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Updated on November 26, 2021
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Thinking of two-tone hair? Browse through these 40 styles and decide which technique captures your vision for your own color. Today’s trendy hair is always complex in color, meaning solid colors are still ok, but if you want a really chic hairstyle, you’ll want to incorporate some subtle or more pronounced accent highlights in your strands.

Two–Tone Hair Ideas and Inspiration

Whether you are a blonde, brunette or redhead, there are no rules, but the absolute freedom in self-expression. Very delicate pastel hues, natural shades, silver tones or neon colors can be introduced into your new haircut to bring it to the top of trendy hairstyles.

1. Bob with Fuchsia Streaks

Peek-a-boos are the most prevalent form of two-toned hair and styles with an added pop of color. The “pop” can be as loud as your stylist’s imagination wants, or can also add depth without having typical, cookie-cutter highlights. The placement of color depends on your overall goal, as well as your haircut. Essentially the color should look like it is “peeking”, or “hiding”, throughout your hair, and should create a lot of movement and dimension.

2. Face-Framing Highlights

Two colors framing your face can be an alternative to devoting a full half of your head to one color, and the other half to a different color. Aside from being suited for the commitment-phobes, sometimes less is just more. For a hair fashionista, playing with color placement, there is a difference between following trends, and setting the trends!

3. Caramel Highlights

Bringing pictures of your ideas is always a great way to get you and your stylist on the same page. Stylists tend to blend the lighter color into the darker one by progressively getting lighter down at the ends, but maybe you really wanted the distinction in colors. Finding a stylist that will give you exactly what you want, without pressuring you into their own ideas, is key to leaving the salon happy and with the color you walked in wanting. Definitely do your research when hunting down a stylist!

4. Vibrant Red Ribbons

Two toned hair can also literally be two different tones of one color, such as red. Simple color patterns can be used to add depth by using two slightly deviant tones. For instance, using a high level red to contrast a medium, red-violet is an example of not needing to use technical color placement when you need a little more than just one, solid color.

5. Red Ombre-Balayage

The lucky owners of long thick hair can add their tresses even more movement with the help of layering and fiery-red hair color. This ombre-balayage is the right choice for a brunette, who isn`t afraid of breakig the rules.

6. Black and Fiery Red

Black and red is a combo to kill, which is why it’s such a popular choice for edgier ladies who want two hair colors. The placement of the dyes is original and fresh since black is only on the bangs and around the head’s crown.

Medium Red Hairstyle With Black Roots

Instagram / @sydniiee

7. Caramel Balayage

Soft kisses of caramel instantly brighten up cool toned brunettes. Two tone hair color ideas are a fun way to change up your ‘do when going through seasonal changes, life changes — whatever it is, don’t be afraid to try out new techniques!

Light Brown Balayage Hair

Instagram / @masey.cheveux

8. Platinum Purple

We’ve all had that Barbie with this exact hair color combo, right? C’mon, how much more pretty and badass does it get?! Pair your platinum blonde with purple for an icy, revitalizing pop of color in your hair.

9. Raspberry Ombre

Add some life to your grungey hairdo by getting an ombré with a raspberry hue. Different from tomato reds that are commonly seen with black, a raspberry shade is a more feminine choice but has an equally striking effect.

Long Burgundy Balayage Hair

Instagram / @violetthestylist

10. Royal Blue Balayage

If you want two tone hair but you’re not sure which color to add in, pick the hue of your favorite jewel or birthstone! Sapphire makes an excellent union with black hair.

Black Hair With Electric Blue Highlights

Instagram / @chiyukihair

11. Half Blonde, Half Black

Call it modern Cruella Deville, call it yin and yang, day and night, whatever you call this hairstyle, it’s no doubt a masterpiece. Why split your two colors top and bottom when you can split them side to side? Iconic.

Black And Platinum Hair

Instagram / @jamisonsayshello

12. Honey Tips

Dyeing only tips is the best option for ladies who are beginners to hair color. It’s still experimenting with a new look, but is also comforting to those who are weary of ruining their hair — if you get tired of it, simply cut off the ends; no damage done.

Brown Hair With Golden Blonde Highlights

Instagram / @constancerobbins

13. Neon Split Tone

Whoever said short hair is boring was seriously mistaken. Take a two tone bob up a notch with a neon split tone! Depending on the cut, play around with color placement. Pro tip — juxtaposing colors work well on undercuts.

