Nikki Goddard
Published on February 11, 2023

Style is cyclical, and haircuts like permed mullets that were extremely popular in the 80s and 90s are in trend again. A combination of perm, shorter sides, and longer strands at the back is the highway to a cool and experimental hairstyle that won’t leave you unnoticed! Check out these 30 trendy permed mullet ideas to add stylish retro vibes to your fresh everyday look.

1. Softly Permed Mullet Haircut

Take your mullet to the next level with perms, which add texture to any mid-length haircut. This style is great for men with dark brown or brunette hair, as darker shades usually look more presentable when permed.

Classic Pem Mullet Hairstyle for Men

Instagram / @jacethebarber

2. Long Permed Mullet with Tight Curls

You are very lucky if you have long strands, as you can effortlessly get this magnificent mullet haircut. Those having naturally loose curls can keep the hair texture as it is, but you can also go from surfer waves to tight ringlets to make this style more spectacular!

Permed Mullet with Skin Fade Sides

Instagram / @coiffeurstory

3. Permed Hair with Temple Fade

The temple fade plays a significant role in this mullet hairstyle, as it adds definition to the permed locks and enhances the contrast of the hair and shaved sides. Looks catchy and unique!

Short Perm Mullet with Shaved Line

Instagram / @facudelafuente

4. Perm Mullet Haircut with Bangs

Permed mullets reflect the nostalgia for the 80s and 90s, and if it’s close to your self-feeling — go for this trendy haircut! It looks fun, catchy, and very stylish!

Curly Fringe Mullet for Men

Instagram / @john_thewhitebox

5. Mullet Perm with Subtle Highlights

This option is a good match for those with naturally curly hair or a desire to get modern beach wave perms. Complement this cut with warm blonde highlights to contrast your black hair, thus making it look more textured and dimensional.

Male Mullet with Blonde Highlights

Instagram / @hair_slayerz

6. Timeless Perm Haircut for Thick Hair

If you don’t want your long thick hair to look bulky, opt for this mullet with a permed back. It will thin out your mane at the crown and accentuate trendy perms. Remember to use a texturizing mousse or spray to define your layers on the top and perms at the back.

Perm Mullet with Much Volume at the Back

Instagram /

7. Natural Blonde Curly Mullet

We love this hairstyle for its magnificent volume, highlighted by the ashy blonde hue. To create these appealing curly textures, you can use medium-sized perm rods. Use some hair oil to make your locks shinier.

Dark Blonde Perm Mullet

Instagram / @samwilliamhill

8. Long Permed Mullet with Undercut Design

The best thing about perm mullet is that you can match it with other popular styles. For example, this signature mullet look pairs great with an undercut that has quite an extravagant design.

9. Wet-Look Short Perm Mullet

This option looks carefree yet presentable thanks to the shorter permed hair strands. It is suitable for all hair types, so you are free to adopt it for your thin curls. Apply a glossy spray to give your perms this cool, wet look.

Perm Mullet for Men with Short Hair

Instagram / @dastebarber

10. Natural Perm Mullet with High Fade

The duo of curly hair and mullet can make you look offbeat! To achieve these voluminous curls, simply go to the barber shop and ask for perms. Save this photo as an inspiration for your new style to clarify to the barber what you want.

11. Stylish Shaggy Cut for Permed Hair

Showcase your playful curls with this shaggy cut that’s quite short at the back and longer in front. For better results, use clarifying shampoo and a leave-in conditioner to make your perms look more natural and relaxed. A tip: add a mustache to look funkier.

12. Neat Short Curly Mullet

Those with naturally curly hair can easily get this relaxed look by air drying your layers. However, if your strands are straight or you want to enhance the curl in your naturally wavy texture, a perm will organically match a short mullet cut.

Effortless Curly Haircut for Men

Instagram / @marekkrzyminski

13. Mullet Cut with Highlights for Kinky Hair

Although a permed mullet haircut seems unusual on its own, you can make it even more creative and eye-catching. Add contrasting highlights to emphasize your kinky bangs and increase the volume and definition of your perm hair.

14. Bold and Sexy Short Shag

A light brown curly mullet, paired with a beard, creates a trendy haircut that combines sassiness and masculinity. Permed micro bangs may also balance your face shape, which is great for men with long faces.

Short Wavy Hair Mullet for Men

Instagram / @facudelafuente

15. Long Perm Mullet with Bangs

Men with long hair usually need to spend more time on hair styling, but you can avoid such issues if you choose the right hairdo. Go for this permed mullet with a long back and temple fade to look stylish without much effort.

