Katie Gray
Published on February 14, 2023

The wolf cut is coming in hot this year. Essentially, a wolf haircut is the combination of a classic shag and a subtle mullet, featuring choppy layers with lots of shape and definition. You can get really creative with the wolf cut trend, especially if your hair is long! Here are 30 best long wolf cut ideas to try immediately.

1. Long Shaggy Wolf Cut

This long wolf cut features shaggy bangs and curls, and it can be achieved with curly hair and wavy hair. This look is textured, healthy and has a mystical vibe. You can choose this hairstyle whether you have thick hair or thin hair for a very natural and whimsical look. If Elvis had a wolf haircut, it would be fierce like this!

Wavy Wolf Haircut for Long Hair

Instagram / @coiffeurstory

2. Long Wolf Cut with Curtain Bangs

Shag cut and curtain bangs go together hand in hand. This long wolf cut really showcases your face shape and makes your eyes pop. It features soft layers and healthy hair textures. This mid-length long wolf cut is definitely worth a try. It’s super subtle, sophisticated, and sexy.

3. Voluminous Wolf Haircut

Ooh la la! This long heavily layered cut features so much sophistication. It’s a modern take on a classic style, and is giving major Brigitte Bardot vibes! This look is perfect if you have a bulky thick mane; however, this voluminous style can be achieved on all hair types with the right hair tools and products.

Blonde Shaggy Wolf Cut for Thick Hair

Instagram / @rachelwstylist

4. Sophisticated Wolf Cut with Shaggy Layers

This beautiful wolf haircut on thicker hair utilizes sweeping soft curtain bangs. The look features longer layers with some natural waves. For the best results, enhance your hair texture and shine with a silkening spray and finishing crème.

Tousled Wolf Hairstyle in Dark Burgundy Tones

Instagram / @hirohair

5. Long Copper Wolf Haircut

This lovely cut has curls, bottleneck bangs and fresh hair color. Whether you have straight hair or wavy hair, you can use a blow-dryer brush and a 1′ curling iron to recreate this hairstyle. In order to keep your soft curls in place with your longer layers, top it off with a strong hold hairspray.

6. Long Heavily Layered Wolf Cut

Shaggy wolf cuts on longer hair always look super edgy and playful. These wolf cuts will naturally look more volumized and defined if you start with long and thick locks though. You can opt for choppy bangs to show your face shape and highlight your bone structure.

Thick Shaggy Wolf Hairstyle with Babylights

Instagram / @ernestomeneses

7. Curly Wolf Cut with Blunt Bangs

One of the best ways to show off your natural texture and volume is with a long wolf cut and blunt bangs. This curly, long wolf cut is stunning and elegant. It’s a wolf hairstyle that takes a cue from the modern mullet that is trending this year. Get ready to make some power moves with this classic wolf cut!

Delightful Light Brown Wolf Cur with Bangs

Instagram / @liseloveshair

8. Shoulder Length Cut with Shaggy Layers

Be a Warrior Princess with an edgy wolf cut and shaggy layers. This modern shag can be achieved with textured short layers on shoulder-length hair. Whether you are working with straight hair or curly hair, you can make this an award-winning style!

Sassy Brunette Wolf Style with Choppy Layers

Instagram / @yukistylist

9. Long Curly Wolf Cut

A gorgeous curly wolf cut on long hair optimizes longer layers and thick fringe. If you’re looking to freshen up your hair, going with a balayage or adding some highlights will do wonders. This type of long wolf cut is definitely Farrah Fawcett approved!

Lovely Long Layered Cut in Caramel Blonde

Instagram / @erika.king_

10. Long Wolf Cut with Wispy Layers

A long hair wolf cut that has wispy layers is the perfect model-off-duty look. This is a low-maintenance haircut that’s not sacrificing the chic aesthetic. Plus, this type of a long wolf cut requires minimal styling time.