Neon Teal And Pink Undercut Bob

Instagram / @doug_theo

14. Fuchsia and Blue

How vivacious is a fuchsia and blue blended marriage? Pro tip — choose tones based on your skin undertones; blues and purples complement cool undertones, oranges and reds complement warm undertones.

Pink And Blue Neon Hair

Instagram / @guy_tang

15. Bright Banana

For those timid of a huge contrast, simply crank up the brightness of your natural hair color. Selecting bold or neon variations to contrast your roots and dyeing hair in an ombre style creates a gorgeous double tone effect.

Brown To Yellow Ombre Hair

Instagram / @jaymz.marsters

16. Soft Purple Two Tone

Two tone hair can be subtle, too! A lighter version to your base hue, like these pastel purple highlights, adds lots of dimension to hair. This 3-D effect is a hack for those with hair that tends to look flat, whether it’s because of texture or color.

Long Lavender Balayage Hair

Instagram / @anthonyvincenttt

17. Aquamarine and Silver

Mermaids are all the rage, and the aquamarine lob is an avant-garde take on the trend. To achieve this hairdo, a base color of turquoise is applied, with top sections and face framing pieces bleached and dyed a bright silver shade. The contrast of colors is also enhanced by different cuts for the top and bottom hair – V-cut layers against blunt and finely chopped ones.

Silver And Teal Bob

Instagram / @presleypoe

18. Electric Highlights

Hand painted hair gives a natural looking effect to color that is out of the ordinary. Best left to the professionals, balayage highlights in daring hues like this charged hot pink red would have you turning heads.

Bright Pink Balayage For Brown Hair

Instagram / @elissawolfe

19. Unicorn Hair

Unicorn style, a cousin of mermaid style, is for all the pastel princesses out there wanting to dip their toes in two toned hair. This craze is not going anywhere anytime soon since it’s so playful and youthful.

20. Cherry Noir

Cherry noir combinations are equally seductive as they are bewitching. If your wardrobe leans on edgier style but is less rock n’ roll than it is dark and glam-grunge, this is a great double tone for you!

Burgundy And Black Balayage Hair

Instagram / @jeffreyrobert_

21. Green and Grey

Green and grey screams trendsetter. Stand out from the crowd by pairing flat, ashy greys with vivid, highlighter greens! Truly embracing your alter ego, become part hipster, minimalist and part fun, wild chick.

22. Blonde Bangs

Brown and blonde is a two tone hair color match made in heaven. Add a bright spot to your ‘do by bleaching the front section/bangs of the hair. Small changes like these make a big difference for your overall look.

African American Blonde And Brown Pixie

Instagram / @khimandi

23. Violet Face-Framing

A fad that’s sweeping salons is colored face-framing sections. Done as peak-a-boos or even blocks of color, it looks best on hair that’s parted to the side for a dramatic flair.

Brown And Lavender Wavy Bob

Instagram / @candicemarielv

24. Emerald Green

Emerald green is another jewel tone that makes for a gorgeous hair color. If you have an undercut, leave it natural and add the hue of your choice to the longer hair. This gives you two tones, but requires less upkeep.

Choppy Two Tone Bowl Cut

Instagram / @jaymz.marsters

25. Eggplant and Yellow

Complementary colors (opposites on the color wheel) will give the biggest contrast on 2 tone hair. Yellow and purple make a great coupling; it’s also extra current when you do one section of hair (as opposed to the more classic highlights route).

26. Electrifying Scene

If you are deep in the ‘scene hair’ trend, get electric with your color choices! Bright, neon colors are killer on two-toned hair. The placement almost doesn’t even matter when working with these colors because they are just so appealing to the color-loving eye. One thing to remember, however, is that these colors tend to be more difficult to remove once you are ready to move on to something different.

27. Blonde Balayage

Two-tone hair for blondes usually means they have balayaged highlights throughout the head to achieve an organic color. Typically, this method is used to add depth and dimension to get a natural, surfer girl blonde. Another plus is that it is a freehand technique, cutting down a lot of the time you would usually have to spend watching your stylist wrap your hair in foils. Blonde balayage for brunettes is not as quick and would take much more time for bleaching.