Shoulder Length Perm Mullet with Faded Temples

Instagram / @hairbydna

16. Caramel Brown Mullet Perm for Men

These bright permanent waves are made to draw attention, but you should take care of your haircut in order to look great. We recommend you visit a hairstylist at least once a few months to get rid of split ends and make your mullet look neat and healthy.

Long Permed Mullet Dyed Medium Brown

Instagram / @coiffeurstory

17. Mid-Length Mullet with Statement Bangs

If you think it might take you much time to style this perm mullet every morning, we have good news for you! This hairstyle doesn’t come with a strict styling routine. All you need is to use a leave-in conditioner for curly hair and scrunch your locks to add definition to curls.

Retro Hairstyle with Perm Mullet and Moustache

Instagram / @ashleyhairart

18. Messy Permed Hairstyle with Shorter Sides

This version of the popular mullet cut looks very natural! It will organically fit into your everyday style and enhance your hair texture. Also, this haircut will make you look younger and feel comfortable among teens and youth.

Trendy Wavy Hairstyle with Sides Undercut

Instagram / @chelraerae

19. Iconic Men Perm Mullet

We know several cool options for you to style this permed mullet. You can braid your long hair or leave your perm rat tail as it is. Be sure everyone will admire how permanent curls may flatter your long shaggy haircut!

Long Mullet Before and After Perms

Instagram / @kristina_colors_

20. Edgy Spiky Permed Mullet

The secret of a successful mullet hairstyle is a balance between the hair on the front and at the back and in that sense this haircut is perfect! Still, if these curls seem too bulky, apply sea salt spray to attain some definition.

Medium Length Brunette Hair with Larger Curls

Instagram / @harrisandfox

21. Defined Brown Mullet

A great thing about permed mullets is that they work perfectly on locks of different lengths. However, if you have long hair, luck is definitely on your side, as you can experiment with the size of your curls, as well as with the length of your tail.

Mid Length Perm Mullet Hairstyle

Instagram / @melaniexsoleil7

22. Permed Back and Big Beard

Even though all permed mullets seem to look pretty much the same, you can make your hairstyle more creative. To achieve that, leave your hair at the front straight and perm just the hair at the back.

Mullet Haircut with Permed Back

Instagram / @tulusalon

23. Mohawk-Inspired Permed Mullet

A short flat top and long permed back help you keep it simple and save time on your hair styling routine. An excellent choice for those with fine curly hair.

Short Permed Mohawk for Men

Instagram / @vividbeauty_ak

24. Modern Mullet with Enhanced Curls

Loose curls can deliver romantic vibes to any men’s hairstyle, even if it’s a bold shaggy haircut. If you want your curly mullet to differ from the rest, ask the barber for a disconnected undercut.

Youthful Wavy Hairstyle for Men

Instagram / @groomthesalonsd

25. Long Permed Mullet and Beard

Unlike a classic mullet, this one features longer hair on the sides and forms a unity with a statement beard. A good idea for your shoulder-length hair transformation.

Modern Perm Mullet and Beard Style

Instagram / @luxandblvd

26. Baseball Mullet for Medium Hair

It is a perfect hairstyle for men, excited about getting permanent curls but not ready to perm the whole mane. The permed back will make your mullet more noticeable. Emphasize the extremes of your mullet perm with the right styling.

Medium Slicked Back Hairstyle with Permed Tips

Instagram / @studiocsalon_pgh

27. Creative Perm Mullet with Neon Green Underlayer

Men’s perm haircuts are amazing as they do not require much maintenance, which can be quite annoying for some gentlemen. For instance, all you need to repeat this look is to diffuse your hair after washing. Spice up your hairstyle by adding neon hair color.

Curly Haircut with Green Underlayer for Men

Instagram / @lestudiomonah

28. Cool Mullet Style with Long Tousled Back

If you wish to repeat the iconic spirit of the classic mullet hairstyle, you can get inspired by this particular hairdo. It features the typical long hair in the back with slightly tousled curls and shorter sides, accentuating your attention on the perm tail.

Latino Man with Moustache and Wavy Mullet

Instagram / @yukikano

29. Shorter Back Permed Mullet

Just imagine how much attention you will draw with this trendy hairstyle. Your new curly mullet cut will help you showcase your sense of style better than any words!

30. Permed Curls and Shaved Sides

If you are looking for a fresh and unique way to rock your cut, perms, paired with taper fade, can be a great solution. This experimental hairstyle will allow you to make a statement and stand out in a crowd.

Mullet Style with High Shaved Sides and Perms

Instagram / @taylor_paige_hair

Use these inspiring ideas at hand next time you visit a stylist to repeat one of the looks and become one of the trendiest men in the area.

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