Dark Brown Wolf Haircut with Face Framing Layers

Instagram /

11. Face Framing Tapered Wolf Cut

A wolf cut is incredibly versatile and it can really work for all face shapes. A tapered wolf cut is an excellent choice if you want to frame your face. If you are seeking a heavily layered haircut or want a bunch of short choppy layers, wolf cuts will do wonders.

Fancy Long Wolf Hairstyle for Brunettes

Instagram / @strangebirdsalon

12. Shaggy Wolf Cut with Swooping Bangs

Give your hair some texture and body with a shaggy cut and swooping bangs. Pro tip: use a heat protectant when styling and finish off the look with a texturizing spray to emphasize your healthy, hydrated hair!

Messy Blonde Shag with Long Curtain Bangs

Instagram / @caitlinxfaye

13. Volumized Wolf Cut with Side Bangs

You can’t go wrong with soft, long wolf cut hair and some sweeping side bangs. This timeless look is chic and effortless. You can make this hairstyle sleek and straight or add as many curls and waves as you’d like.

Edgy Auburn Wolf Cut with Side Bangs

Instagram / @salsalhair

14. Mid-Length Wolf Cut with Shadow Roots

Make a bold statement with shadow roots and choppy layers. This long wolf cut works with fine or thick locks and pairs nicely with choppy curtain bangs. If you are seeking to switch up your look, a balayage will result in pure magic!

Long Shaggy Hair with Front Highlights

Instagram / @brassy2sassyy

15. Long Wolf Cut with Choppy Baby Bangs

The choppier layers, the merrier. This long wolf cut with baby bangs does a fantastic job of framing the face and emphasizing the eyes for the ultimate sweetheart look.

Flipped Wolf Haircut with Micro Fringe

Instagram / @stylesbyblackbear

16. Shullet Wolf Cut

This shullet effortlessly combines the ’80s mullet and ’90s shag for the ultimate cool girl hairstyle. If you’re looking to switch up your style, this is a fantastic hairstyle to emulate. Bold and beautiful.

Striking Two Tone Shag

Instagram / @peghairsalon

17. Layers for Days Wolf Cut

Long hair, don’t care! A haircut with loads of volume and waves is always a showstopper. This wolf haircut features tons of layers and definition. For the best results, use a hair mask at least once a week to keep your hair hydrated and a sea salt spray for the ultimate beachy look.

Extra Long Shaggy Wolf Haircut

Instagram / @ernestomeneses

18. Classic Wolf Cut with Curly Bangs

A classic wolf cut has become timeless. This hairstyle features tons of curls and curly curtain bangs. To style at home, use a blow-dryer with a circle brush or a blow-dryer brush. Pro tip: don’t forget the heat protectant blow-dry crème! This sweetheart look could become your new signature!

19. Long Shaggy Wolf Cut with Blonde Streaks

Embrace your waves and curls in all of their glory with a long shaggy wolf haircut. This playful hairstyle will make your natural hair texture stand out; plus, it will be easy to manage and maintain. Blonde peek-a-boo streaks add so much interest too!

Catchy Wolf Hairstyle for Natural Curls

Instagram / @erika.king_

20. Strawberry Blonde Wolfy Cut

Make your hair color, tone, and texture really pop with sweet hues such as strawberry blonde or caramel brunette. This cute haircut with wispy curtain bangs is a crowd-pleaser.

21. Modern Long Shag Haircut

Here is a trendy hairstyle with a vintage feel! This long layered wolf cut screams rock & roll and glam meets beachy. To create this look, go with a beautiful balayage or highlights for that effortless it-girl look.

22. Long Warm Blonde Wolf Cut

Keep things groovy with a shaggy wolf haircut and choppy layers. This look is perfect if you want a low-maintenance hairstyle or if your hair lacks movement. Face framing layers and bangs like these will create the illusion of fuller hair on the sides and crown.

