do.

Long Honey Blonde Box Braids

Instagram / @mr_trancista

4. Edgy Box Braids with Ponytail

These stunning long micro braids look awesome on their own, but you can make them even catchier by adding some red box braids here and there. Don’t stick to one style, as you can wear box braids swept to one side or gathered into a ponytail, like in this pic.

Extra Long Micro Braids Hairstyle

Instagram / @braidedbyalean

5. Box Braids for African American Women

The good thing about thick and long box braids hairstyles like these is that they look classy and showy without extra effort. You can emphasize the beauty of each braid with stunning hair jewelry.

Thick Long Box Braids with Middle Parting

Instagram / @hairpreto2022

6. Waist-Length Micro Box Braids

With these micro braids, your dreams about extra long hair will surely come true! Square sectioning looks pretty cool, especially paired with gorgeous golden box braids. You can curl the ends of your strands or leave them braided for a more sophisticated feel.

Long Box Braids with Curly Ends

Instagram / @queenbeehairsalon

7. Long Magenta Knotless Braids

Bright hair color always adds interest to a hairdo, even if it already looks striking, like this magnificent braid style. A cool thing about these box braids is that you may style them in different ways, both middle and side parted.

Red Butt Length Fead in Braids

Instagram / @gladzbraidhouse

8. Side-Parted Long Box Braids

This inspired by Zoe Kravitz hairstyle is definitely worth your attention! With extra long braids and side parting, your hair will look quite impressive. Add some cute beads or colorful rubber bands to accentuate your black jumbo braids.

9. Blonde Box Braids for Long Hair

Stylish yet comfortable, this multidimensional blonde look is a real catch for ladies who love braided hairstyles. Play with different tones of blonde braiding hair to create this beautiful ombre on your long box braids.

Dark to Light Blonde Long Box Braids

Instagram / @jaque_bbraids

10. Extra Long Box Braids

Everyone will be impressed by this chic braided hairstyle with perfectly square sectioning. If you want to create more volume, opt for smaller box braids when going to your next hair appointment.

Super Long Box Braids with Square Parts

Instagram / @narahairbraiding

11. White Mane Box Braids

Very long braids are a great way to add a ton of flair, without having to grow out your hair. These white braids create a great temperature contrast with the skin tone, and we love the effortless twist of the side braid, as it shows off a bit of unbraided hair underneath!

Silver Blonde Long Box Braids

Instagram / @modernsalon

12. Braided Bun and Long Twisted Tail

This hairstyle with long box braids offers a neat combination of a top knot, side twist and fishtail. The bun gives some height to the top, while the twisted side braid falls down over the shoulder. Attached at the scalp, these braids won’t give you frizz or unruly hair, just easy, quick and creative styling!

Bun and Fishtail Long Box Braids Hairstyle

Instagram / @modernsalon

13. Amber and Ebony Wide Box Braids with Bun

This over the top bun is truly a sight to behold! The mix of colors and chunky braids makes it a one-of-a-kind style you won’t see every day. This starts with installation of the braids, and then twisting the top half into a bun, while tucking under all of the ends. Just wait for the pictures!

half updo for two-tone big box braids

Instagram / @modernsalon

14. Red Crown Chunky Box Braids

Big box braids are more often styled halfway up. We love these copper red braids that form a sort of crown-like style, resembling Queen Amidala in Star Wars. Regal and full, the top braids are pulled back in two sections, and tied at the back of the head, with some freely-hanging braids being thrown over the shoulders.

copper red big box braids

Instagram / @modernsalon

15. Plum Box Braids in Elegant Half Updo

Ready to make a bolder statement? These long box braids in deep purple are an exceptional feat! With the front swooped across and twisted back up on the side, it’s a really interesting and unique asymmetrical look. Matching lips and eyes help to finish the job.

purple long box braids hald updo

Instagram / @modernsalon

16. Purple Blue Box Braid Bun

Got really long box braids? You can simply twist them up into a larger bun like this. All of the braids are gathered right at the crown and secured. And then they are simply wrapped around, with the ends tucked inside. Easy but fairly impressive!

big bun for purple box braids

Instagram / @modernsalon

17. Ombre Box Braids

These very long, skinny box braids fade to white, giving a two toned look that is not seen often. The tight braiding in thin braids results in a smoother texture, while the few white strands further up in the braids give an extra bonus detail!

