Saifa Van Der Vorst
Updated on December 14, 2022

Lots of men from all over the world have worn a curtain haircut at least once – if not now, maybe, 30 or 40 years ago. From the backstreet boys to Johnny Depp and Lil Peep, the center-part curtains hairstyle has been worn in many different ways.

If you choose curtains, varying in length is a great way to manipulate your head shape so that it complements your face. When it comes to styling, you can either wear it loose and natural or sleek and neat, depending on the occasion or the style you prefer. Read on for an ultimate men’s middle part inspo!

What’s the Best Way to Wear a Curtain Haircut?

Traditional haircuts are my favorite because they have been here for such a long time and some of my favorite artists used to have these haircuts. A haircut with a middle part has a traditional origin, too, Nicola Tesla being a great example. Obviously, men’s middle part evolved over time and the style came back in many different shapes worth trying in 2023. Check them out below!

1. Long Curtain Haircut with Loose Bangs

This is a great example of what a haircut and styling can do with face shapes. Because of the slight wave, his jawline really pops out.

Middle Length Curtain Haircut for Men

Instagram / @ichi_ishiguri

2. eBoy Haircut

This is a real teenage classic, and the middle zig-zag parting looks like it’s straight from the 90s. The zig-zag also brings a subtle emphasis to the bright green color, contributing to the eBoy hair style. The length, cut halfway the ears, gives the look a nonchalant appearance.

Eboy Haircut with Neon Roots

Instagram / @thesarahlawler

3. Low Fade Windy Look

This playful “Johnny Depp” look is great if you are looking for a haircut with lots of volume and lots of texture. It’s perfect if you often run your hands through your hair. Deep point cutting for more texture is advised.

Low Fade Long Top with Natural Middle Parting

Instagram / @reyesthebarber

4. The Curly 70s

Just look at how great a middle part hairstyle can work for naturally wavy or curly hair types. Summer 70s vibe, long bangs – if your outfit matches your hair, nothing can go wrong.

Ear Length Curly Men's Hair Parted in the Middle

Instagram / @marcos__tiburcio

5. Long Middle Part Bangs

If you have a long face shape, go for a middle parting! It makes your head look more oval thanks to the volume on the sides, especially if you have wavy hair. Long fringe will also help you draw attention to your eyes and cheekbones.

Long Curtain Bangs Hairstyle for Men

Instagram / @hair.tan_dh

6. The Devilish Curtain Hair Look

Styling the Yungblud look will take a while to master, but once you know how to work with a blow-dryer and a round brush, it should be doable.

Men's Hairstyle with a Center Part and Flicked Ends

Instagram / @reyesthebarber

7. The Jock

Short on the sides, disconnected on top, this undercut curtains haircut is just great for sporty men. Some texture powder and you’re good for the day!

8. Smooth Pulled Back Middle Part

A nice fade on the sides transitioning into longer hair on the front with a natural middle part makes this curtain hairstyle really interesting. The best way to style it is with a matte pomade and fine-toothed comb.

Pulled Back Curtain Haircut for Fine Hair

Instagram / @mattjbarbers

9. The Peaky Blinder

This aggressive but sleek curtain haircut always does well. Go for zero on the sides with no fade at all to give it that good-old-1920s look. Best styled with some oil-based grease.

Short Middle Part Haircut with High Skin Fade

Instagram / @ppatrickmarinho

10. Au Naturel

The key thing about good-looking middle part hairstyles is the natural falling of the hair. Don’t force it, let the hair do the talking.

Redhead Boy Middle Part Hairstyle

Instagram / @brodiethebarber_

11. Long and Natural

For the more loosey look, go for long hair curtains! If you have some natural curl in your hair texture, there will be really not much to do about styling. You may just squeeze in some styling cream as a finish.

Long Center Part Haircut for Men

Instagram / @hayden_cassidy

12. The Rebellious Look

This curtain haircut is for people who dare and don’t care about anybody else’s opinion. If you are confident enough, wear it with pride! It’s quite hard to style on curly hair, but achievable when cut properly.

Men's Curly Hairstyle with Parting in the Middle

Instagram / @nikolay_generalov

13. The Cruella

The ultimate male Cruella look! Here, the middle part hairstyle accentuates the two colors in a great way. The haircut has lots of sectioning, but when your hair is dry, let gravity do the work!

Black and White Hairstyle for Men

Instagram / @ismaeldemora_

14. Creative Middle Parted Curtains

Love the play on contrast on this one! High short undercut, long thick straight hair on top with lots of texture, and a bold color accentuated with a center part are all interesting ways to step up a classic look.

Long Textured Top with Middle Parting

Instagram / @depbydrip

15. The Golden M Cut

According to the stylist, these short hair curtains imitate the Macdonald’s M perfectly. However, be careful with the cut if you want to camouflage your descending hairline – trying to cover up, you are actually accentuating it.

Short Curtain Hairstyle for Men

Instagram / @tagak.artem

16. Silky Smooth Middle Part Hairstyle

Nice and smooth scissor over comb work! I love that the artist was actually just going with the flow of the hair not forcing it. That’s the best way to cut a middle-part hairstyle – you never want to force it but keep it as natural as possible.

Men's Cut with Curtain Fringe

Instagram / @chu_lee_da

17. A Solid Finish

Some heavy texture in the back and long hair on top is something different, but really nice if you know how to wear curtains. The cut is easy to style with some really weak clay.

Asymmetric Middle Part Hairstyle for Men

Instagram / @briancaliberhair_

18. Braided

The best way to rock long afro hair is to braid it, and the middle part may be a great element to add to the braided hairstyles for men. Love how artists, like Travis Scott, are wearing it this way at the moment.

Male Braids with a Middle Part

Instagram /

19. High Faded Undercut

Here is another curtains hairstyle that needs just a little time spent styling. Don’t worry about the sides, just stick the top to the back with a sleek middle parting.

High Faded Sides Curtain Wet Hair Look

Instagram / @bakha2505

20. The Schorem Way

Last but not least is this traditional Thai-influenced middle part haircut. I did this cut back in the day when I worked at Schorem Barbier in Rotterdam. I used a lot of gel (not my favorite product but it works) to make this wave because my model has really straight Asian hair. I am specialized in old-school traditional haircuts, so this was totally my thing.

Traditional Thai Influenced Middle Part Look

Instagram / @saifiction

As you can see, there are tons of possibilities to wear middle part hairstyles for men that remain some of the most popular hairstyles today. You just need the find the right curtain haircut that will suit your face shape, your personality, and your natural texture! Follow my Instagram saifiction that features lots of hairstyles for men for more ideas and inspiration.

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