28. From Gray to Acid Yellow

Get funky with your color! Don’t feel pressured to stick to traditional blondes, reds, and browns. Trying unconventional colors can be as addicting as tattoos, so you have been fairly warned! The upkeep requires more work, but the results are more than worth it.

29. Two Colors, Two Cuts

Sprinkle a little extra something on your luminous tones by adding an undercut tattoo. A more literal form of “two tones” is having two tones of color, as well as two tones of cuts. Short hair with designs cut into it might be out of the question due to occupational reasons, but having that veil of longer hair to hide your inner spunk is a fast fix.

30. Accented Fringe

Half and half hairstyles do not always have to be a part down the middle of your head, one color on the left, and another on the right. Thinking outside the store-bought box of color can give you stand-out results. A contra color around the perimeter of the hairline is a spin-off of half-and-half styles. Two tones do not always have to blend into one another. Each color can have its set placement wherever you decide to place it on your head. Stay open-minded when attempting new styles!

31. Subtle Tweaks on Bold Styles

Half and half hair, with even two slightly differing colors, can give your hair that something extra it needs to not appear so basic or boring. Subtle placement is more noticeable on short hair, but it can make a bold statement. Even the most clever color patterns can be seen considerably better in pictures of short hair, making your desired look more manageable for your stylist to replicate.

32. Cool and Warm

When configuring colors to pair together on a half and half design, do not couple only warm colors or cool colors together so as to not take away from the contrast. Pairings of warmth and coolness are often less predictable and more attractive, as fresh solutions. Also consider the intensity, or vibrancy, of the final pair you choose. Using softer, pastel shades can help tone down a style perceived as a more alternative one.

33. Fringe-Worthy

Adding an accent of color to your fringe is a quick color service you can do on your own at home. All you need to weave in color at home is: a comb, a couple of foils, and your color. The only warning when using any bright colors, red specifically, to weave into blonde hair, is that these colors tend to bleed when you wash them, and can affect the overall tone of your blonde.

34. Colorful Hair Extensions

The upkeep of punk colors is more demanding than ‘regular’ colors, and can ultimately be more damaging to your hair. Consider extensions or wigs as an amusing and playful alternative to putting your own hair through the stress of the chemical processes it requires to maintain bright colors.

35. Mermaid Balayage/Ombre

Mermaid color solutions are walking pieces of hair art! The color combos and seamless blending of vibrant hues are so captivating, it’s hard not to start picturing yourself as a sea goddess. It can be a journey to reach these mermaid goals while still maintaining your hair’s health, so always respect the time frame and number of sessions recommended by your stylist to reach the desired tones.

36. Half and Half Coloring

The best part of starting with half blonde half black hair, is that you can play with bright colors on the lighter half once you’re over the blonde. Trying different shades by formulating your own mixtures of color can be very gratifying, and slightly addictive in a good way.

37. Two-Toned Shaggy Hair

Shaggy layers with massive amounts of texture are characteristic traits of the scene style, along with high-contrasting color combinations. Adding chunky highlights and lowlights can bring out even more disconnection, or, as a variant, you can include individual colorful pieces (extensions or clip-ins) if you want to play with the color a bit.

38. Reverse Ombre

Sometimes your inner mod compels you to add your own twist to an existing style. There aren’t really any rules with two-tone hair color, so make up your own! A reverse ombre would start with a lighter color on top, and progressively get darker on the ends. Mod styles are the rocker’s rebellious response to trendy fashionistas.

39. Tangerine Ombre Tips

Hard lines are usually what you try to stay away from in an ombre, but somehow, bright, bold colors make breaking the rules okay when done right. Be fierce and take risks! Neon ombres are the love child of scene and mermaid styles, with just a dash of mod love.

40. Blonde Dip Dye

If you’re afraid to go short out of fear to end looking like you have the dreaded soccer mom haircut, add a flare of color just to the tips of your short style. That small splash of color showcases the essence of your personal style, and brings life to what can easily look like an uninspired cut. The maintenance is minimal, and is not as long of a process as other color services.

Don’t get trapped in one specific trend and create your own version of two-tone hair. The boldness and intensity of your color is entirely up to you to tweak and play with. Think outside the color box and take risks!

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