Yellow Blonde Wolf Cut for Fine Hair

Instagram / @coiffeurstory

23. Curly Wolf Hair with Bangs

The shag has made a resurgence in recent years after being a fad of the ’80s. A popular modern take on this haircut is a curly wolf haircut. Hello, retro chic!

24. Cool Mullet Wolf Haircut

Selecting a long wolf haircut is a surefire way to obtain the ultimate ‘cool girl’ hairstyle. To create a lot of volume at your crown, gently massage the roots and use a root-boosting mousse for maximum height.

Voluminous Black Shag with Bangs

Instagram / @judeviola

25. Modern Romantic Wolf Hairstyle

With wolf haircuts, you can go very edgy or super soft. This romantic hairstyle is incredibly feminine and powerful. The layers bring vintage nostalgia, and the curls add a lot of volume and bounce.

Modern Wolf Haircut for Women Over 50

Instagram / @sanni_hairstylist

26. Whimsical Wolf Hairstyle

Here is another haircut with shaggy layers that is a great option to try. This cute and carefree hairstyle radiates all of the whimsical vibes. You can cater the length and the number of layers to your liking!

Waist Length Wolf Cut with Curtain Bangs

Instagram / @bangzbybre

27. Wolf Cut for Medium Length Hair

If you want to add some volume to your hair, a wolf cut with wispy layers and waves will accomplish that! Even if you have straight fine hair, wolf cuts will be able to give you that boost you are looking for. Top it off with hairspray for some extra shine.

Razored Shaggy Wolf Cut for Thin Locks

Instagram / @linadoeshair

28. Wolf Cut with Soft Curls

Show off your healthy and hydrated hair with a wolf-cut blowout. This hairstyle boasts soft curls for a sweet and sophisticated look. Perfect for transitioning from the office into a night out.

Long Feathered Shag for Dark Brown Hair

Instagram / @nataliarok

29. Stylish Messy Long Wolf Hair

The great thing about wolf cuts is that they are adjustable to your preferences. You don’t have to chop off all of your hair if you don’t want to. For some extra sass, just add more layers.

Thin Shaggy Wolf Cut with Choppy Bangs

Instagram / @patriziamanias

30. Stunning Brunette Wolf Hair

This brunette wolf haircut is so stunning, and it puts a spotlight on your eyes and cheekbones. Soft, loose curls and layers in long hair look incredibly modern and feminine. If you’re seeking a timeless hairstyle, this striking look is a great choice!

Wolf haircuts are trending right now because there are so many great variations to choose from. Save your favorite looks from this list for your next hair appointment and rock it!

Wavy Wolf Haircut for Long HairNeat Wolf Cut for Straight HairBlonde Shaggy Wolf Cut for Thick HairTousled Wolf Hairstyle in Dark Burgundy TonesDimensional Copper Shag with Wavy LayersThick Shaggy Wolf Hairstyle with BabylightsDelightful Light Brown Wolf Cur with BangsSassy Brunette Wolf Style with Choppy LayersLovely Long Layered Cut in Caramel BlondeDark Brown Wolf Haircut with Face Framing LayersFancy Long Wolf Hairstyle for BrunettesMessy Blonde Shag with Long Curtain BangsEdgy Auburn Wolf Cut with Side BangsLong Shaggy Hair with Front HighlightsFlipped Wolf Haircut with Micro FringeStriking Two Tone ShagExtra Long Shaggy Wolf HaircutFlipped Ends and Teasylights on Wolf CutCatchy Wolf Hairstyle for Natural CurlsStrawberry Blonde Shag for Thick Long HairCharming Long Shag with Soft Wavy LayersYellow Blonde Wolf Cut for Fine HairCute Curly Wolf HairstyleVoluminous Black Shag with BangsModern Wolf Haircut for Women Over 50Waist Length Wolf Cut with Curtain BangsRazored Shaggy Wolf Cut for Thin LocksLong Feathered Shag for Dark Brown HairThin Shaggy Wolf Cut with Choppy BangsMedium Layered Wolf Haircut