17 Long Curtain Bangs that Make the Difference

Whether you’re seeking a way to spice up your luscious locks for a party queen look or to make your everyday pony appear more interesting, long curtain bangs have got you covered. Looking great when paired with both long tresses and shorter hair, long curtain bangs are definitely worth considering if you crave a major change with minimum commitment. Ready to get inspired? Let’s go!

#1: Messy Curtain Bangs

Blondes with long hair are known to be enjoying plenty of attention by default, however, long curtain bangs can bring long blonde tresses to the next level. Messy curtain bangs make this long layered hair look really hot, adding some drama and a distinctive flirty vibe.

Chin Length Curtain Bangs with Face Framing Highlights

Instagram / @brentdanielbasore

#2: Soft Curtain Bangs

These long curtain bangs seamlessly blend with the rest of the hair, beautifully framing the face and emphasizing the woman’s delicate facial features. If you want to recreate this look, keep in mind that it’s not just the shape that makes this hair shine through. The absolute beauty you see in this pic is also the result of a sophisticated coloring job that combines multiple shades of the rich blonde palette, from champagne to strawberry.

Middle Length Blonde Hair with Long Curtain Bangs

Instagram / @vlasyhrabal

#3: Long Curtain Bangs on Shoulder Length Hair

Brown hair will never look boring if you add curtain fringe! Long curtain bangs going below your cheekbones and softly curving out can make your hair look really stylish. In addition, this is the case when curtain bangs coupled with layers help reduce the excessive thickness, creating more volume and movement.

Shoulder Length Wavy Hairstyle with Nose Length Curtain Bangs

Instagram / @yukistylist

#4: Lob with Long Curtain Bangs

Breathe a new life in your straight long bob with long curtain bangs. If you’re blessed with naturally stick straight hair, you’ll have no trouble styling your bangs – a minute short flat-iron session usually suffices to keep such a fringe in place.

Straight Bob with Cheekbone Length Curtain Bangs

Instagram / @beautyplace.bg

#5: Jet Black Long Hair with Curtain Bangs

The most common way to style curtain bangs on long hair is to slightly curve them out, as if sweeping each side out off your face. Luckily, it’s a breeze to achieve with a round brush and a blow dryer, and a bit of styling product in case you have thick or stubborn locks.

Long Hair with Long Curtain Bangs and Layers

Instagram / @brianaguilarhair

#6: Long Curtain Bangs on Wavy Hair

Long curtain fringe is your way to go if you want to update your long hair without removing the length. Long bangs make for a fresher, more interesting look and combine exceptionally well with wavy hair. For a more powerful refreshing effect, add highlights matching your skin tone.

Medium Brown Hair with Caramel Balayage and Face Framing Bangs

Instagram / @maurilima_

#7: Curtain Fringe on Long Straight Hair

A middle-parted fringe is a great choice if you’re seeking ways to emphasize your regular facial features and face shape. These heavy glossy bangs make for an amazingly chic, red-carpet look. Not to mention, long hair paired with long curtain bangs is an excellent base for a range of versatile styles, from casual ponytails to elegant updos.

Sleek Long Hair with Chin Length Curtain Bangs

Instagram / @ritatamer

#8: Layered Curtain Bangs

Layered curtain bangs perfectly blend with messy layers and loose waves, giving this red mane extra volume and an exciting look. Consider this idea if you have wavy hair but remember that you’ll need to put some effort to keep your curtain bangs in place.

Cute Red Hairstyle with Long Layered Curtain Bangs

Instagram / @maggiemh

#9: Chocolate Brown Hair with Curtain Bangs

Such a chic color solution like this rich chocolate hue inevitably calls for a chic shape. This lady went for long curtain bangs and she couldn’t be more right. With curtain bangs and a blowout, long hair gets that chic Hollywood vibe, so get ready to turn heads if you decide to copy this look.

#10: Blonde Bob with Long Curtain Bangs

Long fringe has the power to make shorter cuts look more feminine and romantic, this shoulder-length bob with wispy curtain bangs being a great example to demonstrate it. These curtain bangs are just an inch shorter than the shortest layers of the bob, making it easy to quickly come back to your previous style in case you change your mind.

Layered Blonde Bob with Nose Length Framing Bangs

Instagram / @hairbytiannad

#11: Long Feathered Curtain Bangs

A feathered cut and feathered curtain bangs that frame your face are undoubtedly a couple made in heaven. This dazzling combination makes long hair look more voluminous and adds movement. For that super chic diva effect, curve your bangs out and the rest locks inside.

Long Feathered Curtain Bangs and Front Layered

Instagram / @mfsbeauty

#12: Long Curtain Bangs on Short Hair

Ladies with thin hair texture often choose shorter cuts to inject more volume into their tresses – shorter hair is lighter and lifts at the root. Some go even further and incorporate layers and beach waves to achieve that coveted volume. To spice the whole thing up, you can cut curtain bangs – they act as face-framing layers, highlighting your best features and adding compelling femininity to your look.

Choppy Bob with Long Curtain Bangs for Thin Hair

Instagram / @maurilima_

#13: Dark Hair with Curtain Bangs

Looking for a hairstyle that is chic and effortless at the same time? Hesitating if it exists? Our answer is yes! Long layered hair combined with curtain bangs could be your way to go. Wispy ends are easy to keep in place, and a quick blow dry is usually enough to look like a beauty queen.

Long Thick Hair with Cheekbone Length Curtain Bangs

Instagram / @slayejae

#14: Long Feathered Curtain Bangs

The curtain bangs with layers make a hairstyle that’s all about femininity and elegance. It’s a great choice if you long for transformations but aren’t ready to say goodbye to your long tresses. In addition, long curtain bangs are renowned to soften any face shape and help draw attention to your features.

Long Straight Hair with Chin Length Bangs and Blonde Balayage

Instagram / @glamourbycee

#15: Sandy Blonde Hair with Long Curtain Bangs

Long hair looks totally different with curtain bangs – they make it look way hotter, especially if you’re endowed with naturally voluminous locks. A few minutes with a round brush and a blow dryer, and you get a mind-blowing style sure to turn heads.

Honey Blonde Hairstyle with Long Face Framing Bangs

Instagram / @jhony_bayerl

#16: Long Curtain Bangs with Highlights

If you’re in search of a laid-back style featuring long curtain bangs to flatter your wavy locks, look no further. You can go for a layered haircut and step away from the middle part in favor of an irregular one – this combo is awesome at creating super volume and movement. Don’t forget to ask your hair stylist for highlights to make your eyes and face shine!

Long Curtain Bangs with Highlights and Irregular Middle Part

Instagram / @maxwellmathson

#17: Messy Ponytail with Long Curtain Bangs

Combining long curtain bangs with a ponytail or messy bun is one of the most loved ways to wear curtain fringe. Bangs can beautifully frame your face, drawing attention to your best features.

Messy Updo with Long Curtain Bangs

Instagram / @nikcabral

Long curtain bangs are the best way to transform your look without dramatically cutting your tresses. One of the most versatile styles that are currently in vogue, curtain fringe looks equally good on both long and shoulder-length hair.