Olga Markuse
Published on March 28, 2023

Edgy and super sassy, a micro bob is an ultra-short form of the classic haircut. It sits between the cheekbone and chin length and is one of the best hairstyles to accentuate your facial bone structure. Easily adaptable, a micro bob looks great both straight and wavy. Style it messy and tousled, or tuck the sides behind your ears for a slicked-back look – your hair will look chic anyway.

In case you are looking for some fresh ideas for a hair change or thinking of the simplest way to grow out your pixie, here are some fresh ideas collated for you.

1. French Bob with Wispy Bangs

A French bob is one of the best contemporary hairstyles that delivers a perfect balance between a class and modern look. It’s a great haircut for those with an oval face shape and delicate features.

French Bob with See-Through Bangs

Instagram / @erickinvisible

2. Textured Micro Bob with Full Bangs

A foolproof combination of tousled choppy layers and a short classic fringe instantly gives us that hot model-on-duty vibe. Great for oblong faces, this hairstyle visually creates a softer and rounder shape.

Thick Pixie Bob with Full Micro Bangs

Instagram / @hirohair

3. Wavy Micro Bob

Blonde cheekbone-grazing locks bring all attention to your eyes. If you are concerned about over-curling your short hair, put your straightening iron on minimum heat and run through your hair super quickly, leaving the ends straight.

4. Ear Length Bob with a Deep Side Part

Side parts are back in! If you’ve been pining to flip all your hair on one side, it’s the right time to do so. A short bob with a deep side part and an ear tuck looks particularly cute and feminine.

Micro Bob Cut with Side Parting

Instagram / @salsalhair

5. Short Bob and Baby Bangs

Try this modern version of Meg Ryan’s haircut: choppy layers, chin length and textured fringe is the recipe. Instead of curls, give your hair a soft bend with a wide barren wand or a straightening iron. Make sure you don’t hold it for too long for a softer finish.

Edgy Ear Length Hair in Blonde Tones

Instagram / @yukistylist

6. Chin Length Bob and Balayage

This soft balayage bob is long enough to show off the beautiful color and short enough to demonstrate the character. Seamlessly layered to take all the excess bulk, this haircut is ideal for thick hair.

Side Parted Bob with Blonde Highlights

Instagram / @haircolorkilla

7. Blunt Micro Bob with Feathered Bangs

A blunt bob is a haircut that will instantly make you look classy and put together. Add some drama with a short, heavily textured fringe, or opt for a safer traditional look.

Sleek Blunt Bob Cut for Brunettes

Instagram / @mars_h_s_u_

8. Wavy Ear Length Bob

Perfect for curly or wavy hair, this ultra-short bob has a distinctive 1920s aura. Diffuse your curls or even air dry them; a well-cut bob will work well on naturally textured hair.

Charming Micro Bob for Curly Hair

Instagram / @joeprofita

9. Round Micro Bob

Make a bold statement with this Vidal Sassoon style precision haircut. The strong and blunt perimeter line is like a fresh breeze of individuality and chic.

Glossy Red Bowl Cut Bob

Instagram / @alexpaixao.educ

10. Chin Length Bob with Bangs

A classic chin-length bob is going to be a number one short haircut in 2023, since Hailey Bieber chopped her locks earlier this year. This style certainly got its popularity for a reason – versatile and easy to wear, a bob cut suits virtually everyone.

Classic Bob with Blunt Ends and Fringe

Instagram / @mghairdesign

11. Blunt Short Bob

Jawline skimming, this micro bob looks nearly like it was cut too short. Yet, it is incredibly appealing and edgy, so if you are tired of traditional hairstyles, why not give it a go?

Short Blunt Cut with Middle Parting

Instagram / @hirohair

12. French Bob with Micro Bangs

Have you noticed that a French bob looks particularly flattering on brown, slightly wavy hair? If that’s your hair type, maybe it’s a sign to try this cut.

13. Curly Pixie Bob with Bangs

You are over that myth that curly hair is not supposed to be cut short, are you? Curly bangs are big this season, and if you haven’t tried them yet, it’s the right time to do it now. You’ll have to get a knack for styling them right, but we promise, it’s worth your effort.

Fancy Curly Bob for Oval Face Shape

Instagram / @novaperruquers

14. Oatmeal Blonde Micro Bob

Short and stacked micro bobs are high on the list this season, and we are not surprised that everyone loves them. A beautiful, defined silhouette delivers a healthy dose of sass, mixed with pure chic and femininity.

Cute Blonde Micro Bob for Thick Hair

Instagram / @candiepaynt

15. Pixie Bob with Full Bangs

If you are a sucker for texture and face-framing, this pixie bob haircut is exactly what you need. Ask your hairdresser for a layered razor cut and add a blunt fringe for some contrast.

Short Hair with Choppy Layers and Bangs

Instagram / @hairbyravenc

16. Chin Length Micro Bob with Yellow Highlights

Do you gravitate more towards the classic style, yet are willing to make it more personal? Here’s a bright idea for you – some peekaboo highlights will give an accent to your traditional bob haircut.

Two Toned Bob Cut for Black Women

Instagram / @julianalondonhair

17. Faux Micro Bob

Turn your regular bob into a micro version just in a few minutes. We all know that hair appears shorter when it’s curled, so here’s your chance to try the micro bob trend without a long-term commitment. Use a 25 mm hair wand and plenty of texturizing spray to achieve this look.

18. Precise Micro Bob Haircut

Show off your perfectly defined jawline and cheekbones with this sleek micro bob. Those with naturally straight hair would hardly need any effort to style it, which is another plus.

Black Micro Bob for Straight Hair

Instagram / @yukistylist

19. Blunt Cut Micro Bob

We absolutely love precision haircuts, particularly, this super short and sharp micro bob. Edgy and elegant at the same time, it would look great both in the office and on a night out.

Smooth Blunt Cut for Short Hair

Instagram / @stanleyman001

20. Blunt French Bob with Baby Bangs

Perfectly polished, this blunt micro bob is an ultimate eye-catcher. Cheekbone grazing length and micro bangs, paired with deep ashy blue color add up to a beautiful and sophisticated look.

Do you think a micro bob will work for you? Save your most favorite looks to show your hairdresser on your next salon visit.