black to blonde ombre long box braids

Instagram / @shopcatface

18. Kentucky Blue Box Braids with Surface Braid

Not all long braid styles are created equal…and neither are college basketball teams! This is TRUE Kentucky blue! Wear it to support your team or simply because it’s your favorite color. One side is done up in a very wide surface braid, that wraps down and over the ear.

bright blue long box braids

Instagram / @shebadd_coupons

19. Nacho Ordinary Yarn

These interesting and really long box braids incorporate as many colors as possible to create a more refined homage to the Master of Funk, Mr. George Clinton. Many strands of different colors and textures are added to the braids, and we love the result!

multi-colored long box braids

Instagram/ @magavilhas

20. Elegant Box Braid Bun Updo

Ready for pictures? You will be with these box braids! This bun updo creates a beautiful and more delicate style that can be worn for an evening out or to a gala. Pair with a glamorous dress, some sexy heels, and your favorite clutch.

formal top bun updo for box braids

Instagram / @modernsalon

21. Black Box Braid Bun Half Updo

Wearing long braids means they sometimes get in the way. But this style ensures your face is free to smile and be seen! Yep…it worked. You smiled, too! Arrange the front to sit horizontally in a sort of bangs, and work the remaining braids from the upper part into a simple bun that proudly sits on the crown.

black half up half down box braids hairstyle

Instagram / @modernsalon

22. Sunny Yellow Box Braid Pigtail Buns

These big box braids are the most outlandish in our collection here. The globe earrings make the “dual suns” seem oh-so-appropriate, and we love the braided-and-then-twisted look achieved here!

yellow long box braids

Instagram / @vistelacalle

23. Tall Cone Box Braid Buns

Wearing big box braids is a test of your neck’s strength. They can really add some weight, which explains the move toward updos. These red braids are separated half and half, and then parted to create two tall, compact buns up top. Dress casually, or wear them as a dress up accessory!

red and brown long box braids

Instagram / @braidsgang

24. Swirled Front Bun Box Braids

These long braids are swirled into a front coiled bun pushed onto the forehead. The rest of the hair is swept over one shoulder, creating a very dynamic visual effect achieved with twists, curves, and straight lines.

half up bun for long box braids

Instagram / @braidsgang

25. Crown of Braids

A crown of very long braids is just what a queen needs for a winter look (or any season for that matter)! These blonde and black braids blend together to create a truly unique style. The front is pulled back around the crown, and then a smaller bun is shaped to balance this style.

blonde and black box braids

Instagram / @modernsalon

26. Janet’s Revival

Remember pictures of Janet Jackson from the 80’s? This is a great new twist on her hairstyle. In this one, the dark bronze color of the hair stands out quite a bit more than a darker brown hue. Pull everything up to the top of the head, and wrap the ponytail with a handful of braids, tucking in the ends for a smooth, flawless wrap.

long high ponytail for box braids

Instagram / @blaircaldwell

27. Half and Half – Burgundy and Black Long Braids

Red and black long box braids with a few beads for detail create a look that is closer to dread locks than box braids. If you like them, simply try these braids on for size! Pull a few back from the front, and secure with a hair tie.

half up ponytail for box braids with beads

Instagram / @modernsalon

28. Basket Bun

If you want some really, really long box braids but need them out of your face, this is the style for you! There are so many braids that the style looks similar to a basket! All of the braids are swept up, twisted and tucked until fully secured.

bulky bun for big box braids

Instagram / @modernsalon

29. Box Braid Mohawk with Undercut

Want an alternative to traditional styles for big box braids? This faux hawk is a good way to set yourself apart from the traditional crowd and really make a statement. Add many braids to the top section, and then pull them all straight back into a high ponytail. Done…and beautiful!

mohawk with long box braids

Instagram / @modernsalon

30. Undercut and Accented Box Braids

For another undercut style featuring long box braids, here is something a bit more adventurous. A few blonde strands are braided in on one side, creating three unique accent braids that really stand out against the darker hair. Tie a pony with a wrap to keep them all up and show off your other attraction – the undercut!

long box braids with undercut

Instagram / @yvonne_artlocs

It is hard to grow natural hair really long, but you can always sport some impressive long box braid hairstyles and protect your locks from tear and wear as a bonus. Note that a full kaleidoscope of braided hairstyles is also waiting for you in the corresponding category.

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