20 Soft Curtain Bangs Ideas for a Fabulous Look

Are curtain bangs right for you? The answer is yes. Varying the length and the thickness, you can give every face shape and hair texture the opportunity to rock the perfect bangs. I have included 20 soft curtain bangs ideas to help you find the best bang for your buck.

#1: Soft Cheekbone Bangs

This bang hits right at the cheekbone and softly frames the face. This bang has also been referenced as the famous Bardot bang or 70’s bang! My favorite piece to this bang are the side bits. If you wear your hair up those pieces add so much to a pony or half updo. It’s a great bang to add to any haircut for a quick refresh.

#2: Chin Length Soft Curtains

These long curtain bangs sit at or below the chin, acting as a beautiful layer on long hair, and feathers softly to create that low maintenance curtain effect. If you are not fully committed to bangs, the chin bang is a great intro.

#3: Soft Curtain Bangs Bob

I am a sucker for a French Bob with soft curtain bangs. I love how this bang sits at the brow and frames the face beautifully. Oui oui.

#4: Classic Curtain Bangs with a Twist

I love these bangs and cut them often. It’s perfect for the person that wants full bangs but is scared to commit. The fringe dusting the forehead can be worn down or pushed away for an effortless look. It’s the type of bangs that compliments any face shape.

#5: Classic Soft Curtain Bangs

The curtain bangs start anywhere from the brow to the eyelid and feathers off to create the look of a curtain framing the face. Curtain bangs can soften a long face shape or add drama to any haircut. Most importantly, they will help your haircut look good at every angle and will make your profile pop.

#6: High Maintenance Bangs

These bangs have all the drama! It sits right in your eyes and requires constant trims. On the plus side, it can transform your entire look. When you’re done with the drama, you can push them to the side to create that curtain feel.

#7: Soft Curly Curtain Bangs

A shoutout to my curly crew! Who doesn’t love a good curly bang? This bang is wash and go. Air-dried to perfection or diffused for a little more volume. The cut is very important in achieving this look, so do your research and find a specialist who can cut this shape.

#8: Wispy Curtain Bangs

Here is another soft approach to the curtain bansg. It will compliment just about any face shape and will not require much maintenance. Wispy bangs can be tucked away or styled to show off.

#9: Micro Shaggy Bangs

This is a statement bang! You are ready for a change and not afraid to do it. I have the most fun creating these bangs for clients. It is one of a kind bangs designed to turn heads and start trends.

#10: Textured Curtain Bangs on Long Hair

These bangs are super chic and super low maintenance, and they compliment most face shapes. If you are looking for a change but are not ready for a big chop, this is a must-try.

#11: Textured Curtain Bangs on a Lob

The lob is still one of the most popular styles. It’s classic and cool. These bangs add another layer to the lob and makes it edgier.

#12: Heavy Curtain Bangs

Cutain bangs pair well with the trending butterfly cut. The heavy layers and heavy bangs make for a very sexy combo.

#13: The Shaggy Curtain

Have a look at these very low-maintenance bangs that are cut to allow the hair to wisp and kick gracefully. Add your favorite styling product and watch it air dry to perfection.

#14: Curtain Bangs on Thick Hair

Curtain bangs look great on thick hair because they are light and effortless. Curtain bangs can be cut longer and softer to compliment thick hair.

#15: Curtain Bangs on Fine Hair

Curtain bangs can help add volume and dimension to fine hair. They can create volume and make the profile pop. If you are looking for a change but want to keep your hair long, adding curtain bangs is a great option.

#16: Soft Curtain Bangs on Straight Hair

Curtain bangs are low maintenance and versatile. They can transform a haircut and create texture in straight hair. To find the perfect bangs for you, simply experiment to adjust the length and thickness.

#17: Tousled Look with Soft Curtain Bangs

This soft bang is extremely versatile. You can wear it straight, down the middle, or pushed off to either side. These are no fuss bangs that are not to be underestimated. This bang can transform a haircut and face shape.

#18: Curtain Bangs and Glasses

All my friends in glasses! If you think you can’t have bangs, think again. The curtain bangs often sit longer than other bangs, and one would assume they would interfere with the glasses. But they won’t, they add to the look! Bangs and glasses can be an accessory – pick the perfect pair and enjoy!

Curtain Bangs with Long Dark Hair and Glasses Before and After

Instagram / @ellienorski

#19: Half Up with Curtain Fringe

Here is the image showing how amazing curtain bangs look when hair is half up. This style is also worn by Dakota Johnson, our modern-day bang queen. Aside from her amazing style, she has great bangs so many of us want to copy.

Simple Half Up Half Down Hairstyle with Curtain Bangs

Instagram / @vavaeva_muah

#20: Updo with Curtain Bangs

The one and only Bridgette Bardot bangs! Want to see someone showcase the perfect updo paired with the perfect bangs – look for some retro images of the icon or this sample below. The way that bang frames the face is beautiful, and I am here for it.

Emily in Paris Inspired Updo with Curtain Bangs

Instagram / @glamgirlgabi

Still thinking it’s hard to style curtain bangs? Let me show you a quick and easy tutorial:

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